5 best survival knives

When we hear the word survival, we assume any difficult situation. But, let us tell you about the survival knives, as these are not just used for survival reasons but also for many other purposes.

This is why these knives have become an ideal companion for those who often go outside. Because of their huge popularity, we have come here to recommend you the best five knives.
Nevertheless, before explaining the top five knives, let us tell you why people need a survival knife and what the major characteristics of a good knife are.

Why You Need Survival Knives?

It is true that different types of knives are used in different ways. Below is the list of different tasks that you can perform with a survival knife:


If you want to clear your way through very thick branches in the wilderness, you need to have a durable knife. This way a survival knife can serve you the best for this splitting task.

Self Defense:

When you are on a wild adventure, you don’t know what is coming towards you to attack you, either animals or humans. So, personal defense is the most important thing to consider.

When you have the best survival knife along with you, you don’t need to worry about your self defense.

First Aid Tool:

As the fixed blades are very strong, thus you can heat the knife in the fire and then you can easily cauterize your injuries, like people used to do in olden days. Or even you can cut bandages using this blade.

This way a survival knife becomes your first aid tool during an emergency.

Preparing Food:

Preparing food while camping or hunting is a difficult task to do. From cutting a big or small game to cooking it, all the process requires much effort and a strong blade.

Moreover, the process of eviscerating also requires the sharpness of a knife to be performed. Go for a survival knife for all this!

Building Shelters:

Cutting of branches, wood carving, making deep holes, and cutting traps are some tasks you need to do for building a shelter during a wild trip.

You should opt for a versatile survival blade that can assist you the best to perform all these tasks.

Making Fires:

Yes, survival knives can be used for fireworks, as well as, for threshing of wood. These blades are manually used to make tinder out from the inside of the bark of the tree.

Hunting Animals:

Just tie your survival blade to a bigger wooden rod and you have created a spear for you. But your blade should be strong so that it can penetrate in your prey.

Prying Things:

If the doors of your car or even cabin are jammed, you can easily pry them with a reliable knife.

Hence, a pocket knife is not enough for it. You need to look for a survival blade.


Are you lost somewhere? Don’t worry! You can write signaling messages by carving on wood or different things by using your survival knife.


If you own a high-quality survival knife, keep in mind that it can be used for hammering tasks. Only a stronger blade has a resilient handle that can withstand the effect of hammering.

What Major Features You Should Be Looking in Survival Knives?

Before purchasing such knives, you should evaluate the following things:


Durability is the major aspect that you should notice in your knife. We are sure you don’t want your knife to break in the middle of any fight and leave you defenseless.

Therefore, make sure you have the best survival knife and also keep a check that all parts of the knife are joined together well.


Nowadays, every good knife has some extra utility features and because of this, there is no need to carry so many tools along with you. Some important utility specs that good survival knives often possess are:

  • Fire-starter
  • Cord
  • Sheath
  • Belt clip
  • Screwdriver

Quality of Material:

You can never get a good quality knife without inquiring about the material used in its manufacturing. When it’s about the survival knife, different materials are used to make the blade, handle, and other parts.

Some quality materials are discussed below. So, consider them while searching for a good knife!

Hard Rubber Handle:
Hard rubber should be used in the handle. Also, consider having a kind of polymer for holding resistance.

However, never opt for hollow handles. Because full tang blades don’t work so good with hollow handles.

Stainless Steel Blade:
Stainless steel blades or even carbon steel blades are best for survival knives. Stainless steel is very long-lasting and you can call it a sturdy blade but it possesses less sharpness.

Conversely, the carbon steel blade is easy to be sharpened again and again and it is also very less effective by the rust.

Leather or Nylon Sheath:
Leather or nylon should be the material used in the manufacturing of sheath of the knife. These materials can easily hold resistant and they are also waterproof. Avoid selecting any sheath that is made up of plastic.

The Handle of Your Knife:

You should try to be certain about these things in the handle of your knife:
  • It retains a stronger and comfortable grip.
  • It is rounded in shape, and thus you can easily hold it.
  • It should also contain separable scales.
  • It should never be hollow.
  • It should also possess an extra lanyard hole in it so that you can easily put it in a piece of cord and also carry it comfortably.

Top Five Survival Knives:

Now, let us tell you about the best fixed blade knives that will be your best companion during survival situations.

1. Survival Knife 16 Inch Huge Bowie Knife, Brown Pakkawood Handle:

As everybody knows that Bowie knives are widely recommended for survival purposes. So, this bowie knife is at the top of our list of survival knives.
The overall knife length is 16.5 inches and it is a fixed blade knife. Another important feature of this blade is that it is a full tang knife. In addition, the Pakkawood handle provides an excellent grip for holding your blade.

Key Features:
·         The stainless steel blade is used in it.
·         It has reverse serration on the blade.
·         The 5.5 Inches handle that is made of Pakkawood.
·         The length of the blade is 11 inches.
·         It also possesses a nylon sheath.

2. Orange Handle Fixed Blade Outdoor Survival Knife:

Orange color makes your knife look unique. So, if you want a unique knife, this must be your choice.
The overall length of this survival blade is 12 inches. It is a completely fixed blade knife. Molded handles are created for better grip and support.

Key Features:
·         5 inches long handle that contains a touch of rubber in it.
·         It contains a full tang blade that is 7 inches long.
·         This knife Includes a nylon sheath.
·         Majorly used for camping and hunting.

3. 7" Green Cord Wrapped Full Tang Mini Survival Knife With Fire Starter:

Another name for this knife might be the fire starter knife. The overall length of this knife is 7 inches. It is best used for camping and hunting.
This is a mini survival blade and you can easily carry it without having any burden.

Key Features:
·         The stainless steel blade is used in it.
·         Full tang knife.
·         Matt black finish.
·         A thick cord is wrapped on the handle of the knife for a better grip.
·         It contains magnesium alloy as a fire starter.
·         Also, it also possesses a nylon sheath.

4. Small Pink Camo Tanto Survival Knife, Contains Firestarter, Girl Women:

As the pink color is liked by every woman, this blade is specially manufactured for women hunters or trailers who need their tool to be pink. Hence, this blade also consists of fire-starters.

Key Features:
·         This is a fixed blade knife.
·         Made with stainless steel.
·         It contains a 2 tone blade that is in 3 inches size.
·         Full tang Tanto blade.
·         Pink colored Camo wrapped on the handle.
·         Fire-starter and also nylon sheath is included in it.

Don’t forget to know about the practical uses and advantages of fixed blade knives!

5. Tac Force Outdoor Survival Knife, Fixed Blade, Compass Fire Starter Lanyard:

This is an outdoor survival knife that contains an overall length of 9 inches. It will help you to survive from any threat. So, what would you want more than this?

Key Features:
·         Fixed blade knife.
·         The blade is made up of steel and its length is 4.25 inches.
·         4.75 inches black colored handle.
·         It contains 550 lanyards and also nylon sheath.


In a nutshell, we have discussed all the important things about survival knives. As well, the above-mentioned top five knives are the best products available at Knives Deal. You can grab one that meets all your requirements and budget.

Last but not least, always use such knives with proper handling and care because their sharp blades can cause severe damage to you or anyone near you.