Airsoft Guns

People who are not familiar with the art of using guns often confuse airsoft guns with BB guns. This article is to let you get out of this confusion because these two guns are entirely different from one another.

Another important question that arises here is that which of these guns is more powerful?

If you want to get answers to all such queries, you must go through this article once. It clearly differentiates these guns and does justice to describing their distinctive features. 

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Let us begin by giving a precise introduction to these guns.


Both types of guns are highly popular among individuals and that is why there is no need to introduce these guns thoroughly.

However, a precise introduction is necessary to help you have a clear view.

Airsoft Guns:

These originated in Japan in the early 1970s. These guns are sport guns and thus, were exclusively crafted for people who were crazy about improving their shooting skills.

These guns are not harmful at all although these greatly resemble the real steel firearms.

BB Guns:

BB guns were born in the year 1886. Initially, these guns were crafted out of maple wood and it proved to be a revolutionary spring-piston gun.

Their large-scale production began in the year 1888 under the name of Daisy Manufacturing Company.

These guns are basically air guns that are used to fire metal balls and pellets.

Realistic Appearance:

Whether it is a weapon or an accessory appearance really matters in today’s materialistic world. People tend to spend on things that appeal to their eyes.

So, let us compare these two types of guns based on their appearance.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns are unmatched when it comes to their looks. Nobody can really differentiate between a real firearm and these guns.

Hence, these guns are not at all good at functioning as a real firearm and are suited for playing airsoft war games only.

BB Guns:

Appearance matters the least when buying a BB gun. People generally pay attention to how good it is at serving the purpose of its creation.

Therefore, these guns generally do not resemble real firearms but are still popular among weapon lovers.


This accounts for one of the major differences between these two distinctive types of guns. By getting to know more about this aspect, we will be better able to know which of these guns is more powerful.

Thus, without wasting any time, let us proceed further.

Airsoft Guns:

These guys are able to fire plastic projectiles only. These projectiles are unable to cause any long-term or unbearable damage to someone.

The diameter of these plastic pellets is some 6mm to 8mm. These guns are thus highly recommended for both indoor and outdoor use.

BB Guns:

Unlike airsoft guns, these guns can fire metal ball bearings are thus, able to cause serious harm to others.

These guns are neither suitable for indoor or outdoor use until and unless you possess the legal licenses required to own and use these guns.

Mechanism of Usage:

Different types of guns are designed to serve a different purpose in a man’s life. They are, thus, based on a different mechanism that aids their use.

Based on their usage these guns are segregated as follows.

Airsoft Guns:

These are tactical weapons and are thus ideal for playing war games where you have to play tricks against your opponent.

Do you remember playing a shooting game on Atari in your childhood? Yes, the gun that you used for playing that game was an airsoft gun.

I am sure you did not know about that at all. But, this reaffirms the fact that these guys are harmless.

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BB Guns:

As far as their usage is concerned these are ideal for training yourself to shoot and target. You may even refer to these as practice weapons.

So, if you want to excel at targeting and shooting or want to improve your archery skills, you really need to grab this gun for you as soon as possible.


Cost is among the most considered factor when buying either of these two types of guns. People who are fond of collecting weapons do not really pay attention to this aspect.

Nevertheless, people who purchase these guns to aid a specific purpose in their lives are often more concerned about their costs.

Let us compare these two distinct types of guns in terms of their cost.

Airsoft Guns:

The price of these guns in terms define their quality and durability. It also varies depending upon the place from where you are buying it.

Generally, it is possible to find these guns for as low as $12. You may even spend on guns that cost $2000.

The choice depends upon your usage and personal preference. 

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BB Guns:

You can grab a BB gun for as low as $13. However, some BB guns cost even more than $3000.

This again is a matter of personal preference, choice, affordability, and usage. Weapon lovers generally don’t mind spending on such expensive guns.


A weapon’s accuracy is certainly the most important thing. It becomes even more important when you are buying any weapon to improve your shooting and hunting skills.

However, not all guns are equally accurate. That is why we have compiled a paragraph to help you have an idea of the differences between the accuracy of an airsoft gun and a BB gun.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns are highly accurate when it comes to facilitating the user in-game. Hence, these are not accurate for targeting people with an intention to harm them.

Precisely, these are accurate for their purpose of creation only. Their hop-up system sometimes gives its users a tough time.

BB Guns:

These are more accurate as compared to an airsoft gun when it comes to ammunition. These guns fire metallic pellets and thus, their accuracy is not affected by external factors such as the speed of wind or air.

These also facilitate their users with a longer shooting range.


The environment further helps you have a better idea of which gun needs to be purchased.

This aspect helps you define your needs in a more comprehensive way and makes you able to avail of a better option.

Let us have a look at it.

Airsoft Guns:

These are highly suited to both indoor and outdoor environments. It is because when you are using this type of gun, you don’t need to worry about the chance of harming someone else.

It means that you can practice your archery skills without getting out of the comfort of your home. Buyers prefer these guns in areas where the weather is generally not suitable to get out and practice.

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BB Guns:

The metallic pellets make these guns a dangerous option to consider for indoor environments. Even if you are carrying this type of gun for outdoors, you must stay alert and must not leave space for carelessness.

Your negligence can cause the other person to lose his life. I am assured you can’t afford to be this cruel.

In fact, you must also target and hit by keeping in mind the presence of some bird or any living creature.

Pest Control:

This is something that most of you have never heard about. Yes, these guns are sometimes used to kill pests.

Now, you must be thinking that which is a better option to consider in this regard? The answer is right here just keep reading.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns are able to kill the critters instantly thus, cause them a merciless end. Hence, those with high FPS can serve slightly better for this cause.

BB Guns:

If you want to kill pests with a gun, this is the right option for you. It instantly kills the critter without making him move restlessly before dying.

I believe none of us wants to torture the tiny creature. All that we want is to protect our belongings from them.

What Should You Choose Between These Two Guns?

In light of the discussions made, it is evident that both airsoft guns and BB guns are powerful enough to serve their purpose. A BB gun effectively targets and kills instantly but is unable to function well for shooting objects or people.

Therefore, both types of guns are powerful in their own place. Their utility in your life will further make it easier for you to draw this conclusion.