Collapsible Police Batons

Collapsible Police Baton - A Symbolic Weapon of The Law Enforcement Bodies

A baton is a decent option for a self defense weapon. A baton is actually a cylindrical club that is usually made up of plastic, metal, rubber or wood. A collapsible police baton is a compliance tool used by law enforcement bodies i.e. police personnel, security staff and military to compel those uncooperative and stubborn people to their orders and instructions. However, these people also carry collapsible batons as a self defense weapon against all the bad guys they might face. It can be used to strike, block or jab someone and works best in close quarter engagements especially in arm locks and stuff. 

Expandable Self Defense Baton For Sale

We at Wholesale Blades, stock a wide collection of Expandable Batons for sale at very reasonable rates. Do you want to know about the best features of our self defense baton variety? Let’s have a look at them. The self defense baton we provide are super sprong and are made up of the top quality materials. They are highly durable and very reliable as well. Whether you are a police personnel who wants to make those bad guys obey his orders or a civilian who wants to knock his assailant down, our expandable police baton will be your best companion in each and every scenario. 

The best thing about our police baton is that it is really hard and looks as if it is very heavy as well but in fact it is so light-weighted, enabling you to carry it around with you quite easily. Our collapsible batons are also available in different styles, variations and lengths providing you the ease to pick the one which suits you the best. The police batons we stock are the best and very effective as well. You can easily break windows with them to free someone who is trapped in a house on fire or a vehicle going down the hill and if you are a police personnel, then you can use our police baton to turn out a criminal’s pockets as a precautionary measure against dangerous items. 

Oh, and did we tell you that our batons are concealable as well. Yes, our collapsible batons can be extended and closed when necessary just with a flick of your wrist and feature great locking mechanisms which prevent the expandable police baton from collapsing accidentally. 

Wholesale Blades - Top Wholesaler and Dropshipper of Police Batons

If you are looking for the best wholesaler of collapsible police batons or even if you are looking for the best dropshipper, then you should definitely do business with us as we are the distributor of top quality expandable police batons. Now, if you buy six or more items of the same product from us, you can avail FLAT 20% Off that item. This is the best wholesale offer we provide to our customers as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. 

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