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Pepper Spray Gun - A Toy or an Effective Self Defense Weapon?

A pepper spray is by far the most effective self defense weapon ever. They usually come in small bottles but that’s the most general form of a pepper spray. Nowadays, many varieties are available in pepper sprays and among them, pepper spray gun is the most famous. 

A pepper spray gun looks just like an ordinary toy gun but shoot OC instead of BBs. Just when your attacker gets relaxed and taunting about your choice of self defense, you give him/her a surprise by showering him/her with your pepper spray. Sounds cool? And this is just not about being cool, a pepper spray gun is 100% effective, if sprayed in the right angle as it is a huge enemy of the wind and may end up affecting you instead of your attacker.

Defend Yourself With The Best Pepper Spray

Wholesale Blades offers a huge selection of the best pepper spray variety to its customers at the lowest possible rates. Our pepper sprays are famous because of their compactness and variations which disguise these pepper sprays into other items thus making their true purpose hard to be identified and known to others. This feature definitely gives you an upper hand in a self defense situation against your assailant where you attack him/her when he/she is not expecting it at all. Pepper spray immediately sets your attacker on the defensive mode as it causes inflammation on the eyes and face, irritation and burning on skin and temporary loss of breathing as well, providing you sufficient time to run to safety.

We bring uniquely designed pepper sprays to you that are meant for 100% effectiveness and a great user experience as well. Another one of our star pepper spray variation is the one that comes with an activewear hand sleeve. This pepper spray is quite small in size and can be easily carried around in your hand without anyone knowing that you have a pepper spray in your hand glove. If you are not a person to wear hand sleeves, then you can buy our compact pepper sprays that come with cases. These cases also allow you to carry the sprays easily and keep them safe as well.

Best Pepper Spray For Sale at Amazing Wholesale Rates

Wholesale Blades is a renowned wholesaler and dropshipper of the best and most effective pepper sprays. We care about our customers and strive for 100% customer satisfaction and that is why we bring you an amazing wholesale offer. If you buy six or more items of the same product, you get a FLAT 20% Off that product. This is the best offer which you are not going to get anywhere else!

Also, if you are looking for dropshipping services, then we are the ones for you as we offer totally FREE membership and dropshipping services to our customers. Browse our collection of the best pepper spray variety and make your purchase now to avail above mentioned amazing offers, reasonable rates and fastest shipping of one business day.

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