Wholesale Butterfly Knife

Wholesale Butterfly Knife

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Bio-Hazard Crime Scene Butterfly Knife
This knife comes with a zinc aluminum handle that is neon green with a bio-hazard symbol and red paint splatter to simulate blood spatter. Yes, and it just gets better. The blade is stainless steel with a silver finish. At the end of the handle a latch is provided for locking the blade in the handle. It also includes a black ABS sheath with belt loop for your carrying convenience.
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Butterfly Trainer 4 Inch Blue Hawkbill Blade Balisong Knife
Blue titanium butterfly training knife with stainless steel handles and 4 inch hawkbill blade balisong.
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Micarta Simple Butterfly Black Knife
Micarta Simple Butterfly Black Knife
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Butterfly Knives - Shop The Best Of Them

Wholesale Blades comes up with the largest selection of butterfly knife for sale. Shop the best knife of the era at the cheapest wholesale prices. A butterfly knife, also known as balisong, batanga or a fan knife is actually a folding knife whose blade gets concealed by its handles when they are rotated around its tang. This knife has fans and lovers throughout the world. 

The knife has a very sharp blade and is known for flipping and playing tricks because of its design and structure. However, some people also use it for collection purposes. These pocket knives feature a locking mechanism which keeps their handles in place and prevents accidental injuries. 

Butterfly knives may look to be very beautiful and impressive but are quite deadly as well. The tricks done with them are quite lethal and makes these knives very dangerous. But there is a safe alternative to that as well - The Balisong Trainer. Ever heard of them? No? Well, a practice butterfly knife is designed just like a real one but comes with blunt blades. These blunt blades make them perfect to be used for flipping and playing tricks. So, whether you want a real knife for yourself or a trainer, we at Wholesale Blades stock impressive varieties of both of them. 

Butterfly Knife Trainer - A Safe Alternative to the Real Knives

Do you love the art of flipping but care about your safety as well? Well, we have the perfect thing for you - A Balisong Knife Trainer. Yes, at Wholesale Blades we have stunning varieties of butterfly knives and trainers as well. The designs of our balisong knives are purely exceptional and blades are very sharp and deadly. 

But if you want a trainer, then we have stunning pieces of them as well with very durable, fine yet blunt blades. Our butterfly knife trainers will help you master the act of flipping by keeping you safe and secure as well. The variety is endless and do you know what’s the best part? Our balisong and practice knives, both are available at very affordable rates. 

Top Wholesaler of Butterfly Knives

Wholesale Blades is the most renowned wholesaler of top-notch butterfly knives. We supply best quality knives to our customers in the most reasonable wholesale prices. And if that was not enough, we also bring a mind-blowing offer of FLAT 20% Off on your order, if you buy six or more pieces of the same item from us. So, explore our range of best butterfly knives and buy at the discounted rates.

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