What is Dropshipping?

Drop shipping is a process of retail fulfillment where a store does not keep the products in its inventory. Rather, it relies on a third party or a supplier for delivering orders to the customers. A drop shipper basically operates its store without maintaining a stock or inventory. Also, the responsibility of shipping the products is on the wholesale store that is actually offering the products.

Drop shipping is a way for a retailer to make money without maintaining any inventory. Typically, the retailer has an Ebay or Amazon store. When a product is sold in the retailer’s online store, the retailer passes along the customers' order information to WholesaleBlades.com who then packages and ships the product. 

None of our information shows up on the package, so it looks like it came from the retailer. It’s an easy way to expand your product selection to your online customers without investing a penny in inventory.

Why Choose WholesaleBlades.com For Wholesale Drop Shipping?

Wholesale Blades is the best wholesale store in the US. We offer drop shipping opportunity to businesses. The greatest advantage of choosing us is that we don’t have any restrictions on orders. There is no minimum order. We accept any order and ship the order to your customers. Also, we don’t charge any drop shipping fees or membership fees. You don’t have to pay anything to become our drop shippers. It is 100% free.

How can you sign up for the Drop shipping Account?

Please use the " My Account " link at the top of the site to create a New Account. You will use the drop down menu to choose DropShip Account and sign up. 


Please note if you want more than one type of an account you will need to use two different emails. One for each account. 

For Drop Ship Dealers, We request a CREDIT CARD CHARGE AUTHORIZATION FORM be filled out.

Product Feed and Inventory?

Please check our Live inventory Product Feed. 

The Drop Shipping Model!