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3 Million Volt Concealed Black Lipstick Stun Gun + Black Pepper Spray Gift Set
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Guard Dog Triangle Keychain Pepper Spray for Self Defense – Safety Twist Top to Prevent Accident – 16 feet Range – Mini Pepper Spray - Made in USA
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9mm PAK Steel Case, Blank Cartridge, 50 Rounds per Box
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.380 / 9mm R.K Blank Firing Cartridges 50 Pack. Blank Firing for Revolvers only.
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Heavyweight design that provides a realistic feel and weight similar to the real steel counterpart. Metal alloy and polymer construction that is highly durable. Single shot spring action that is snappy.
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The airsoft gun is operated by pulling the slide which cocks the spring for a single shot. The spring system used in this gun allows it to be very affordable, however it is not skirmishable. The airsoft gun has realistic features such as the magazine, trigger and sights.
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This is the Heavy Duty Paperweight Buckle and Knuckle with a Titanium Rainbow color finish. This knuckle comes complete with four finger holes which can fit almost any size fingers. Also comes with a belt pin to fit on any of your belts. This is truly a collectors piece. Get it while supply last.
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It looks like a knife but delivers enough charge to stun aggressive attackers. It also comes with LED lights for nighttime visibility. The blade is covered with stun area, so people can’t grab your stun gun. The device is powered by a rechargeable battery.
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This Day Zero Survival camo stun gun has to be seen and heard to be believed. It's an unusually great bargain because its 5,000,000 volt output is really powerful (very fast pulse rate), Come with a free nylon holster with belt loop, and it's rechargeable.
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2D3-SK714 - The blade is a two tone, black and silver which is factory sharpened. It is as straight as an arrow
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If you were to challenge a Viking to battle, you would likely wind up facing a sword just like this Viking Warrior Sword. Rugged and hardy looking, this weapon recreates the iconic appearance of the Vikings classic weapon in stunning detail.
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These Knuckle are made from 100% pure brass, and though they are only for novelty purposes, they can definitely be used for personal protection. Unscrew the belt pin, slip your fingers into the four 1-inch holes.
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