Wholesale Daggers

Wholesale Daggers

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All Metal Diving Knife with Black Sheath
Diving Knife 9" overall. Diving knife comes with adjustable leg strap. Mirror polished stainless steel single edge blade. In black
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8.25 inch Overall Scottish Dirk with Damascened Finish
8 1/4" Overall. This Scottish Dirk dagger features a stainless steel blade and a sheath.
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X Claw Dagger With Plaque - Silver Blades
2H2-YC-064S - This unique X Claw piece features three silver, razors sharp, 440 stainless steel blades connected to a genuine iron handle with the X logo
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Chronicles of Riddick Claw Dagger Saber Knife Includes Display Stand
Riddicks Saber Claw the new silver blade version. 12" overall with custom magnetic display stand. Stainless steel construction.
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X Claw Dagger Fantasy Dagger Unsharpened Edge Movie Repica Collectible
X Claw Dagger Fantasy Dagger Unsharpened Edge Movie Repica Collectible. 10.5 Inches overall in length.
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Daggers - The Ancient Tool Among All

We all know what daggers are. Don’t we? They have been with us since the earliest of times. It’s exact origins are still unknown, uncertain and unexplained. However, it is said that daggers have their origin since the Stone Age. Those people used to carve daggers out of stone and exhibited spear shaped, pointed tips. They were among the first and most ancient tools of human history. A dagger is a type of a knife, basically. It usually features one or two sharp edges and has a pointed tip. Daggers find their main use in thrusting, stabbing and piercing because of their pointed and sharp tips. 

They have always been used in fights, combats, battles and wars. However, they are also used as a self defense tool. Yes, a small dagger can be used as a perfect self defense tool and can being a type of knife, it can be used for 101 other purposes as well. Daggers were even used as a symbol of power, strength and manhood. Men of all ages used to carry intricately designed daggers with them, dangling from the sides of their belts. Daggers normally have one or two edges, pointed tips and crossguards as their distinguishing and most renowned features. However, many changes have been in their original design over the years and lots of variations are found nowadays. 

Intricately Designed Daggers For Sale

At Wholesale Blaes, we offer our customers a wide selection of the most impressive daggers. We have different kinds of daggers for you to choose from according to your style and preference. We stock push daggers, medieval daggers and fantasy daggers as well. Whether you are fantasy lover, a medieval enthusiast or simply a fan of the classical traditional styled daggers, we got you covered with our amazing varieties. 

The designs of our daggers are simply superb and drool worthy which will make you want to grab them as soon as you see them. Our daggers also come in beautifully designed secure sheaths to protect the keeper of the dagger and those around him/her as well from any kind of harm and accidental injuries. Our daggers are perfect to be kept in collection or used in combats or self defense. 

Wholesale Daggers at Very Affordable Rates

If you are looking for a well known and trustworthy wholesaler, then you have reached your destination. We at Wholesale Blades is the provider of the best wholesale daggers at very affordable rates. We offer amazing offers to our customers along with best quality and affordable rates. Now you can avail 20% off on your order if you buy six or more of the same products from us. This is huge as you will not get an offer like this from anywhere else. 

Browse our wide collection of the impressive daggers and make your purchase now to avail the fastest shipping of one business day.

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