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Electric Airsoft Guns - Most Popular Airsoft Guns

Electric airsoft guns operate on batteries are the ones for you if you want to teach your opponents the lesson of their life. Why? Because they are very efficient and are capable of firing the BBs in one go if you choose to have the automatic ones. Yes, they come in automatic modes and semi automatic modes as well. The automatic electric airsoft guns use batteries to shoot off multiple BBs on a single trigger pull as far as you keep on pressing the trigger. Whereas semi automatic electric airsoft guns only shoot one BB on one trigger pull. They are very easy to use and are reliable as well. Electric powered airsoft guns are the most typical and popular type of airsoft guns and generally fire at a velocity between 300 to 400 FPS. 

Most Effective Electric Airsoft Guns for Sale

Wholesale Blades stocks one of the best variety of electric airsoft guns available at the most affordable rates. Our electric airsoft guns are the true replicas of the real guns and are designed to provide the realistic feels to the users. Whether you want the semi automatic ones or the automatic ones, we have an amazing variety of both of them. They have top quality construction and are very durable as well. Our electric airsoft guns are a must have for all airsoft lowers due to impressive features they come in. Many of them exhibit the true intricacies of a real gun and come with features i.e. blowback feature, hammer structure, and impressive FPS to cover long ranges. These features definitely give these airsoft guns a realistic touch and it becomes really difficult to differentiate between these guns and the real ones. So, if you want these masterpieces for yourself, then browse our collection of the most exceptional electric airsoft guns and have your pick now at very low rates. 

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