Ninja Star and Its Breathtaking Variations

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The Ninja stars were kept by almost every Ninja. All of us know them as Ninja stars but the actual term for them is the Shurikens. Shuriken is the Japanese word for a dart or a throwing star and we are well familiar with darts and throwing stars. Aren’t we?...

Real Brass Knuckles - Trendy or Deadly?

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The question of real brass knuckles being trendy or deadly is swarming in the minds of so many of our population and has confused them too. You must have heard people asking from their friends, family and peers, are real brass knuckles dangerous?...

Top Ten Survival Knives

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Owning a survival knife these days can be one of the best decisions you ever make, especially if you indulge in wilderness expeditions. Truth be said, survival knives have been around for quite some time now and although they’ve had numerous technological improvements the basics remain the same for these cheap knives. If you ever happen to find yourself in the wilderness, these survival knives will be paramount to your survival; they can be used for anything from animal skinning to animal killing all the way down to wood cutting and carving.