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Authentic Battle Ready Greaves Leg Armor Adult Size 16 Guage
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Hand forged from 18 gauge mild steel with a shiny metal finish, this knee cop provides superior protection without any sacrifice of mobility or flexibility. Based on late 15th century Gothic designs, a 6-inch wide heart-shaped projection known as a leaf provides protection for the side of the knee from lateral blows as well as the front. Reliable leather straps and clasps help to secure the armor in place.
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The official greaves from the period movie are handcrafted of solid steel, coated in brass and decorated with sculptural ornaments. Light marks and scratches lend the metal an authentically antiqued look. These detailed leg guards are fit for any officer. An embossed leaf symbol decorates both the lower and upper cuffs. Thick leather lacing allows you to customize the fit.
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This pair of splinted greaves are made up of 16-gauge steel bands riveted to a backing of sturdy leather straps. These backing straps are fitted with a steel buckle which allows them to be adjusted to fit around the shin. Simple, but efficient. Overall Length: 15.5 Inches, Overall Width: 10.5 Inches, Material: 16 Gauge Steel, Leather.
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Our Steel Greaves, Lower Leg Armor, are a simple form of leg protection. These plain greaves are suitable for many historic periods from Greek to Renaissance. Made from steel and adjusted to fit with buckles
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Pair of Leg Armor! Protects the knee, thigh, and leg from blade weapons and projectiles. 16 AWG steel is forged to produce the most accurate and battle ready form of armor from the Middle Ages. The sections of the armor are riveted together, that moves fluid at the joints. Every piece is made with 100% steel and leather.
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