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15.5 Inches Overall Black Rubber Training Tomahawk Axe Hatchet. Ideal Training Weapon - Heavy yet forgiving!
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Day Zero Survival Military Grade 4 in 1 Rechargeable Outdoor Camping Self Defense Stun Gun, Tactical FlashLight, Compass and Hidden Dagger. Stun feature with prongs that emit 10,000,000 volts of electricity
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Overall Length: 20 Inches. Width: 16.5 Inches. Draw Weight: 80 lbs. Feet/Second: 160. Power Stroke: 6.8 Inches. Arrow Type: 6.5 Inch Bolt
In Stock
Self Cocking Aluminium Pistol System Crossbow 80 Lbs
In Stock
4D2-MK80A3 - Mini-crossbow package includes 3 arrows, prods and bow string. Draw Wight: 80 lbs, 160 Feet Per Second, 5 inch Power Stroke
In Stock
Outstanding Performance 80 LBS Fiberglass Crossbow
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50lbs Pistol Fiberglass Crossbow With 5 Arrows
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Legendary Dark Wing Midnight Throwing Axe. Overall Length: 13.5 Inches with Blade Length: 5.5 Inches. Includes a black nylon sheath with steel snap fittings and belt loop.
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Legendary Midnight Wing Throwing Axe. Overall Length: 13.5 Inches, Includes: Black Nylon Sheath with Belt loop
In Stock
Valiant Camo Compound Rifle Crossbow 185 lbs 4x32 Scope Package
In Stock
Valiant Sniper Compound Rifle Crossbow 185 lbs 4x32 Scope Package
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This is our Hunting 60" Deluxe Blowgun. This blowgun comes with an anti-inhale mouth piece and is constructed of hand-drawn aluminum tubing. It comes equipped with 12 sharp darts.
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African Predator 40 Inch Blowgun Black
In Stock
African Style 30 Inch Blowgun Black
In Stock
17.13 Inches Overall Zombie Survival Camping Tomahawk Throwing Axe Battle Day Zero Survival Hatchet. Includes sheath.
In Stock
This Day Zero Survival Multi Tool Hammer Axe Utility Tactical Survival Hatchet. Wrench, Ruler, Hammer, Axe. 17 Inches Overall In Length, Includes Nylon Sheath.
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Everyone should have one of these in their car, it could save your or someone else life someday! 7 1/4" overall
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15 Inch overall Zombie Killer Tactical Throwing Axe Hatchet Black Cord Wrapped Handle. Includes nylon sheath.
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Z Hunter 13.8 Inch Tactical Zombie Killing Axe
In Stock
Mtech Full Tang Stonewash Tactical Throwing Hatchet Axe Tomahawk
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Outdoor Gear For Every Outdoor Enthusiast

An exceptional outdoor gear is required for an exceptional outdoor experience. Whether you are a man living in the city or the one who lives in countryside, outdoor gear is something which you will need quite oftenly. Why? Because most of our population have a thing for outdoors and generally go on vacations or indulge themselves in outdoor activities and sports to take a break from their usual hectic routine which becomes very exhaustive at times. Wholesale Blades brings the most impressive outdoor gear for every outdoor enthusiast, hiker, hunter, fisherman and shooter. 

Being in wild and outdoor increases the risks and dangers. Get yourself equipped with the most efficient outdoor gear available at Wholesale Blades and keep yourself and your loved ones protected and safe. Wholesale Blades outdoor gear will help you have the best outdoor experience and will make you have experiences you never had before. 

Wide Selection of Impressive Variety of Outdoor Gear For Sale

At Wholesale Blades, we stock a huge selection of each and every kind of outdoor gear to make your outdoor experience the best one. The wide range of products in our outdoor gear are our star products. Our airsoft guns exhibit the latest models and you are sure to find whatever model you need in our collection. They are very reliable as well and will help you have a superb shooting experience. If you are looking beyond airsoft guns, then you can definitely have blank firing guns and BB - Pellet guns that also work impressively for target shooting etc. All of our guns look very much like the real guns and are capable of providing a very safe yet realistic shooting experience. 

Hey, are you somehow thinking that out outdoor gear is all about guns? Ofcourse not! Even though we live in modern world yet still we appreciate the traditional and conventional tools and weapons which were used by our ancestors. That is why we at Wholesale Blades bring you the most beautiful collection of different types of strong and very reliable crossbows. Our crossbows exhibit traditional designs as well as modern designs and you will simply fall in love with the beauty of them. These Crossbows will definitely help you have that awesome hunting experience you always wanted to have. Other than crossbows, we also stock the most elegant looking Tomahawk axes featuring fine blades and strong Slingshots to satisfy the prankster in you. 

Wholesale Blades brings you all of this and so much more at the lowest possible rates. We are known for our top quality products and affordable rates and that has kept us in business since 13 years. So if you want to get your hands on top-notch outdoor gear for sale, then Wholesale Blades is the one for you.

Best Outdoor Gear For Sale at Affordable Rates

Wholesale Blades is the distributor and wholesaler of the best variety of outdoor gear featuring awesome products at very reasonable rates. If you are a wholesaler, then we would like to inform you that we have a super deal for you. Now, you can avail a FLAT 20% OFF a product, if you buy six or more pieces of the same product. That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? 

We also have amazing offers for those people as well who are interested in dropshipping business. Wholesale Blades provides FREE membership and dropshipping services and that is why we are quite famous in dropshipping business. 

You will not have to worry about doing business with us as we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and always provide the best products to our customers. And did you know that we also provide our customers the fastest delivery service and ship the orders within one business day? So, browse our collection of the most diverse collection of impressive outdoor gear for sale and make your purchase now at very affordable rates. 

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