Ninja Throwing Stars

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6 Point Grey Titanium Coated Throwing Star with Pouch - 4
6-Point Gray Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Throwing Star with Pouch - 4" Diameter.
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3 Pcs Spinning Moon Throwing Stars - Black 4 Inch Diameter
1Q2-WG811 - Overall Diameter: 4 Inches. Length: 1.5 Inches each Points: 5. Thickness: 2.8 mm Star Material: 440 Stainless Steel
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Punisher Throwing Knives and Ninja Star Shuriken USA Flag Set
Punisher USA flag throwing ninja stars and throwing knives 3 piece set. Includes nylon pouch.
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Punisher Throwing Knives and Ninja Star Shuriken USA Set
Punisher USA flag throwing ninja stars and throwing knives 3 piece set. Includes nylon pouch.
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Oriental Stinger Bullseye Throwing Knife Target Dart Board
4O2-TG096A - This Dart Board offers an intricate design of White Oriental Scorpion which includes ancient Asian Script. It comes equipped with a hanging hook. Diameter: 14.5 Inches
In Stock

Ninja Stars – Master Ninja Throwing Skills

A Ninja throwing star most commonly known as Shuriken was quite popular among the Ninjas. A Shuriken was the secondary weapon of the Ninjas and they used it for so many purposes. Although, the Ninjas did not use throwing stars to kill people, but they used it to distract or slow down the enemies. However, if properly sharpened, then Ninja throwing stars can even kill and injure a person severely by slicing open the skin and arteries. You can also say that they are the missiles to be used in a close quarter combat. Now, do you want this smart weapon for yourself? Then you should know about the types of a Ninja star to help you choose the best one for yourself. Basically, a shuriken is a star shaped weapon, but it has so many types as well. The most common ones are Bo shuriken, Hira shuriken and wheel shuriken.

Different Types of Throwing Stars for Sale

Are you looking for something cool and rocking to add to your weapon collection? If yes, then you should definitely try our Ninja throwing stars. A throwing star is a great way to practice your throwing skills on and that is why we bring a wide variety of Ninja stars to our customers. We have these stars in all kinds and variety. Everyone has their own style and preference of the shuriken they want to throw, that is why we stock 3-point Ninja stars, 4-point Ninja stars and 6-point Ninja stars to suit the needs of everyone. 

The designs of our throwing stars are totally unique, authentic and exceptional. They are very durable and are made up of the best stainless steel. Most of them feature silver or black finish which look utterly graceful and give them a classic touch. From the ancient Samurai throwing star, battle damaged shuriken, Chinese dragon symbol shuriken, knife blade shuriken to rainbow anime Ninja star, we have them all at the most affordable rates. Some of these throwing stars also come in protective cases for safety purposes. So, if you are a true Ninja fan and are quite obsessed with the art of throwing weapons, then browse our collection of the most impressive Ninja throwing stars and have your pick from our wide variety at very reasonable rates.

Wholesale Ninja Throwing Stars For Sale

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