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Combat Winged Gothic Pauldrons Shoulder Armor Set
This Pauldron is Crafted from 16-gauge mild steel, the armor catches the light with a polished steel finish. Stunning, wing-like plates form the upper portion of the pauldrons. Three articulated spaulders form the lower portion.
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Medieval 15th Century Italian Arms Armor Set
Our early 15th century Italian arms armor is handcrafted from 18 gauge steel. Each arm piece comes equipped with leather strap and buckles for a tight secure feel around the arm. This piece is magnificently designed to protect the upper arm, the elbow and the lower arm.
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Medieval Steel Pauldrons
These Medieval Steel Pauldrons are made of 18 gauge steel, making them great pieces of functional armour for light reenactment, and costume use.
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Get The Best Arm Armors Deals That Suits Everyone

Are you looking forward to buying the best arm armor? Are you a huge fan of gothic and Medieval Knight costumes? If yes, try us as we are the best wholesale dealer. At Wholesale Blades, you get the highest quality of arm armor that is durable and reliable. It is a fact that you can’t trust all the online websites, especially when you are buying this medieval armor. However, with us, you won’t have to worry about anything at all. Our aim is to provide the customers nothing but the best products.

A Wide Range of Arm Armors:

One of the main reasons to try us is that we offer a wide variety of these armors. From Medieval steel pauldrons to combat winged gothic pauldrons, we have it all covered for you.
Durable Armors With the Best Quality: Quality is the one thing we never compromise on and this is what we promise at Wholesale Blades. Our armor products are going to impress you especially with the durability with which it comes. You won’t find any other online store offering such outstanding quality, so you can blindly put all your trust in us.

Affordable Armors to Complete Your Costume:

If you have a costume party coming up and want to dress like the best knight, why wait? Get your hands on the most affordable armor that we have for you.
The prices are too reasonable for wholesale. Therefore, if you have to buy it for your friends and family too, order your desired products right away.

The High-Quality Arm Armor For Sale: 

Our such products are made up of 18 gauge steel which means they are perfect for light reenactments and of course for costume purposes too.
Reliable, durable, cheap, and high in quality, these are some terms that can depict our products most suitably. Now, don’t look any further, try our cheap arm armors. So, select what you like the best and buy it to make your costume party, a night to remember!

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