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Barbarian Father's Medieval Rams Head Sword
Here is an awesome Barbarian Sword. This awesome sword measures 39 inches overall with a 29 inch 440 stainless steel blade. There is an etch along the blade that reads "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom". The handle is leather wrapped and is embraced with a cast steel pommel and hilt. The guard is also cast out of steel pommel which takes the shape of an animal skull with horns on it. Excellent detailing for all collectors. The Conan Barbarian sword is complete with a free hardwood plaque so you can display it proudly.
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Kiritos Dark Repulser SAO Sword With Scabbard
This sword is constructed with a carbon steel blade with an ABS and zinc aluminum hilt. In the center of the guard is a simulated large aquamarine gem. Hand painted with impeccable detailing. Included is a black faux leather sheath to protect your blade. Overall length is 40 inches.
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80 Inch Overall The Grim Reaper Death Scythe
Grim reaper's death scythe. With its pole extending an enormous 80 Inch tall, this scythe has a razor sharp carbon steel curve blade.
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Combat Naginata Double Bladed Fighting Stick Sword
Combat Naginata Double Bladed Fighting Stick Sword 27.75 Inch Overall
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Combat Naginata Double Bladed Zombie Slicer Stick Sword
Combat Naginata Double Bladed Zombie Slicer Stick Sword, 27.75 Inch Overall
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Anime Cutter of Creation Extase Sheele Steel Fantasy Sword Red Replica
Anime Cutter of Creation Extase Sheele Steel Fantasy Costume Sword Red Replica
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 Infected Foam Energy LARP Weapon
Infected Foam Energy LARP Weapon. Constructed from high quality rubber latex with a carbon inner core for added strength, this realistic piece has an energy glow finish for a dynamic appearance.
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Cosplay Foam Vorpal Energy Weapon
Cosplay Foam Vorpal Energy Weapon. Overall Length: 29 Inches, Overall Width: 13.75 Inches, Handle Width: 8.5 Inches.
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Redeemer of the Heartless Giant Metal Fantasy Key Sword
It features an all metal construction with black and blue handle wrap and a chain dangling at the end of the handle. It measures 35 inches long.
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Fate Unlimited Codes Anime Saber Lilly Sword Calibur Replica
Fate Unlimited Codes Anime Saber Lilly Sword Calibur Replica - Stay Night. Nearly 4 feet long, this full tang behemoth is full scale.
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Fantasy Metal Key Sword Replica Dark Kingdom Blade
35.5 Inches Fantasy Metal Key Sword Replica Dark Kingdom Blade
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49" Sword Of Judgement Steel Knight Replica with Wooden Plaque. Sword weighs over MASSIVE 11 LBS
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Fatal Crest Dragon Fantasy Game Metal Key Replica
Fatal Crest Dragon Fantasy Game Metal Key Replica. 35.5 Inch Overall in length.
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Fantasy Swords – Start Fantasizing

Almost every kid loves those fantasy series featuring witches, princesses, princes, kings, pirates, hobbits, dragons and so much more of these magical creatures. Remember your childhood when you would sit hours in front of TV watching fantasy series and would do up a Cinderella look or a superman look? Those time were magical just like these series. Are you feeling nostalgic recalling these bittersweet memories? Well, what if we tell you that you can again have a trip to your favorite fantasy world? Yes, Wholesale Blades brings you a wide selection of the most stunning fantasy swords for sale. What can be better than getting your hands on your favorite fantasy sword which you always wanted to have? Nothing. Right? So, have a look at our fantasy swords for sale and you will surely find the sword of your dreams.

The Real Fantasy Swords for Sale

At Wholesale Blades, we stock one of the largest collection of top-notch fantasy swords. We have each and every kind of fantasy swords for all fantasy lovers and collectors. Whether you want the famous double bladed Naginata sword, Crusader Arya sword, extremely sleek Touken Ranbu sword, Dragon Katana sword, the demonic Skull Gladius sword, we have impressive pieces of all of these swords and so much more for you to choose from according to your choice and preference. You can complete your LARP or cosplay theme with anyone of these swords or if you love to collect swords then you can just add them to your collection and plunge into the fantasy world you are so nuts about. 

All of these swords have battle ready versions and safe versions made up of foam with which you can easily complete your LARP or cosplay costume. Our battle-ready fantasy swords for sale have the finest blades and are made up of stainless steel. Some of them even have black anodized finish to give them that deadly and classy look. However, it also prevents the blade from rusting and make it long-lasting. The designs and make of these swords truly match with the original ones you see in your fantasy series. The colors are totally drool worthy and some of these swords even feature protective sheaths for safety purposes. Tempting. Yeah? So, what are you waiting for? Browse our collection of superb and enchanting fantasy swords for sale and have your pick now. And hey! Did we tell you that these swords are available at very low rates? Yes, their totally affordable rates make them a total must have for everyone.

Wholesale Fantasy Swords at Reasonable Rates

Wholesale Blades is the distributor of the best fantasy swords available at the most affordable rates. And it is just not about low rates that we are famous for, we are the provider of the top quality fantasy knives. And now you can have them at an amazing wholesale offer. Grab six or more pieces of the same fantasy sword from us and avail 20% off that sword!

We also have something for those who are into drop shipping business. Wholesale Blades offers 100% FREE Membership and Dropshipping services to its customers. Browse our collection of the most fantastic fantasy swords and make your purchase now to avail the fastest shipping of one business day only.

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