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31 Inch overall Assassin's Creed Altair Sword Movie Replica
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This sword is Lighter, thinner, and smaller than a typical Westerns blade. The sword features a cast-steel guard with straight quillons. Includes a wooden wall display plaque. Overall Length: 3.5 Inches, Blade Length: 27 Inches
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Finally, a high quality Sword of Omens! Absolutely overloaded with details, this blade, stainless steel, comes polished and features a light-up effect. A switch on the high aluminum handle controls the swords power, lighting up both sides of the guard. Powered by batteries, this sword is ready for action upon delivery. The handle is lined with red and blue colored jewels. Includes Custom Black Leather Sheath with Belt Loop
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Gear up to fight monsters with this sword straight out of the TV show. This replica boasts a number of unique features, such as runic lettering stamped on the flat of the blade, the brooch from the show, and intricate decorations placed on the scabbard and hilt.
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Prepare to catch all the coins being tossed at you with this realistic monster-hunting sword. Richly decorated with silvery and intricately engraved designs on the scabbard, cross guard, and pommel, this sword also boasts a ricasso at the base of the blade. Both the hilt and the scabbard are pure white, completing the elegant look of this piece.
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This is a very beautiful replica of the LOTR Fantasy Sword with Blue leather handle. This sword is full tang with a solid metal cross-guard. The wood scabbard is elegantly finished with silver and gold accents.
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Zelda Twilight Princess Video Game Fantasy Sword With Wall Plaque. Overall Length: 37.5 Inches
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Ornate Dragons Lair Crystal Ball Fantasy Sword With Display Plaque. 25 1/2" overall length
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