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Black Polypropylene Martial Arts Training Dragon Tai Chi Sword 39 Inch
39 Inch Overall Length Martial Arts Training Sword. Polypropylene Material. Black Tai Chi Training Sword
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Full Tang UltraViolet Movie Sword With Scabbard And Stand
Full Tang UltraViolet Movie Sword With Scabbard And Stand. High quality mirror polished 440 stainless steel full tang blade with inscription engraved.
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Fantasy Storm Shadow Sword With Wall Display Plaque
This replica sword is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. This is a very beautiful replica of the Fantasy Sword with wooden wall plaque. Overall Length: 54 Inches
In Stock
Zelda Masters Sword Ocarina Of Time With Wall Plaque
Strait from Ocarina of Time comes this Master Sword carried by Link in the Legend of Zelda video game collection. It is solid 440 stainless steel with a slightly sharp edge and mirror polished finishing. Includes a wood grain wall plaque 9" x 5"
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Giant Key Fenrir Keyblade Fantasy Sword
The Fenrir Keyblade, measuring an overall length of 42.5". Fenrir Keyblade, unlike all the other Keyblades, takes on the aspects of a pin tumbler lock key, induced with fine bandages that praise the base of the blade. It features a non-sharpen, decorative blade that is made with high-quality stainless steel material acquiring 30.5" length that is forged to perfection.
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Legend Of Zelda Link's Master Sword Hylian Triforce With Sheath
Link held this sword and the power of the Triforce is unstoppable with this sword. This replica is handmade of the best quality stainless steel available, and the blade has a fuller located at center mass. The Triforce pattern is engraved on both sides to decorate it with authentic design from the video game. The guard is wide and deep blue, made of aluminum with a thick coat of automotive quality paint and finish. Comes with the customer leather sheath with belt loop.
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Vampire Fullbring Sword With Shoulder Strap
This sword is a whopping 40.25 inches in length. Just to use it you will need both hands on deck. It is stainless steel with a two-tone finish. The handle is wrapped in faux leather with golden accents. Included is a sheath with adjustable straps.
In Stock
Scirocco Black Knight Scottish Claymore 44.5 Inch Steel Sword
Extra long for more power from this huge stainless steel Claymore longsword with 10.75 inch long handle. The blade is semi-functional and slightly sharp, plus has a very refined mirror polish. The guard is a classic European style swept forward and with Celtic clover leaf decorations. The handle is hand carved hardwood with a dark stain and has a very solid, firm grip. The pommel and hand guard are both solid metal with a golden finish. Comes with a free leather sheath.
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Fatal Crest Dragon Keyblade Metal Sword
This is a great collectible for anyone interested in the Keyblade collection. It is a very unique dragon styled keyblade made with a steel tube and aluminum fittings. The handle guard and dragon design is all solid aluminum and has a refined finish.
In Stock
Troy The Achilles Sword With Sheath
Troy The Achilles Sword From The Movie - Trojan Legend Greek Era. It is all metal, with highly polished steel blade featuring special engravings and a long fuller. The handle is also full metal with red gems on both sides. 36.5 inches Overall Troy The Achilles Sword, from the movie and legend of Troy, includes a Leather Sheath.
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Goblin Forged House of Gryffin Magical Wizard Sword
This sword is known worldwide and needs no real introduction. The blade is constructed of stainless steel with Godric Gryffindor etched on the front and back. The ornate hilt features faux rubies just like the sword in the movie with a griffin in the center of the cross guard. Included is a leather sheath with back strap.
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Masahiro Ancient Warrior Folded Damascus Blade Katana
Masahiro Ancient Warrior Folded Katana. Features Hand Forged Damascus Carbon Steel Folded Katana with Dragon Guard Design.
Out of Stock
Black Polypropylene Martial Art Training Kung Fu Sword 38 Inch
Martial Art Polypropylene Training Kung Fu Sword, 38-Inch Overal. High Quality Black Polypropylene Construction
In Stock
Titanium Sword With Set Of 2 Kunai Throwing Knives Combo Set With Back Belt Sheath
Titanium Sword With Set Of 2 Kunai Throwing Knives Combo Set With Back Belt Sheath. 28 Inch Overall Titanium Finish Blade Ninja Sword, Hole on the blade
In Stock
19 Inch Set of 2 Fighting Knives of Tauriel Daggers Short Swords with Wooden Plaque
In Stock
Angel Stainless Steel Replica 1/1 Damascus Etched Sword With Stand
37 Inch Overall Angel Stainless Steel Replica 1/1 Damascus Etched Sword With Stand
In Stock
This piece is constructed of polyurethane foam and is hand painted. The sword is great for costumes and conventions.
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42.5" Fantasy Chinese Anime Foam Padded Cosplay Costume Weapon
Out of Stock
Fate/Stay Night Saber Lily 47
Fate/Stay Night Saber Lily Avalon 47 Inches Overall Excalibur Foam Sword Cosplay Prop Replica With Scabbard.
In Stock
Special Operations Foam Titan Attack Cosplay Costume Sword
Special Operations Foam Titan Attack Cosplay Costume Sword. 37.5 Inches overall in length.
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Sword - The Graceful Among All Weapons

Sword has a fantastic yet bloody history. Swords were originated long before guns, revolvers and rifles. A sword was considered to be a symbol of courage, valor and strength and was considered to be of huge importance. Battles and combats were fought with swords at that time and it was the primary weapon of kings, knights and warriors. Those people believed in a quote, “Those who live by the sword, will die by the sword.”

That was about historical era, in today’s world, swords are either kept for collection purposes i.e. for displaying or they are used in LARP or Cosplays. People who collect them and spend so much on them are totally crazy over the elegance and history of swords. Swords are even passed down from generation to generation as family heirlooms. Hey, let me ask you ask you a question. Are you a fan of swords? Someone who love the art of swordplay and are looking for a decent sword for yourself? You have reached the right page then, as we at Wholesale Blades stock the widest collection of elegant and real swords at the most affordable rates.

Get Yourself Real Swords For Sale At The Cheapest Rates

Wholesale Blades brings its customers visually appealing swords that feature top quality construction. Our real swords are beautifully crafted and are one of our best seller products. The variety is endless and you are sure to find the sword you desire from our collection. No matter whatever your interests are, our real swords collection will serve you right. We have the swords of the vigilant Samurais featuring tanto blades, rounded hilts and slight curve in their blades. We also have ninja swords which are dead straight and are square guarded. Other than these we stock the most graceful and impressive swords of the Medieval Era. These Medieval swords include beautiful pieces of history i.e. The Excalibur, The Claymore, The Gladiator sword, the viking sword and so much more. These real swords replicas are constructed in the same way as the original ones and will take you back to the era they belong to. 

If we come out of history, into the modern world, then we have the most impressively designed movie swords and anime swords. Yes, you heard it, we have the swords of your favourite movie hero and of your favourite anime character as well. From the famous walking dead sword, Elf Warrior dual swords, Urahara Kisuke sword, Altair sword to Kirito sword, we have them all, crafted in the most intricate way and available at the most affordable rates.
We at Wholesale Blades stock battle ready swords featuring fine and razor sharp blades made up of top quality stainless steel that you can use for collection purposes. Hanging them on your wall is going to bring elegance to your space and will also make your guests appreciate your taste. However, if you are not a fan of battle ready swords and care about your safety, then you can try our foam or wooden swords. Our foam swords are exact replicas of the real swords and even they are made up of foam which makes them very safe, they are so intricately designed that they look like real swords. These swords are the perfect pieces to get for LARP and cosplay and will beautifully fit into your knight's or warrior’s or anime character’s costume.

We care about your safety and that is why our swords come with safe and durable scabbards which are also nicely done. Mostly we stock leather scabbards and you can carry your sword safely in them without injuring yourself or anyone else around you. Our real swords for sale are the most authentic ones and look so much like the original ones that they will make you want to drool over the beauty of them. And they are available at very cheap rates. Yes, you heard it right. So, browse our collection of the best, visually appealing real swords for sale and have your pick now at extremely low rates.

Wholesale Swords Available at very Reasonable Rates

Wholesale Blades is the best wholesaler and dropshipper of real swords for sale. We bring top quality products and reasonable rates to our customers and the best offers as well. Now, if you buy six or more pieces of the same sword from us, you can avail a FLAT 20% Off that sword. Our breathtaking swords feature top quality construction and we assure you that you will keep coming for more.

We also bring the most superb dropshipping services to our customers as we offer FREE Membership and Dropshipping services to our customers. Yes, you heard it right. You are not going to find an offer like this anywhere else. Browse our collection of the best swords for sale and make your business successful with us.

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