Airsoft guns are often thought of as air guns. This is truly a misconception as these two guns are entirely different from one another. In fact, their purpose of creation also differs.

But, these facts are not commonly known and thus, a layman is unable to differentiate between these guns most of the time.

This article is intended to list a few most important differences between these guns to help you have a better idea when buying one.

Give it a read to get to know a lot about these two types of guns.

  • Purpose of Creation:

In the case of a weapon, its purpose of creation, in turn, defines almost all of its other characteristics. For instance, a toy weapon is generally not powerful enough to serve as a defensive tool.

Let us first get to know the purpose of the creation of these two types of guns.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns are primarily created for playing airsoft sports. That is why these are made capable to be used in war games only.

These look more like real firearms and provide the user with a mess-free playing experience. To know more about these guns, check out 6 FAQs regarding airsoft guns!

Air Guns:

These guns have a long history of serving as a weapon to target and hunt. This was, indeed, their primary purpose of creation. But these days, these are sometimes also used to practice archery and hunting skills.

These are lethal weapons and are capable of killing others. Therefore, they must not be used without expert supervision.

  • Projectile Material And Size

The material of the projectile used for each of these types of guns differs. Details of this aspect are mentioned below.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns use 6mm plastic projectiles that are not able to harm or kill anyone. These projectiles are good for playing games only.

So, these guns are really popular among game lovers.

Air Guns:

These guns can fire metallic balls and pellets. These are basically made of lead or steel. Thus, these guns are very able to serve as a life-threatening weapon.

You must not use or purchase them until and unless you are a professional hunter or archer or someone who is under training.

  • Precision And Range:

Precision and range of a weapon are of immense importance. It truly helps you have a better idea of which weapon is capable of doing what.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns are very precise for playing airsoft games and are favored by game lovers all over the world.

Hence, you are wrong if you are expecting the same sort of precision in tasks other than gaming.

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Air Guns:

The accuracy of these guns is what makes them an ideal weapon for shooting and hunting. These guns are exclusively designed by keeping in mind the need for an archer.

These are thus, never going to disappoint you in terms of precision and accuracy. Even the cheapest air gun is more precise than the most expensive airsoft guns.

  • Ammunition:

This is another major aspect of the difference between these two types of guns. Let us get to know more about it.

Airsoft Guns:

If you are planning to buy these guns, you must first have an idea about their ammunition. The guns used lighter ammunition are thus declared safe to use indoors. You must not expect extraordinary from these guns.

Nevertheless, these will not make you regret spending on these for gaming purposes.

Air Guns:

Ammunition for these guns is available in varying types and styles. Each one of them is suited to a different purpose and allows you to shoot objects placed at varying distances.

This further gives reason to why these guns are highly accurate and are loved by archers and hunters.

  • Cost:

Cost is something that you can’t really ignore when comparing two different types of guns.

Let us now have a look at this factor to find out the difference between airsoft guns and air guns.

Airsoft Guns:

These guns are relatively less expensive and more realistic in terms of their looks. People love them for their affordability and find it easier to spend on these guns without any reluctance.

Their prices are decided by keeping in view the functionality that these provide.

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5 Most Affordable and Realistic Airsoft Guns:

Airsoft pistols don’t weigh heavy on your pocket. At the same time, these products don’t let you make any compromise over your desire to possess a realistic-looking weapon. This combination makes them an ideal weapon to carry and purchase.

Here is a list of the 5 most affordable pistols available at Wholesale Blades. Looking at these will surely make it impossible for you to resist the temptation of buying these.

1.      SIG Sauer P228 Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol:

This gun is an ideal tool for beginners. It is capable of firing at up to 230FPS and works well with 6mm BB’s.

It offers two distinct fire modes; Single shot and spring action and has a length of 200 mm. It is constructed out of a high-impact polymer that makes this gun durable and reliable.

Hence, its hop-up is not adjustable and thus, it needs to be cocked for each shot.

2.  P299AF Polymer Spring Airsoft Pistol with Laser and Flashlight:

Its polymer material makes it a light-weight pistol to use. It is equipped with a flashlight and has a length of 6.25 inches. It also has a laser mounted pointer and looks like a real firearm in appearance.

People prefer this gun because of its highly affordable price. It can fire at up to 50 FPS.

3.  216AF Spring Airsoft Hand Gun With Laser & LED Light:

It has a laser mounted pointer and is also equipped with multi-colored LED lights. It works the best with 6mm BB’s and is crafted out of a polymer material.

Moreover, this spring-powered gun also looks as realistic as a real firearm and is thus, preferred by those who want to own weapons without going out of their budget. It has a length of 6.5 inches.

4.  P698 Spring Airsoft Handgun FPS-160 6MM Pistol:

This is undoubted, the buyer’s first choice in the market. It is among the most ideal weapons for gaming and is capable of holding 9 BB’s at a time.

It can shoot at up to 160 FPS. For this, it makes use of 12 g 6mm BB’s and possessed a length of some 6.5 inches.

It is known for its high-scale performance and perfection to serve its purpose of creation.

5.  M757 Full-Size M9 Airsoft Spring Pistol 6mm BB Hand Gun:

This one is my personal favorite. Its finesse makes it look like an actual weapon. Its polymer body gives it its durability and light-weight.

This spring-powered pistol is known for its safety and ergonomic grip. It has a length of 8 inches and can shoot at up to 200 FPs and has a muzzle velocity of 190.

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Air Guns:

Air guns are highly expensive when compared to airsoft pistols. You can buy 10-12 affordable airsoft pistols at the price of the cheapest air gun.

However, these guns are still admired and are one of the most purchased weapons in the market because these are durable and are able to last a lifetime.

Why Do People Buy Air Guns Despite Their High Price?

People generally fall for these guns because of their accuracy, shooting power, muzzle velocity and also because of their terror.

The functionality offered by these guns truly does justice to their high price. Weapon lovers are more intrigued but these weapons because of their historic importance.


This discussion has highlighted a number of important differences between these two types of guns. Let us have a recap of all those major and minor differences.
  • Both types of guns serve a different purpose.
  • Both are accurate to serve the purpose for which they were created.
  • Both these guns look more like real weapons.
  • Air guns are more accurate and precise.
  • Along with indoor purposes, airsoft guns are now considered a key to plenty of outdoor activities too, while air guns are suitable for outdoor use only.
  • Air guns use longer barrels as compared to airsoft pistols.
  • Air guns can fire metallic balls, darts, and pellets while the other type of guns can only fire Plastic BB’s.
  • You can’t expect an air gun to serve as an airsoft gun.
  • Both these guns are highly specific in nature and are designed according to their utility in your lives.
So, it is your choice what you choose now! Tell us in the comments box about your selection.