Rambo Style Full Size Survival Hunting Knife With Sheath

13 Inch Rambo Style Full Size Survival Hunting Knife. Comes with an black leather sheath.
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Fully Featured Survival Knife:
Want the best survival knife in your arsenal? Make sure you are not deprived of this masterpiece. This survival bowie knife comes with all the survival features. This rambo style knife is simply the best piece of knife you can have in your arsenal. It can be your ultimate survival knife and can be an EDC tool to carry. The knife looks like a perfect bowie and comes with all the survival features you want. Whether you are a camper or a hunter, this is your destined knife. It comes with a complete Survival Kit, a few Matches, a Band Aid, a Fishing Rig, a Pencil, and a Compass etc. This masterpiece rambo knife also includes a sheath to carry it in a safe and comfortable manner. It features a serrated blade, making it ideal for different types of cutting work. Such a cool and masterpiece survival knife! 

Masterpiece Bowie Knife With Serrated Blade:
This is the Replica Handmade Edition Knife. This knife comes with its unique survival kit in the handle just like the one in the movie. 8.5" two-tone Stainless Steel blade with rigged upper spine and  carries a classic design with curved edge, Survival Kit, forest green cord wrapped handle makes this a perfect hunting tool. This Classical Hunting Bowie Razor Sharp Knife comes with an black leather sheath which is hand stitched and also has a string for comfort hanging or survival. Secretly inside the handle is a survival kit for camping or hunting.

Multipurpose Knife at the Cheapest Wholesale Price:
This rambo style knife has the nicest features. Make sure you don't miss this beauty in your collection. It has a nice green handle and the serrated blade of the bowie makes it a perfect survival knife. Buy this rambo knife in bulk at Wholesale Blades and save a lot of money.  We provide the cheapest rambo knife at the lowest wholesale prices in the market. Also, if you buy 6 or more similar items, we give you a 20% discount. Place your order now and get quickest shipping at your door in Canada and the USA. 

  • Overall Length: 13 Inches
  • Blade Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Blade: Bowie, Two-Tone, Satin and Black Finish, Stainless Steel
  • Handle: 4.55 Inches, Green Cord Wrapped
  • Sheath: Leather Belt
  • Includes: Survival Kit, Matches, Band Aid, Fishing Rig, Pencil, Compass, Etc.

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