One of the most fabulous tools is a tomahawk axe. It is not an ordinary axe but a special one. Yes, it can work like an axe but does offer other uses too. I can say that it is a multipurpose tool which can serve different purposes. 

However, the most prominent use of a tomahawk is throwing sports. It is used to play a sport called axe throwing. A beginner first needs to learn how to throw it perfectly. It is a struggle though for many! 

First things first; anyone and everyone can throw a tomahawk throwing axe; the key is consistency and practice. I am not saying that it will go smooth for beginner throwers; however, everything good takes time. Throwing a tomahawk axe is definitely fun and entertaining. 

In fact, you don't necessarily have to go into the woods for this fun activity; if you have a backyard, you can perform the throwing tricks at your home as well. The tomahawk axe has been with us for centuries; the Native Americans, as well as the Men living in the mountains, have been avid users of this axe. 

This axe wasn't only used for hunting; on the contrary, it used to serve as an effective fighting weapon as well. In addition, this axe served as an effective chopping tool in the past as well as today. Not to mention the fact that one can be quite recreational with the use of the tomahawk axe.

Finding the Perfect Target…

Before you start with the activity of throwing this axe, it is important to find a good target for the performance of this activity. With regards to the perfect throwing target, it is recommended to get one of the cut tree rounds. You may use a tripod for holding up the cut tree round. 

For the beginners, it is recommended to get one of the larger cut tree rounds as the bigger the throwing target is the easier it is to learn how to throw a tomahawk axe. Additional factors include the fact of making sure that the wood of the cut tree round is soft enough to let the tomahawk axe blade stick into it upon collision. In this regards, the older wood might be a better option.

Finding the Perfect Axe…

Firstly, get the axe which suits you best and which feels the best in your hands. There are two crucial factors to consider while getting the best axe, and the height of the user along with his/her reach. If you are a beginner, then it is highly recommended to start with a lighter version of the tomahawk axe. 

In fact, choosing a tomahawk axe of the perfect weight and length will assist you in getting the throws perfectly balanced. Therefore, make sure that the weight of your axe is in proportion to the weight of your body. 

This factor will definitely lend you an upper hand for getting a better throwing stance. Getting the axe with the perfect handle length is equally important; therefore, make sure the length of the axe handle is perfect for your reach. It is important to know that too often the length of the axe handle makes the difference between a good and a bad throw.

What Should Be Your Grip & Stance?

While holding the axe, your stance ought to be level as well as upright; whereas, you ought to make sure that your feet are comfortably positioned side by side. In other words, your body language ought to be as if you are about to throw a ball. However, the stance varies from one person to the next. 

For instance, some people feel comfortable while extending one foot forward and shifting their weight on the front foot instead of the latter one. Referring to gripping the axe, one should grip the handle of the axe as if it was a hammer. Next, make sure to keep the shoulders steady while raising your arms straight as you are extending them towards the intended target.

Meanwhile, the axe must be held firmly straight so that it doesn't wobble mid-air after it has been thrown towards the intended target. While aiming at the target point, make sure to apply the perfect pressure for the maintenance of the best speed and power. 

As a beginner thrower, you shouldn't fret much about the accuracy since you will ultimately learn to hit the bullseye with the passage of time as well as consistent training sessions.

Essential Steps for throwing with a Tomahawk Axe

1. Measure the Target

Measuring the target ought to be done at any cost; all professional throwers do this as well. Typically, the ideal position is to measure at least 14 ft or you should take about five to six steps away from your target and mark the spot by drawing a line. 

Position yourself at the marked position; from there, the axe will do one rotation until it will sink into the target. The distance from where you are standing to the target depends on the length and the weight of the tomahawk axe.

2. Point of the Blade

The tomahawk axe ought to be always pointing towards the target; we know this is obvious but still, we deemed it important to tell you and let you know.

3. The Pitcher's Position

The feet of the thrower ought to be positioned in the "pitcher's position" with your feet opposite to his/her throwing arm.

4. Hold the Handle

The handle of the axe ought to be held at the base or near the base; whereas, the blade of the axe will be positioned at the top.

5. Body Posture

Referring to the body posture, the throwing hand ought to be taken straight back; subsequently, the axe ought to be thrown straight forward in the direction of the intended target.

6. Following Through…

Always remember to follow through; the wrists ought to be kept locked while your arm ought to follow through.

What is the Best Size of the Tomahawk Axe for Me?

The answer to this question depends on the throwing person. However, as mentioned before, the best axe is the one which is perfectly suited for the thrower with respect to the perfect weight and size. 

Typically, many professional throwers agree that the best axe is the one which size ranges between sixteen and twenty inches. Nonetheless, other crucial factors apart from the perfect size and weight of the axe also include maintaining the correct distance from the target. If the thrower is a woman or a child, then the ideal size of the axes’ handle would be sixteen inches. 

For young adults, teens, and women, the ideal size of the axes’ handle would be varying between eighteen and nineteen inches.  Furthermore, the ideal length of the handle of the axe for men and adults is supposed to be nineteen inches.

What to do is the Tomahawk does not stick into the Target?

If you find that the tomahawk axe isn't sticking into the wood, then there is no need to fret out. This is normal to happen with beginner throwers; there are two essential reasons for this. Firstly, there is the possibility that the distance is wrong. In other words, your axe might be under-rotating or even over-rotating. 

If the axe is under-rotating, all you need to do is taking a step back and throw your axe again at the intended target. If you feel that your axe is over-rotating, then you will need to take a step forward and throw your axe again towards the direction of the intended target. 

Another important aspect to keep in mind that the shorter the handle of the axe is the more is the chance for the axe to be over-rotated. In this regards, it is suggested to stay closer to the intended target while throwing with your tomahawk axe. Always remember that the distance between the axe and the target depends on the total length of the axe. 

There is nothing to worry about if you would be missing the hits in during your first time with the axe. It takes some time to determine the right distance as well as the throwing stance while maneuvering the axe into the direction of the wooden board. With some practice and patience, you will be able to throw like a professional sooner than you will know.

Useful Tips for Tomahawk Axe Throwing

  • Safety comes first; always treat your axe as if it is razor sharp and not a toy. Instead, ensure that the axe is treated carefully as if it were a real weapon. In this respect, it is important to understand that the axe must never be pointed in the direction of people, viewers, and animal. The direction of the blade must be kept towards the intended target which is a wooden board or cur round of a tree.
  • Again, the blade of the tomahawk axe is better if it will be dull; avoid getting an axe with a razor-sharp blade is it is for recreational and fun purpose alone.
  • Referring to the target area, make sure that you place it in a rather open area. Avoid practicing with the axe within your home or in a crowded space. The backyard will do well only if there is sufficient space. 
Also, you ought to keep in mind that the smallest obstacles, such as the bushes or even the smallest trees can actually block your throws and deflect the thrown axe midway. 
Therefore, it is important to keep the passage ‘clean' and free from all kinds of obstacles. In this regards, it is also recommended to place some sort of "backstop" in the area behind the target so that unnecessary accidents can be avoided.
  • It doesn't matter how many variations you use while throwing with the tomahawk axe; make sure that you release the axe as natural as possible. There is no need to imitate some action-thriller movie. Leave the imaginary life behind and focus on keeping as real and as natural as possible while aiming at the wooden target with your tomahawk axe. 
Apart from keeping the throne as natural as possible, you can also hit the target while positioning your feet in the right way. In other words, the position of your feet plays a vital role in determining the outcome of your aim. The way you are holding the handle of the axe matters as well. Therefore, make sure to hold the handle of the axe from its very top side. 

Hold the top of the handle as if you are holding a hammer by wrapping the thumb of your holding hand around the hatchet (similar to the way of holding a hammer). Refrain from placing the thumb of your holding hand in the back side of the shaft since this holding position will definitely interrupt the flight of the axe by interfering with the rotation of your tomahawk axe.
  • Last but not least, make sure that you get the tomahawk axe which feels the most comfortable in your hand and grip of the hand. Also, make sure that you are using your arm and not the wrist for the rotation of the axe. Play it safe and have fun with your tomahawk axe!

Tomahawk Axe - More Than a Throwing Tool!

All in all, a tomahawk axe is a multipurpose tool. Yes, you can become a perfect axe thrower by learning how to throw it but you can't miss some of its incredible uses. 

A tomahawk axe can be used for decor purposes as well. In addition, it can be used as a cosplay weapon and a Halloween costume. So, if you are a real enthusiast, this throwing axe is a deserving collectible to be in your arsenal.