You must have watched movies in which snipers play a significant role.  A sniper is the most fascinating role in airsoft. There are a lot of challenges for him but he has the best airsoft rifles to fulfill his role. However, he has to be more tactical and needs to apply significant strategies to defeat his opponents. 

Airsoft sniping is one challenging task! Many airsoft beginners dream of playing the role of an airsoft sniper; in this regard, they keep looking up the internet for the best airsoft sniper rifle available. However, the sad truth about the role of the airsoft sniper is that it isn't as fun as it might look like in the numerous video games and movies.

Real life sniping involves having a ballistic advantage over the potential target; not to mention the fact that real snipers can hit their target from nearly 500 meters or more. In addition, the target is often unaware and in no position to fire back due to the fact that the position/location of the real sniper is definitely well-concealed.


Not to mention the fact that the real sniper plans his hiding location/position in advance to the passing of the potential target through that peculiar area.

Before we plunge into the list of the top airsoft guns of 2019 which are available in the markets and online stores; I want for all of the airsoft beginners to go through the below-given list in order to understand why airsoft sniping is a tough job.


After reading the list, you will feel well-prepared about your intended airsoft role apart from knowing what exactly to expect from the airsoft game as your role as an airsoft sniper.

What Makes the Role of an Airsoft Sniper Challenging and Tough?

  • The airsoft game doesn't allow an airsoft sniper to enter the field before the rest of the players; therefore, it can be difficult to find the perfect sniping spot while all players are rushing into the airsoft battlefield. You will definitely have to rush to the gaming field with the rest of your team; this can be quite a challenge; especially, if you are wearing a "Ghillie".
  • Typically, the airsoft field comprises loads of cover with the trees and other stuff; therefore, airsoft sniping can be hard with regards to shooting through all that cover and reaching the target (s). Not to mention the fact that even the slightest cover, such as a tiny twig can cause the airsoft plastic pellet, also known as BBs to get deflected which can cause much frustration. In other words, what might seem like a "clear shooting path" isn't necessarily ‘clear' at all.
  • Generally, a typical stock airsoft sniper rifle might lack accuracy; therefore, if you want to make the best of your sniping role, you might have to spend more than $300 on a more accurate and reliable airsoft sniper rifle. Not to mention the fact that you might have to keep upgrading your collection of airsoft sniper rifles as well.
  • A solid truth from the world of airsoft sniping is the lack of ballistic advantage. It wouldn't be wrong to state that the maximum ballistic advantage which you can possibly get in this game is that of 60-feet. In addition, the majority of the airsoft fields have certain limitation rules about the FPS (feet per second); your airsoft sniper rifle cannot have the FPS exceeding 500 feet per second. The weight of the BBs isn't supposed to be more than that of 2 grams.
  • More frustration can come when the opponents can't tell whether they have been hit by the plastic pellets. Typically, the airsoft skirmishes involve heavy multiple shots which makes the player accustomed to getting "shot" with multiple plastic pellets; probably, from a different direction as well. However, with a shot from the "airsoft sniper rifle" can be at times difficult to tell. The impact might be too low to be convincing that someone has been hit.
  • Last but not least, the role of the airsoft sniper requires tons of patience; if you lack patience then this isn't the right kind of airsoft role for you. Imagine sitting tightly at one spot and waiting for the enemy to trespass the marked area; what if they never come that way? This can be quite frustrating, eh? Not so much, if you have the right kind of mind caliber and patient nature. Airsoft sniping can also mean that you need to be ready to miss out significant hours of the airsoft game-play.

What are some of the Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles of All Times?

After having gone through the list of vital challenges which make the role of airsoft sniping tough; you might have made up your mind to adopt some other airsoft role.  However, if this isn't the case, then the below-given list of the best airsoft sniper rifles is for you. It will assist you in saving much of your time while selecting the best airsoft sniper rifle for you.

1. The BBTac (Bolt Action) Airsoft Sniper Rifle

If you are looking for a wonderful airsoft sniper rifle, then this is your weapon to stick with. Among the essential features of this airsoft sniper rifle is the awesome magazine of 30-rounds which also happens to be fully-loaded. 

In addition, this airsoft rifle comes with a scope for better focus as well as a bipod. The nozzle blocker (removable) enables the airsoft sniper to engage in extremely powerful shooting action. 

Airsoft Sniper Rifles

The metallic bolt and barrel generate a real-life feel and touch. The speed loader allows you to fire non-stop; in addition, the rubber cheek and stock pad are adjustable which only add to the comfort and shooting accuracy of the BBTac airsoft sniper rifle.

2. The AGM Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Mp001)

If you are looking for a high-quality airsoft gun rifle with which you can shoot with greater accuracy, then the AGM airsoft rifle is your go-to airsoft weapon.  This airsoft sniper rifle is specifically designed to blow your mind with its amazing features of speed-loading; high-quality framework; shooting accuracy, and so on.

With respect to the shooting accuracy, this airsoft sniper rifle has the shooting velocity of 450 to 500 FPS (feet per second). If you purchase this airsoft sniper rifle, you will also get a pack of plastic pellets (BBs) for free. The barrel of this airsoft rifle is designed in a way to mount any kind of scope. 

AGM Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper rifles

In addition, this toy gun includes a real-bolt action which makes it most popular among the airsoft players. The aluminum barrel of the AGM airsoft sniper rifle is extremely long which adds to the accuracy of this gun. The penetration power of this airsoft rifle surpasses the majority of other airsoft sniper rifles. 

In addition, the magazine is of high-capacity which makes this airsoft rifle an all-time favorite.

3. The Wellfire Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle (APS SR-2)

If you are looking forward to making a statement with your airsoft sniper rifle, then this is the airsoft gun to go with. The superior level of performance of this airsoft gun gets enhanced with the metallic framework of its barrel and real-life bolt action. In addition, the magazine of this airsoft rifle is of 27-rounds. 

Wellfire airsoft sniper rifles

Not to mention the fact that the great muzzle velocity of the Wellfire airsoft sniper rifle contributes to the accuracy of the gun. The sturdy and metallic construction of this airsoft sniper rifle will allow you to shoot with power and great accuracy.

Pick Your Airsoft Sniper Rifle - Begin Sniping Like Never Before!

After you explore all the key things about airsoft sniping and the best airsoft sniper rifles, time to pick your preferred rifle from the above three. All these sniper rifles are outstanding and worth a try. 

So, if you want to be a confident sniper heading towards the airsoft field, you have to be equipped with one of these three sniper rifles. So, what is your pick of the three?