A fight becomes even more brutal when some fighting tools or weapons are involved. An intense fight has to include the use of tools like brass knuckles to make it more entertaining/ Relax, I'm talking about WWE fights! 

If not all, but most of the Americans tend to follow WWE. From young kids to old men and women, everyone is seen surrounding the ring or watching the WWE shows on TV. Honestly, there is a great fan following of this sports entertainment worldwide. 

If you are one of the fans, you know that WWE Raw and Smackdown are worth-watching shows that provide hours of entertainment. What makes it entertaining are the WWE Superstars who put their bodies on the line to make us enjoy every second of the shows. 

Not that they just receive hard kicks in their bellies, powerful punches on their faces, and worst beatings by one another, sometimes they have to deal with horrifying weapons. One of these weapons is the Brass Knuckles.

Before we move to Brass Knuckles, let me tell you that WWE has its own in-ring principles. Don’t confuse their style of wrestling with the original wrestling. WWE superstars become a part of story lines and perform certain characters. There are baby faces that are portrayed as heroes and then there are the heels that are portrayed as villains. 

The heel characters often use weapons to gain an unfair advantage to defeat their opponents. But, they are allowed to use such weapons. Since there are many weapons used in WWE, but the most spectacular among them is the brass knuckles.

There are a few superstars who loved to use brass knuckles. This is a pair of metal-made weapon that can be worn around the knuckles. The wearer can enhance the power behind the punch and increase the impact. Here are four WWE Superstars who often used Brass Knuckles to deliver more forceful punches to their opponents.

1. Ric Flair

Yes, the “Nature Boy” had to make into this list. Ric Flair is one of the most popular WWE superstars, and perhaps one of the dirtiest players in the game as well. He had to use almost every trick to get over his opponents, and the most effective trick involved the use of Brass Knuckles. 

When all the tricks fail, this option was always on for the Nature Boy. He does not perform in the ring nowadays, but appears mentoring his daughter, Charlotte Flair. However, even during his last run with the company, his knucks served him well in the fights.

Flair often had his Brass Knuckles hidden inside his trunks. He would first distract the referee and then put on his knucks to deliver a forceful punch to the opponent wrestlers. The last time he used them was against one of the modern faces, Shelton Benjamin. Knucks worked pretty well for the Nature Boy because it became an effective punch that knocked the opponents down to cover and pick up the wins.

2. Chris Jericho

To the many fans, this may come up as a surprise! You might not have seen Jericho using Brass Knuckles, but he often did. Compared to other wrestlers on this list, Y2J used them lesser times. 

However, at numerous occasions in his career, working as a heel, he utilized them for picking up surprise victories. If you have seen the early stage of his career, you should be familiar with the lack of finishing moves for Jericho. He never had that effective finishing maneuver for defeating his opponents. 

He relied heavily on Walls of Jericho, which was basically a submission ,Ove. So, he used ways to cheat for securing wins. Among those wins, most of them came, thanks to Brass Knuckles.

It seemed like Y2J was a fan of this incredible weapon that made his hands a powerful blade to beat down his opponents. He managed to emerge victorious in some memorable matches using his knucks. 

On Raw, he defeated Kevin Nash in a Hair VS Hair Match by delivering a strong punch with knucks. Similarly, he used them to get a great victory over John Cena, who was the WWE Champion at that time.

3. Rowdy Roddy Piper

Rowdy Roddy Piper is another popular star who was a part of some memorable rivalries and matches in WWE. Undoubtedly, one of the major WWE superstars. He had tremendous mic skills that proved to be a reason behind his fame, But, he had a cool weapon in his arsenal in Brass Knuckles. 

They allowed him to gain an unfair advantage to emerge victorious in the fights. There are multiple times when Piper used his knucks, but the most memorable occasion involved Jimmy Snuka and Andre the Giant.

This tag team match was one of the harcore matches in the history of WWE. Piper clocked Andre the Giant with his knucks and Andre was busted open. That night, we saw the immense strength possessed by this weapon. The whole world saw how a punch with brass knuckles caused severe pain, and eventually busted open the greatest giant in the game.

4. William Regal

William Regal is one of the wrestlers who are often associated with using weapons. The former wrestler is now seem managing NXT, another platform for young superstars. In the past, he managed to pick more of his wins using brass knuckles. 

Even his finisher move did not bring that many victories for him. So, one of his primary weapons was the knucks that allowed him to collect many wins in the ring.

Regal was born in the UK, and has a badass character. He was involved in several European and Intercontinental title rivalries. Brass knuckles remained a common thing in all of those rivalries. His rivalry with Edge during 2002 revolved around the story of use of knucks in the matches. 

The weapons looked fit with the heel persona of Regal. “Brass Knuckles on a pole” was a great match between Edge and Regal that caught the attention of the spectators. Fans liked the idea as they enjoyed the whole match. 

Unsurprisingly, the match ended with Regal punching with deadly brass knuckles to collect the win. After all, it is a powerful weapon that can knock anyone down!

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