What are thumb cuffs used for

Thumb cuffs are unique in that they differ from traditional handcuffs in their design. You'll be hindering the thumbs of the subject, instead of restraining the wrists. Since they can be used in an active life-threatening scenario, this is the main reason why everyone would consider using them.

The small four- to five-inch device has two adjustable cuffs on either side. They can be used temporarily to reduce noncompliance, but for the most part, they're not designed for professional use. 

In addition to the internal locking mechanism, they also feature a combination that, on the surface, seems tamper-proof, but it's a common misconception. Locking and unlocking thumb cuffs is usually accomplished by using a set of keys that come with them. A double lock prevents them from accidentally tightening inadvertently.

History of Thumb Cuffs

An officer in Seattle invented these cuffs, which were used to restrain criminals. It is important to keep bad guys caught in order to catch them. That is the mission of the Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum. 

As with handcuffs, thumb cuffs lock the wearer's thumbs, but they are smaller in size than handcuffs.  They were originally invented for police restraints in 1888, despite their effectiveness for this purpose. In the United States, they are not frequently used. 

The Variety Of Applications of Thumb Cuffs

Depending on the design, cuffs may be either metal or plastic but they are all restraining devices which lock two thumbs together. They were originally designed to be carried in the pocket by detectives, narcotics officers, and off-duty police officers, whose size made them suitable as handcuffs.

  • Thumb cuffs would not be relied on by many law enforcement officers for their safety. Regardless of whether a suspect is combative or compliant, they have a significant flaw in that they allow way too much mobility. As for the rest of the subject's fingers being free, this cannot be considered tamper-resistant.
  • Nevertheless, some professionals and circumstances may necessitate their use.
  • Whether you want a pair of cuffs you can stash easily or they are stealthy, they can be helpful. Thumb cuffs are likely to be used on security guards and private investigators.
  • As a novelty item, they may only be regulated by your local government. The pain they cause is sufficient to deter suspects from escaping, which is why they are widely used as a deterrent in Asia.
  • It is less likely that lower-quality cuffs will cause a struggle because they tighten on their own. Detainees also run the risk of being cut off from the circulation when inadvertently their fingers are tightened.

Thumb Cuffs

Are Thumb Cuffs Effective or Not?

In order to restrain an individual, thumb cuffs are used. It is made of metal and resembles a wrist or handcuff, except that it is meant to fit around the thumbs or sometimes below the knuckles of the hand. 

Despite their smaller size, they are just as effective as handcuffs. This is why they are being used as self defense products and tools as well. They are carried by people to detain the attackers and take them to the police to fulfill their responsibility as a good citizen. 

Are Thumb Cuffs Painful? Here’s the Answer!

The wraps can restrict blood circulation if they wrap too tightly around the thumb. The lack of circulation could cause pain or even injury if the thumbs remain in their position for several hours.

A set of cuffs made properly can withstand being broken off the thumb, or being simply injured by snapping bones or dislocating joints. There is almost always a small part of your wrist where these cuffs are worn, and it is usually smaller than the smallest part of your HAND, not your thumb.

It is possible to use a security guard company or law enforcement agency for excessive force using cuffs. A police officer must also be proven to have used reckless, excessive, and unreasonable force, which resulted in serious injury or even death.

Here are the Most Amazing Thumbcuffs

  • Furry Thumbcuffs

Someone who is looking for a dual-purpose restraint should consider the Fury Thumb cuffs. As well as being highly functional, its design is also of high quality.  Additionally, you can use these thumbcuffs for any emergency restraint. They are constructed of polished chrome and are reasonably durable. Following are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of these cuffs:

  • The right balance between usefulness and restriction
  • Highly Portable
  • The size is convenient
  • Finished with polish
  • Small thumbs should not be used
  • Keys of poor quality

  • Double Lock Thumbcuffs

Consider these if you need stunning thumb cuffs. Its sleek and elegant appearance makes it the perfect choice for stressful situations requiring minimal restraints. 

The double lock feature prevents suspects from being able to escape the cuffs by writing. Despite this, the cuffs could be ratcheted independently, which calls into question the quality of the double lock. Following are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of these cuffs:

  • Useful for restraining someone quickly
  • Steel construction that is adequate
  • Effort is reduced
  • An elegant black finish
  • Locks that don't work
  • The case is not included

Thumb cuffs

  • Steel Thumbcuffs

If You have a penchant for simplicity, these steel cuffs are the perfect choice. A dual locking mechanism on these cuffs prevents them from ratcheting. The two universal keys make these the coolest pair, especially when compared to other pairs.

They come with a carrying case, you do not need to buy a separate holster. They are made with a high-quality steel so they are of the same quality as other thumb cuffs. In addition, nickel plating adds a lustrous appearance and makes the metal more resistant to rust and corrosion. Following are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of these cuffs:

  • Heavily gauged metal
  • Bring two standard keys
  • Case made of vinyl for convenience
  • Easily transportable and lightweight
  • It is difficult to open
  • Looks like it will be used soon

  • Police Thumbcuffs

This pair of Steel Police Thumb cuffs is a really useful pair of thumbcuffs. A significant advantage over other models is that it is designed specifically for law enforcement officers. High-quality nickel is used to create the polished finish on these amazing cuffs.

A heavy-gauge steel foundation secures these cuffs, allowing them to withstand plenty of abuse. Their double locking mechanism, similar to most restraints, reduces the chance that they will ratchet. Using these restraints is easy, since they are lightweight and compact. You should be grateful for the two extra keys that guarantee you have backups at all times. Following are some of the key advantages and disadvantages of these cuffs:

  • No rough edges
  • Locking is easy
  • Tactical situations benefit from it
  • Durable and strong
  • A blockage of circulation may occur
  • Beginners will find it challenging

Conclusion - The Best Cuffs?

All these types of thumb cuffs are amazing but I would pick steel cuffs over anything else. The design and construction of these creative models are of the highest quality in comparison to other models. Although, in most situations, it might be preferable to use traditional cuffs.