How to build a wooden sword

A wooden sword is a sword that is made from a solid piece of wood. They originated in the early 20th century, when theatrical performances featuring dramatized accounts of historical battles became popular in Europe and North America. 
One of the most noteworthy examples of a performance group which used wooden swords was The Stage Society, who put on performances at London's Adelphi Theatre from 1922-1933. One notable member was the actress Joan Barry who would later be arrested for murder by strangulation. Barry was later released after photographs of her with bloodstains on her clothing were discovered by police. 

However, the sword part of her act remained.  Perhaps the most notable performance troupe to use these swords in their performances were the Irish Famine Follies, who toured internationally from 1847 to 1894. These performers often included props such as  swords and claymores (Irish broadswords). A few of their most popular songs were "The Red-haired Lassie" and "Leather Breeches".
In the early days of cinema, due to the lack of special effects, swordplay on screen was effectively limited to fencing with swords made of wood. In 1896, Edwin S. Porter's "The Battle of Nasser's Creek" featured a climactic duel between two Union soldiers and two Confederate soldiers using a wooden sabre, which ended with all four men plunging their sabres into one another simultaneously. 

The term "wooden swords" is sometimes applied to any sword that does not meet international fencing standards. A lot of the action in the film "The Blade" (released in 1974) is set in a small village of Southern Italy and takes place during the wars between the competing city-states of ancient Rome and Siena. On one occasion, Vito Corleone warns his son, Michael, against using these swords made of wood during a street fight with other youths.

Wooden sword

How to Make a Wooden Sword 

Wooden swords are well-suited for toddlers because they're safer than metal. As an adult, you might prefer one to practice with or for LARPing because it's well-balanced and durable. So, these are the best cosplay swords, you can say that! Learning how to make such a sword is a great way to spend quality time with your kids. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment, plus it's fun! Once you have finished your project, you can proudly display it and use it as a work of art.

Material Required

A wooden sword is an inexpensive and easy-to-make weapon. It's also the perfect gift for the aspiring knight that you know. These swords are easily made at home with just a few simple tools and some patience. You can even take it one step further by painting or decorating them so they match your own personal style.

  • A tree: Depending on the size and type of tree, you may need to cut down multiple trees or purchase lumber at a nearby lumber yard. 
  • A chainsaw: You will need a chainsaw for this project. Do not rely on hand tools such as a mitre saw or table saw for this job since they will leave noticeable marks in the wood.
  • A wood-saw: You will need to cut the wood into uniform pieces using a metal blade. About 25 - 40 pounds of pressure should be applied to the blade to ensure uniform cuts.
  • A crosscut saw: This will help you smooth out any rough edges that were left by the chainsaw. 
  • Hammer and chisel: You will need a hammer for pounding in nails and a chisel for shaping wood.
  • An hourglass or other similar device: Measure 4 1/2" in diameter.
  • A pencil and measuring tape: For sketching and measuring length.
  • A metal ruler: You will use this for cutting the wood.
  • Safety glasses or goggles: You will need them if you are cutting down your own tree with a chainsaw.
  • Gloves: They will help protect your hands from sharp edges.
  • Clamps: Clamps are helpful for holding the wood in place while you are working with it. 
  • Rags or paper towels to wipe up excess sawdust, oil, and any other contaminants from the metal saws and tools.


Designing the Sword and Measuring the Wood

Now start planning your sword. Measure the length of the blade and find a branch or log of wood to use as a handle, making sure it's long enough to complete your sword.
  • Pick out a good length of wood - oak is a great choice, as it's lightweight and tough even though it has technically less power potential than other woods. You can also try maple or mahogany.
  • Cut the wood to the proper length - you may have to have a friend help you with this if you don't have a saw. The blade should be about 2 1/4 inches long, and the handle should be about 4 3/4 inches long. The handle should also be about 1 inch thick, so that it has a good grip while it's being used.
  • Sand down the sword - sandpaper works well if you have it, or you can use sanding blocks. Use this step to smooth out any rough edges. You should also sand down the edges of the blade, but be careful not to sand down your handle too much. 
  • Coat the wooden sword with linseed oil - this is a very important step. You don't want to use oil that was used for paint because it has chemicals that could harm your body over time. You can buy linseed oil from hardware stores or online.
  • Coat the sword with a finished coat - the finish coat is the last coat you apply. It shouldn't be too thick, but it should definitely be dry before putting it on. The finish coat should only cover the side of the sword that faces down. This is because if you hit someone with a flat edge, it may do damage to their face instead of using your arm to hit them.

Wooden swords are a part of many people's childhoods. They’re meant to be for children, but there are lots of adults who enjoy them as well. Lots of anime swords are made of wood, and that is why they are often used in LARP. They don’t require any fancy tools to make, and they even come with their own carrying case! 

Parents can create one for their child in an afternoon with only a few tools that most people will already have around the house. These swords also make great gifts for friends and family members, too.

Uses of Wooden Swords

A sword made of wood is a cool weapon that can be used in a variety of ways. It is versatile, lightweight, and can be easily made from readily available materials. The one downside to the weapon is its durability. With proper care, you will have a wooden sword for years before it breaks or becomes too old for use. In this article, I list the various ways you can use a sword so that you have an idea what types of situations it might come in handy.

1. For Sparring Purposes

The most obvious use for these swords is for practicing martial arts forms. During training, wooden swords can be used to improve your techniques when sparring with a partner. These swords in this case, are very useful because the impact of the sword on a person is not that much in comparison to a conventional weapon or knife. Therefore, you can learn how to defend yourself against an attack without causing too much injury.

2. Self-Defense and Anti-Theft Measure

These swords can also be used for self-defense by civilians and soldiers alike. It may not be as effective for self-defense as a gun or knife but it will work during a time when you do not have access to such items. If you keep your sword in plain sight, intruders may get the hint and decide to look elsewhere. They can also be used to fend off dogs that are attacking you or your family. To use the weapon in this way, you should swing the sword towards the rear of the dog's legs.

To prevent theft, some people leave their wooden swords placed on their doorsteps or front porches. This way, burglars will see it and think twice before trying to break-in. The sword makes an excellent deterrent for criminals who are trying to steal your belongings while you are out of your home.


Swords Made of Wood are Ideal for Training

Swords are weapons that were used by many of the world's earliest civilizations. Their use is still prevalent today, but they are mainly restricted to ceremonial purposes. As with any weapon, it is important to know how to defend oneself with a sword, but also exercise caution. Wooden swords, on the other hand, are simply made from wood and can be used for practice purposes without risking injury. 

They're perfect for someone who likes sword fighting as well as those who just want to learn some basic skills in safe conditions. Of course, these swords are intended to be used in tandem with instruction to ensure proper safety. 
Aside from being less dangerous than their metal counterparts, they are also more affordable. They are also beneficial for people who want to learn swordsmanship without the high costs associated with training in a martial arts school or via martial art's video lessons. As mentioned, wooden swords tend to be cheaper than their metal counterparts. 

As far as training goes, they can easily be used together with instruction either provided by professionals or online sources. This way, the learner's skills will be properly honed to ensure that he or she can practice on his or her own using these swords. Additionally, these swords are easier to use compared to metal ones which are heavier. In reality, they are usually found being used by people practicing Kung Fu.

A Perfect Collectible!

A sword made of wood is an inexpensive and easy-to-make weapon. It's also the perfect gift for the aspiring knight that you know. Moreover, it is a great collectible for every enthusiast. If you are looking for swords for sale to get some lovely swords in your collection, the ideal ones are the wooden swords. These swords are easily made at home with just a few simple tools and some patience. You can even take it one step further by painting or decorating them so they match your own personal style.

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