Brass knuckle an effective weapon

Innovation in tools and weapons have led us to some of the finest tools that are being used these days. One of the most innovative tools is a brass knuckle. 

Also called a knuckle duster, it is known to be a wearable accessory, a fighting weapon, a cosplay weapon, a costume, and a self defense tool. In fact, it is a multipurpose tool, but often being used for self defense. 

Is brass knuckle one of the most effective self defense weapons? Well, there is a lot to debate about this. Several people favor it while a few oppose it. 

We are trying to get to a conclusion and decide whether it is good enough to be used for self defense. So, here is a detailed guide as we explore the pros and cons of using brass knuckles for self defense:

What Exactly are Brass Knuckles?

A brass knuckle is made of brass and is a tool as well as a weapon. It can also be made of metal or aluminum. It comes with four holes so that you can wear it easily around your knuckles. 

It is a lovely tool apart from being too solid and brutal. This is why it is being used as a paperweight, costume, cosplay weapon, and fashion accessory. 

However, it is preferred mostly as a weapon for fighting and self defense. People wear them to battle against the attackers. 

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Are There Any Types of Brass Knuckles?

A brass knuckle comes in several different types, and most of them differ as per their usage, style and features. Here are the most common types of knuckle dusters:

  • Brass Knuckle Knife

A brass knuckle knife is one of the most brutal and recognized types of knuckles. It is also called a trench knife since it replicates the great trench knife used during the First World War. 

There is a knuckle duster with a blade attached to it. Yes, it can be worn around the knuckles. You can use the blade as well. It was used as a primary fighting weapon during World War I. Today, it is mainly used as a self defense weapon, and is an effective one. 

  • Brass Knuckle Belt Buckle

A brass knuckle can be a lovely belt buckle too. This type of knuckle comes with a knob or a buckle pin that can be used to attach it to the belt. 

Also, it makes the buckle removable. Any knuckle with a knob or buckle pin can be used as a belt buckle. 

  • Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

This is a great type of knuckle for utility uses. For instance, it features a bottle opener which helps in opening bottles. 

If you are a frequent drinker of bottles or cans, get this piece of knuckles in your collection as you would need it very often. It can easily open all sorts of canned objects. 

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  • Self Defense Mini Knuckle

This is a small and very special knuckle used for self defense. It comes with two holes and two knuckles. You can wear it around two of your fingers, and use the knuckles to punch the attackers and save your life. 

It is sometimes designed as a cat’s face with the ears of the cat serving as the knuckles while the eyes serving as the holes to make it wearable. 

Cat brass knuckle

Cat brass knuckles are one of the most gorgeous and effective knuckles. It looks lovely like a cat’s face with two ears and two eyes. 

The two eyes make the knuckle wearable while the two ears are the deadly spikes. You can punch the attacker in his face with these two spikes to cause severe damage and survive potential attack. 

Benefits of Brass Knuckles For Self Defense

  • Lethality & Brutality

What makes brass knuckles the best choice for self defense is the solid construction. Brass is one of the strongest materials. 

Hence, such a knuckle can be deadly and can cause some serious damage. A couple of punches in the face of the attacker can easily knock him down. 

  • Wearable Around Knuckles

The good thing about knuckles is that they can be carried quite easily simply because they are wearable. There are four holes that let four fingers in them. So, you can wear them around your knuckles. 

Hence, it is not an additional thing to carry in your pocket. In addition, you are already prepared to take on the attackers since the weapon is worn already. 

  • Simplest Way to Use

Ease of use is another benefit of using a knuckle duster for self defense. There is nothing you need to learn because you are an expert already. 

All you have to do is deliver a couple of punches in the face of the attacker. However, aim at his face more than any other part of his body. 

  • A Couple of Punches Are Enough

Since it is a lethal and solid weapon, it can easily take an attacker down. Aim at his face and deliver a couple of brutal punches. This is enough to cause severe injuries. Sometimes, even a single punch can make the attacker go! 

  • Confidence to Survive

Brass knuckles give you confidence to take on the attackers. You can stand for your ground and leave the attacker stunned. Once he feels you are confident enough to survive, he would never dare to attack. 

  • A Weak Defender Can Make Himself Strong

No matter if you are a weak guy, you can wear knuckles and become a strong contender for the attackers. With the power of knuckles, you can frighten the attacker and look the stronger of the two. 

Drawbacks of Brass Knuckles For Self Defense 

  • Legality Issues

The problem with carrying brass knuckles for self defense is the legality issues. It is not permitted to be carried in a few US states. That’s what poses a question mark on its use. However, it is legal in most states in the USA. 

  • Too Deadly At Times

At times, a knuckle duster can cause severe damage. You may deliver two powerful punches in someone’s face and cause some deadly injuries. 

This is something you would never want. That’s one of the reasons why people prefer non lethal self defense weapons over such lethal ones. 

  • It Can Hurt Your Fingers

One thing knuckles can do to your fingers is hurt them hard. Your own fingers are vulnerable to injuries. Wearing it for too long or using it without proper knowledge and training can lead you into serious trouble as you can easily injure your own fingers. 

Verdict - Are Brass Knuckles Effective For Self Defense?

Well, before we conclude our remarks, what are your thoughts? As per our detailed comparison of advantages and drawbacks, we have figured out that brass knuckles are quite effective weapons for self defense. 

So, if you are looking for a solid and effective self defense weapon, the knuckle duster has to be your choice. Learn to use it perfectly and effectively though to avoid any issues. 

Wear the brass knuckles and be confident to defend yourself from the attackers! 

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