The method of sharpening your knife by using a stone is not as difficult as you think. All you need to do is to just carefully follow some steps which are mentioned below. This way it would be very easy for you to sharpen your knife using a stone.

So, without taking anything else on the note, we start to explain those simple steps to sharpen a knife.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to opt for the knife that you want to sharpen. You should check that either the blade is really dull or not.

Besides knowing about the blade dullness, this step will provide you with assistance in selecting the type of stone that will be needed for sharpening.

Step 2:

Once you have completely determined the dullness of your blade, it becomes a lot easier for you to choose the best stone for sharpening.

Well, there are many types of stones available in the market, as well as, the grit sizes of sharpening stones are also different. Therefore, you need to consider both factors here and then you will be able to make a selection of the stone according to your needs.

Different Types of Sharpening Stones:

Some of the common types of sharpening stones are given below:

    • Water Stones:

One of the most famous stones is water stones. However, the process of using these stones is very simple. You just have to dip a water stone in water for about 5 to 15 minutes before using it.

Also, keep in mind that due to continuous soaking and drying, the sharpening stone becomes very much brittle and hard.  

    • Oil Stones:

The other common type of sharpening stones is oil stones. These stones are so durable as these are manufactured from aluminum oxide or silicon oxide.

Nevertheless, oil stones require splashing of oil on them before they are used for the sharpening of a knife. These stones are the cheapest ones and easily available everywhere.

    • Ceramic Stones:

The most long-lasting type of sharpening stones is ceramic stones. There is no requirement of putting any kind of water or oil on the surface before using these stones. But, such stones require proper and careful handling.


You have to scrub off the particles from the stone after completing the sharpening. Therefore, because of this, the majority of people find it difficult to use.

    • Diamond Stones:

The most top quality stones that are available in the market are diamond stones. As these stones possess great strength, they are durable and have long-lasting abilities.

These qualities make these stones the best product to choose from. Furthermore, these stones are much more expensive, but the best thing is that they last the longest period.

Different Grit Sizes:

Apart from considering the types of stones, you also need to choose such stones that are properly leveled with different grits on both of their sides. Generally, there are three basic types of grits and this will assure that how fine polish will be given to your blade.

Coarse grit is utilized for the purpose of eliminating chips from a damaged edge of the blade. Whereas, medium grit is used for the purpose of smoothing a very rough blade into a medium blade. Lastly, the fine grit is used for the purpose of getting a smooth finish polish on the edge of the blade.

In addition, you can use a coarse grit stone first if your blade is very dull. Afterward, you can select the finer grit for your blade.

On the contrary, if you are going to start with a dull blade task, you can go for medium grit first and then move forward for the fine grit. Well, bear in mind that the more levels of grit will be used, the finer the cutting will be.

Step 3:

C- clasp or vice versa! And you can even put a damp cloth or towel under the stone so that the stone will not move. Moreover, both the cloth and the stone should be placed on a flat surface before sharpening.

Step 4:

Afterward, take out your blade and start the process with the coarse side of the blade. Or you can select the medium side of the stone that depends on how much sharpening you want.

However, you can add any lubricating oil to the stone so that the sharpening process will be made easier. But, always keep in mind that you have to pick out the lubricant according to the type of your stone. You can take guidance from the manuals that come along with the package.

Besides this, selecting the correct sharpening angle is also a very important thing while sharpening a knife. If you possess a straight blade, you must select a 22.5 degree angle. Whereas, if you own a large or thick blade, the angle will also be increased.

Step 5:

After that, grasp the handle of your knife using your strong hand. Then, you have to apply pressure on the two sides of the blade.

And then, you need to start drawing the edge in the forward and backward direction. Hence, the movement should be continuous with a specific angle. You can change the size of the grit whenever you need to.

Repeat the same action for another side of the blade.

Step 6:

When you have completed the process of sharpening the blade, you need to check the edge of the blade. Afterward, you should completely clean the stone and the knife as well once the process is completed.

Place them in a dry place for using them in the future.

Some Precautions to Take When Using A Sharpening Stone:

You should be very cautious when you are sharpening your knife. Otherwise, you can get injured. Remember, a dull blade is also very dangerous for you. Therefore, be careful while applying pressure on the blade during the sharpening process.

You should always move your hand along with the edge of the knife so that your hand will be protected from any kind of injury.

Apart from this, you should always be aware of when you are soaking the stone kit. If it is soaked excessively, brittleness of the stone will become a problem for you. You should take care of the sharpening stone properly and clean it properly so that no residue is left.


We are sure that we have told you some simple and easy steps on how to sharpen a knife using a stone. So, follow them carefully and keep your knives sharpened!