fixed blade knives

Fixed blade knives are sometimes also referred to as sheath knives. If you are unable to visualize this knife by this name then you really need to visit your kitchen once. Most of the knives that you generally find in your kitchen are equipped with a fixed blade.

These knives are highly popular among masses and are thus, extensively available in the worldwide weapon market.

Despite this, people often ask why people buy these type of knives. We have compiled this question to help you find a satisfactory answer to this critical question.

Why Do People Buy Fixed Blade Knives?

The unparalleled popularity of these knives is in view of their existence as a multi-purpose weapon. These knives can potentially serve a number of distinct purposes in our lives.

Some of the most important among them are listed below in detail.


It goes without saying that these knives offer a greater level of durability. These are comparatively stronger than the folding knives. Do you want to know why? You must have a look at the following reasons:
  • Keeping in view the nature of their utility, the manufacturers also pay special attention to the strength of their material of construction.
  • These knives sometimes last even longer than a person’s own life.
  • In fact, there are families who follow the tradition of passing precious knives from one generation to the other. Strange, as it may seem, but it is absolutely true.

This certainly gives reason to why these knives are in demand among consumers.

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Bigger in Size:

A general perception is that a bigger knife can make it easier for you to chop and slice. It basically lessens the amount of time that you otherwise invest in doing such tasks. This perception, hence, has nothing to do with reality, but it is what compels people to invest in these knives.

These knives are basically longer in comparison and thus, people are always intrigued to buy these. This also depends upon the utility of a knife in a person’s life.

For instance:

  • If you are buying a knife for butchering, you are not advised to grab a smaller one.
  • Also, if you are spending on a knife to serve your cutting and slicing needs, you can select the one that you can comfortably use.

No Maintenance:

People don’t pay much attention to maintaining a foldable knife. It is a wrong practice because just like your skin and your hair, your knife also needs some care and attention.

If you are not familiar with the things that you need to do to maintain a knife properly, keep reading. The three most important tips are given below.
  • If you want its blade to stay sharp, you will have to sharpen it every once in a while.
  • If you want your knife to stay rust-free and shiny, you will have to oil it every then and now.
  • Similarly, if you are conscious about the durability of your blade, you must not forget to dry it as soon as you wash it.

Precisely, a knife also has its own tantrums. People generally don’t want to get into the hassle of maintaining a knife, thus they opt for fixed blade knives instead.

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Lengthy Blade:

If you are someone who finds it fascinating to use a lengthier blade, you are more likely to opt for this kind of knives.

These knives are generally equipped with longer blades and this is what makes these knives able to serve as a multipurpose tool. This feature is also beneficial only for those who want it for a task that requires a longer blade.

But, here the question arises that who makes use of these razor-sharp long blades? The answer to this question is right here. Keep reading.
  • Farmers generally look for such knives. They basically use these knives to cut crops manually.
  • Hunters are also equally fond of using longer blades. This makes it easier for them to hunt and cut later on.


Have you never paid any attention to your foldable blade knife? Have you never oiled your knife? Then beware, your knife can deceive you any time. This carelessness can actually make your knife useless. This is one of the biggest issues that people usually face with foldable knives.

Imagine yourself in a dangerous situation where your life is at risk. What if your foldable knife is not opening up? How will you protect yourself now? Then again, you will never really face any such issues with fixed blade knives.

Tactical Tool:

Are you surprised to know that these knives can even serve as tactical tools? Do you want to know how?

Well, these knives can serve this purpose even better than the foldable knives. Yes, these are very difficult to conceal and can actually harm you if in case you try to hide them in your pocket.

But conversely, if you are keeping this knife, you will not have to waste your time in opening its blade. Instead, you will not have to bear the stress of being unable to open it. Isn’t it splendid? But for that, you will surely have to take the risk of keeping this knife with you all the time.

Survival Tool:

In case you are looking for a survival tool, this knife is an ideal option for you to consider. It can actually make you take a sigh of relief as it will put an end to almost all your knife related worries. 

It is equipped with a sharp blade that is able to do quite a lot of things. Some of them are listed below in detail.

    • Cutting and Slicing:

Are you looking for a sharp blade knife? Do you want a blade that is able to satisfy the chef in you? Are you not satisfied with all the other knives that you have ever used?

Then, you must give this knife a try. You will be amazed at how good it is at fulfilling all your routine cutting, chopping, and slicing needs. If you don’t believe it, you can try it yourself.

    • Hunting:

Hunting is one of the trickiest tasks that a man can do. It involves almost all your senses. From your sight to your sense of hearing and your reactivity, hunting puts all these to a test.

Nevertheless, without a sharp weapon, it is all useless. Precisely, if you are a hunter, you will surely need a sharp weapon to complement your hunting skills. These knives are exclusively designed to serve this purpose.

    • First Aid:

Have you ever thought of landing in an emergency situation where you are expected to provide first aid to an injured person? Surprisingly, these knives are ideal for all such situations. 

These will surely save you of the hassle of finding a scissor to cut the bandage. It will also make it easier for you to act and react calmly.

    • Farming:

Most of the small scale farmers are not able to invest in modern-day farming equipment. They thus, go for knives that are equipped with longer blades.

They are trained to use these conventional tools effectively and effortlessly for harvesting crops. This is why these knives are also ideal for farming.

    • Digging:

Yes, you have read it right. These knives are also equally good for digging. Their sharp blades and strong enough to make their place underground. These are in fact, often used for minor tasks that involve digging.

Gardeners sometimes make use of these cool knives to sow seeds of seasonal plants. What else do you need in an ideal weapon?

    • Hammering:

Just like every other sharp weapon, these knives are also supported by a strong grip crafted out of strong material. The strength of their grip further makes them able to aid your hammering needs.

You can even try it yourself. You will surely be amazed at the effortless completion of any such task.

The Final Thoughts:

If you still have any doubts about these knives you can simply search for Fixed Blade Knives on the internet. Another good idea is to immediately visit our website, Wholesale Blades. There you will surely find thousands of these kinds of knives.

You must now be thinking of buying one such multipurpose knife for you as soon as possible. Go ahead! You will never regret.