The question of real brass knuckles being trendy or deadly is swarming in the minds of so many of our population and has confused them too. You must have heard people asking from their friends, family and peers, are real brass knuckles dangerous? Are they legal? And you must also have heard somewhat opposite thoughts as well stating that brass knuckles are so cool, they are really badass and are very trendy as well. So, what do you think guys that which particular thought is right? Real brass knuckles being trendy or them being deadly? Let us have a brief overview of brass knuckles so we may have a clear and sound answer to this question.

What are Brass Knuckles?

Brass knuckles are known as one of the coolest and perfect weapons to be used in street fights. Why? Because real brass knuckles are pieces of metal that are shaped to fit around the knuckles of a hand. The main functionality of brass knuckles is to deliver a classic punch as the metal knuckles concentrate all the force into those small knuckle points which in turn magnifies the force of the punch and inflict more severe damage than a normal punch would have. This is the reason brass knuckles are considered as a very good companion to the bad guys and street fighters and are quite effective as well.

The iconic design and structure of brass knuckles can be traced back to World war 1 where they were used with knives to form brass knuckle knives and are used extensively in trench war systems for close combats. The brass knuckle design of the knife helped in maintaining a strong and secure grip of the knife and could be used to punch as well. Brass knuckles are not restricted to metal construction only, they are also made up of plastic, carbon fibers and rubber. The rubber ones are of course designed to be used in LARP or cosplay events as they are harmful and safe.

Do Brass Knuckles Hurt?

The real brass knuckles are quite deadly and should be used with great care so yes they are dangerous and they do hurt. These knuckle dusters should not be taken lightly as they are capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage to the victim. The injuries may be minor to severe depending upon the type of knuckles used and the type of the blow. Metal knuckles which are the real brass knuckles, are of course capable of inflicting more damage to the victim than plastic ones. Also, some common brass knuckles injuries include injuries of nose, eyes, concussions, broken bones, cuts, bleeding and even death. So yes, brass knuckles hurt and they can prove to be fatal as the real ones are made up of metal and that hardness and strength of the metal when combines with the force of a punch delivers a very hard blow that is sure to cause injuries.

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The Trendy Side of Brass Knuckles

Whenever real brass knuckles come to mind, our general public thinks of heavy metallic objects, sharp spikes, solid design and an inward shudder trying to imagine the after effects of the use of such a deadly weapon on someone. But let us tell you that brass knuckles does not only mean fights, combats and harm. Brass knuckles’ design has become so popular and iconic nowadays that they are now used extensively by the fashion industry, automobile industry, film industry and so many other industries as well.

1- Fashion Industry

You must have seen people wearing alot of things designed like brass knuckles for having brass printed on them. Fashion pundits and enthusiasts consider brass knuckles very cool and trendy and therefore are found carrying one or more of the below mentioned items with them to give a cool flair to their personality.

  • Brass Knuckles Mobile Case

A brass knuckle mobile case is one of the most simplest example of brass knuckles accessories. I once saw it on an online store and absolutely loved its cool and chic look. Not only does it look fantastic but it also allows you to use the knuckle part of the case in a self defense situation so it’s a two in one item actually. A brass knuckle mobile case has real brass knuckles on one side of it through which you can grip the case and carry it around easily.

  • Brass Knuckles Mugs

Now who thought that a simple crockery item of daily use could be weaponized as well? Brass knuckle mugs have their handle designed like real brass knuckles. Apart from providing a strong grip, you can always use them as a weapon. The iconic brass knuckle design gives a enthralling and elegant look to the mug and allows the holder to have a strong grip of the mug as well. And it will surely help those who have a knack of having their mugs slip from their hold. So, no tea or coffee spillage is a plus point of these mugs too.

  • Brass Knuckle Heels

Brass Knuckle Heels? Yes, you heard it right! Ladies now you can walk around with confidence and smack anyone who dares to jeopardize your safety and threaten you. Brass knuckles heels are designed like brass knuckles and trust me, they look really classy. Even, many celebrities have been seen in these amazing heels. Just get one for yourself and then see the buzz of excitement and praise around you.

2- Film Industry

Brass knuckles are quite popular in film industry as well. Many movies were made and are still made in which brass knuckles are featured either in fights or are just simply shown in the hands of someone. Brass knuckles themselves gained popularity and their fan base increased after the film industry started featuring them.

3- Automobile Industry

Brass knuckles have also found their way into automobile industry. Strange! Right? But it does not change the fact that real brass knuckles have been seen hanging in vehicles i.e. cars, bicycles and motorcycles as well. People even get so obsess that they replace the brakes, clutches, car doors and pedals of their vehicles with brass knuckles. Brass knuckles are also seen hanging in rear-view mirrors or used as hood ornaments too. So, yes it is clear that people are just mad over brass knuckles and literally go crazy over the use of them.

4- Decoration Items

Brass knuckles are also used as decoration items and are most commonly seen as paperweights. And trust us brass knuckles paperweights look totally classy and badass. They provide a cool and trendy aura to your space and of course prove to be useful as they are paperweights.

Now you must have a strong idea of why brass knuckles are considered so dangerous and how much famous they are among people as well and why. So, it’s definitely up to you and your use of them that whether they are a dangerous weapon or an un-harmful trendy item. Brass knuckles are even illegal in most of the states of US and it is illegal to own, carry, use, maintain or brandish them. However, some states have a bit lax rules about them and consider them legal until and unless you hurt or injure someone with them. Real brass knuckles are dangerous, therefore try having plastic or rubber ones which are safe and will give you the trendy look as well as they are the trendsetters and an exceptional self defense weapon as well.