Self-defense has become an eminent part of our lives. Every day we go out to our offices, schools, gyms or just for a walk, we are in constant danger of being robbed, injured and in the most severe and unfortunate scenario, death. Would you like that fate for yourself? Of course not, nobody wants that. Non-lethal self-defense weapons allow us to be our own defenders. They help us stay safe by helping us escape from any threat or dangerous situation we might face. Our lives, property, money, and our loved ones are very dear to us and if someone threatens them, we should be well-equipped to fight. This is the whole purpose of self-defense weapons i.e. to help us find a safe route out of a dangerous situation.

Many people think of self-defense as a punch to the face of the assailant or starting a one-on-one fight with him. But that is not the case, self-defense is all about escaping the dangerous and life-threatening situation you are stuck in. playing the game with the mind instead of fists always has its benefits and once you start practicing it you will start to understand these benefits. So, always act smart and try to escape the situation rather than acting like a hero and starting a fist fight with your assailant. Remember to play the game with your mind and that is what self-defense is all about.

Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

There are a number of non-lethal self-defense weapons available in stores nowadays. These weapons are highly efficient and prove to be a very good companion to you. Here is a brief introduction of the three most popular and widely used self-defense weapons.

1- Stun Guns

Stun Guns are a very widely used type of non-lethal self-defense weapons. As the name explains, they are used to stun a person. Stun guns are not designed like guns rather they come in all different types of designs, some of them featuring our items of regular use i.e. cell phones, lipsticks and some of them just as compact versions of ordinary stun guns. Stun guns prove to be very effective in a self-defense situation, also you would not need to worry about getting into any sort of trouble as they are non-lethal and does not inflict any permanent damage to the victim. They only temporarily immobilize a person by delivering an electric shock to him/her when the prongs of the stun gun touch the skin of that person. This provides one sufficient amount of time to run off to safety. Stun guns are compact, easy to use and they are very easy to conceal as well. Let us have a look at some most popular types of stun guns:

i) Lipstick Stun Guns

If you are a woman who is looking for one of the best non-lethal self-defense weapons, then this one is for you. A lipstick stun as the name clearly states is a stun gun that is designed like a lipstick. It is easily concealable as it has the disguise of a lipstick. Moreover, many lipstick stun guns come in beautiful designs and have built-in flashlights as well. We all know that flashlights are bound to come in handy every now and then. Moreover, these stun guns also feature rechargeable batteries making it very easy to carry them around.

ii) Electrika Lipstick 2.8 Million Volt Stun Gun Burgundy

The Electrica Lipstick 2.8 Million Volt Stun Gun is a lipstick stun gun that comes with a fully-functional flashlight. This one is especially for all those women out there who consider their safety as their priority and want to be well-equipped in the face of any life-threatening situation they may face. Just imagine that you are one of those women, and are just on the route which you take daily from your office to home. It is a dark and deserted area but you never faced any mishap. However, today you feel as if something is different. You feel a presence around you, the feeling won’t go away and suddenly you feel more fearful than ever. You feel as if someone is behind you, you turn around and find yourself face to face with a big brooding guy whose intentions are pretty much from the expressions he has on his face.

Thanks to your fast reflexes, you immediately pull out your lipstick stun gun and give him the lesson of his life with it. The blinding light and the high voltage electric shock takes your assailant off the hook and he runs back to the darkness from where he came. So, yes the Electrika lipstick stun gun saved your life. Didn’t it? This stun gun is designed like a lipstick and makes a loud rattling sound that alone stuns a person without the electric shock. It also has a built-in flashlight whose light has a long range and can be seen from several yards distance. The feminine design and beautiful red color of the lipstick embedded with diamonds make it a good weapon to be carried by women and its effectiveness has no match at all.

  • Overall Length: 5 Inch
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Shell Casing, Red Color
  • Voltage: 2.5 Million Volt
  • Features: 100 Lumen LED Light, Diamond Embedded Design
  • Includes: Electrical Wall Charger

iii) Cellphone Stun Guns:

Cellphone stun guns are one of the latest and smartly designed stun guns among all. They come in the disguise of cellphones and that is why it becomes quite hard to detect their true identity. Some very effective cellphone stun guns come with flashlights and rechargeable batteries as well, thus, increasing the effectiveness of these stun guns. These stun guns may be disguised as cellphones but do not work like ones rather they are stun guns which can be used quite efficiently in a self-defense situation and prove to be very useful as well.

iv) iStun 2 - Cell Phone Self Defense Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight

The iStun 2 is a very powerful stun gun and comes in a smartphone design which means that it falls under the category of cell phone stun guns. It features a slim built and the design looks very stylish as well. This one is the true replica of the latest smartphones that we carry with ourselves. However, it is not just a replica, it may look like a cell phone but in fact, it is a stun gun. It looks so realistic that it can fool almost everyone and that is its major advantage as well. The iStun 2 is a very powerful and high-voltage stun gun which increases its effectiveness. It features a very clever and smart design as it uses the volume and power buttons of the cell phone for turning on the LED lights and for starting the stun gun as well.

The LED lights are built in and help you see in the darkness by illuminating your way. Therefore, this stun gun may come in handy for regular use as well apart from the self-defense use. It will light up dark alleys and corners for you which will boost up your confidence and you will provide you feeling of safety as well. And you know what is the best thing about the IStunt 2 cellphone stun gun? It comes with a rechargeable battery which is also built-in. It means that you can keep it charged up and carry it around with you almost everywhere. Because of its extremely smart design, it is highly concealable and will give you an edge over your assailant.

Guard Dog iStun 2 Stun Gun Flashlight Features:

  • Maximum voltage
  • Built-in flashlight
  • Safety switch
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Leather holster
  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 0.4375" x 2.625" x 5.437"
  • Weight: 0.205 lbs.

2- Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are by far the smartest and coolest self-defense weapons. They are used mostly in street fights, but you can also use them for self-defense. The basic purpose of brass knuckles is to throw a classic punch by magnifying the force of the punch with metallic knuckles. Brass knuckles are made up of rubber and foam as well, but those versions are for children only or to be used in LARP or cosplay events where the use of metallic weapons is strictly prohibited. Metallic knuckles are dangerous among all and they are capable of inflicting lots of damage to the victim. They are non-lethal self-defense weapons generally but if you use it against someone very severely, then that person can die as well. General brass knuckles injuries include swelling, minor to heavy bleeding, concussions, wounds, injuries, and broken bones.

i) Hexagon Kung Fu Finger Magic Ring Self Defense Knuckle Survival Tool

The Hexagon Kung Fu Finger Magic Ring is one of the coolest brass knuckles. It has the shape of a very simple stacked ring but fans out to form four knuckle ring which you can use to throw awesome punches or break things. It provides strength to the wearer and the knuckles designed in hexagon shape are capable of inflicting more damage and injuries than ordinary knuckles. However, they are lightweight as well which does not put much pressure on your knuckles and allow you to carry them around easily. This set of four knuckles fit perfectly on your forefinger, middle finger, ring finger and the pinky one. You may find a bit difficulty in getting the knack of it but with a little practice it will become second nature to you and the effects will be magnificent. However, these non-lethal self-defense weapons should be used with great care and only used when absolutely necessary.

  • Inner Diameter: 7/8"
  • Outer Diameter: 1 1/2"
  • Thickness: 1/4"
  • Material: Alloy
  • Colors: Antique Black Finish

3- Pepper Spray

Pepper spray proves to be quite effective in a self-defense situation and is one of the best non-lethal self-defense weapons. Pepper sprays come in various forms among which the most general ones are the bottled pepper sprays. Other than these, pepper spray guns are also kept by people which look like toy guns but do not shoot BBs, instead, they shoot OC. Pepper sprays provide effective and good results, however, they are known as the enemies of wind and you must take this factor into account while using pepper sprays.

i) InstaFire Red Personal Defense Pepper Spray 1/2 oz With Activewear Hand Sleeve

The Instafire Personal defense pepper spray is one of the fastest and most effective non-lethal self-defense weapons. The best thing about this pepper spray is that when you spray it on someone, it leaves an invisible dye on that person, thus making it easier for the police to catch that person when he or she tries to wash off the pepper substance from their face. It also comes with activewear which allows you to hold the pepper spray in your hand comfortably and securely. This feature helps in easy access and fast deployment of the pepper spray.

  • deployment pepper spray hand sleeve
  • Allows for quickest, most accessible spray on the market
  • Ideal for joggers, runners, and walkers
  • Fits naturally into the palm of your hand for comfort and quick fire
  • The spray doesn’t fall out in any position
  • Convenient and non-abrasive feel
  • Includes the hottest spray on the market, Guard Dog 18% OC pepper spray w/ UV Dye
  • Twist top for quick open and comfort lock to prevent accidental discharge
  • Fires up to 12 feet
  • Laboratory tested
  • One size fits all
  • Right or left-handed capabilities
  • Available in black, blue, pink and red
  • Premium packaging
Active Ingredients:
  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper)

The above-mentioned three weapons are the most popular non-lethal self-defense weapons. They are highly effective and although they are non-lethal, one must use them with great care. Which one of them did you like the most?