A Pocket Knife, also known as a folding knife, is a knife with the blade that can fit inside the handle. It has become a popular choice of the people, mainly because of ease to carry it. Pocket Knives are known for their multi-functions. 

The owners of these knives would know how often they need to pull out the knife to accomplish a mundane task. So, they are those necessary tools for almost any outdoor activity.

From fishing and camping to self defense, the pocket knives prove to be useful in variety of activities. Some of the common tasks that you can accomplish using a pocket knife include whittling, preparing food, cutting ropes, cleaning fish, slicing, or opening a package etc. 

Other than these, there are some specific purposes that different types of pocket knives can serve differently. Following are the most frequently used types of pocket knives that can serve diverse purposes.

1 - Spring Assisted Knives

Spring Assisted Knives are perhaps the most common types of pocket knives. Sometimes called spring assisted knives, they are fold able knives that use an internal mechanism for opening the blade after you partially open it using a thumb stud-or a flipper. 

Easy to open; you can use just one hand to open the blade. When in the closed state, nothing can hold down a spring assisted knife. As you open the blade with a flipper lever or a thumb stud, the torsion bar or spring catches the knife and opens it where it is locked into a place. 

Spring assisted knives are often confused with the switchblades, but these two are completely distinct types of knives. Assisted opening knives require some force to open them while switchblades are automatic.

There are certain reasons why Spring assisted knives are frequently used types of pocket knives. First and foremost is the safety. Safety lock ensures your safety while you have the blade in your pocket. An assisted opening knife can be a great self defense weapon because it can be carried easily and comfortably. 

As you are sensing an emergency situation, your knife can be accessed quickly. You can take your knife out and counter the attacks with ease. These knives are incredible when counting their durability and power. Hence, its their comfort, ease to use, and immense strength that have made the spring assisted knives a top choice for the people.

2 - Knuckle Knife

Brass Knuckles plus a blade, this knife is a combination of these two things. We call this 2 in 1 item a knuckle knife. Knuckles knives are one of the historical weapons used for combat amid the First World War. The German army used these special types of pocket knives to deal with the Allied Forces. 

So, you can figure out how powerful these knives are that even the military personnel in the pas utilized them as combat weapons. A knuckle knife has knuckles incorporated on its handle for secure and solid grip, and this is the only thing that differentiates this from the other pocket knives. Better grip on the handle ensures better performance of the knife.

If you contrast the different types of pocket knives, knuckle knives are certainly the coolest among them. A knuckle knife is a pretty effective thrusting knife. You can use either the blade to thrust into your enemies and cause injury or the knucks for punching them. 

So, you are basically having two weapons at the same. This is the major reason behind the popularity of this amazingly designed knife. Their double action has made them a top choice as a self defense knife.

3 - Military Pocket Knife

The weapon used by armed forces is always a special one. We tend to expect enormous strength and higher capability from a knife used by the special forces. Military pocket knives are the knives carried by the military personnel for numerous purposes. 

A military pocket knife is usually a tactical knife as well as a utility knife. Also, it is a wonderful combat knife because of seriously sharp blades. If you ask me which are the most impressive types of pocket knives, I would suggest military pocket knives 9 out of 10 times.

When army officers are on a mission, they are not just equipped with guns and rifles, a military pocket knife is their secondary or backup weapon. These pocket knives have been considered essential to carry as far as the armed forces are concerned. 

They are highly popular among the US Marine Corps, Naval Staff, and Special Air Service. The best soldiers in the world would never miss to carry a pocket knife because if they are deprived of necessary tools, they would be unable to accomplish their respective missions. 

These knives are gradually becoming popular among the civilians as well, mainly because of their unmatchable power and multi-functions.

4 - Stiletto Knives

Stiletto knives, better known as Italian Stiletto, are the types of pocket knives with a unique designs and shape. They are typically edge less, including a needle-like point, and a long slender blade. Considering its history, it was a small thrusting knife built for assassination or concealment. 

The design of this Italian style knife is quite interesting, on your first look of this knife, you may consider it a dagger. However, it isn’t a dagger, but does have a dagger-like design. The modern day knife enthusiasts tend to call it an automatic stiletto or an Italian switchblade.

Stiletto Pocket knives are designed to be effective thrusting weapons, not intended to be cutting knives. However, there are certain daily tasks that are made easier by these knives. No one would ever suggest a stiletto knife for camp chores, skinning game, or whittling, but it’s highly recommended for stabbing people. 

Now, you would figure out why it is considered an effective self defense weapon. A sharp point can serve thrusting in the most efficient way. So, you can counter your attackers by thrusting the needle-like point into them and escaping the situation like a boss. It doesn’t end here, an Italian stiletto will help you clean your fingernails and open your letters easily.

5 - Tactical Knives

Tactical knives are the pocket knives with a few military features, and intended to be used in extreme circumstances. But, it isn’t necessarily a military knife. There are some essential aspects that make a knife tactical. Tactical knives are usually synthetic with grippy handles, making them easiest to grip knives. 

The blade coating is often non-reflective and designed for quick and hard use. Tactical knives are pretty common among the military personnel as well because they are effective fighting knives.

Tactical pocket knives were principally designed more as utility tools than the fighting weapons. But, featuring aggressive serrations, these knives are transformed into combat knives. However, a complete serration isn’t necessary, sometimes the tactical knives are partially serrated. 

With a thick, sharp blade, they look scary on purpose. So, they can make into your list of self defense weapons choice as well. A blade lock is the most recognizable feature in thee types of pocket knives. 

The blade would be kept firmly into its place unless the user push a button to open it. As it is intended for harsh tactical tasks, a blade lock appears to be a necessary element of the tactical knives.

6 - Straight Razor

Yes, its that shaving razor, but it is a type of pocket knives. Straight razor isn’t intended for the purposes that other pocket knives serve, but it provides that excellent shave you might have never experienced before. Placed in your pocket, it’s a shaving tool that can be extracted whenever you need a shave outside. 

What makes us call it a knife is its sharp blade. Now, you can use its blade either for self defense (it can cause severe injury), or for a badass shave while you are traveling. This is the reason why they have gained popularity and made the knife enthusiasts eager to carry them.

Picking Your Pocket Knife

We know you are keen to carry some of these pocket knives, but wait. Before you get your hands on one of these knives, identify which is the best knife for you. Yes, picking the most suitable pocket knife is the foremost decision you need to make. But, let’s ease your decision making. 

Consider your intended uses or purposes and then choose a pocket knife which is ideal for fulfilling those purposes. Make sure to know the features of all these types of pocket knives first, before deciding to buy one of them.