carry a pocket knife

Knives were not always made up of steel rather they used to be made up of stones as the early people invented them. With the advancement in human civilization, people started to think better and started inventing more efficient tools than before. Among all of these tools, a knife was the primary tool of people with which they used to perform a variety of tasks ranging from household tasks i.e. cutting, chopping, slicing, preparing food, etc to outdoor tasks i.e. chopping wood, starting a fire, building shelter, hunting, fishing, etc.

Today, many different types of knives are available, each having its own area of expertise and serving a different purpose. Among all these types, pocket knives are one of the essential ones. Ever heard of them? I would be amazed if you say no because these knives are very efficient and are capable of helping us out in the execution of our small routine tasks i.e. cutting vegetables and fruits, slicing, removing dirt from under the nails, makings holes in belt etc.

 It can also work as a makeshift screwdriver when you don’t have one and can also serve as a letter opener. How can one knife perform all such functions? Because, pocket knives are compact, small and easy to carry and these characteristics differentiate them from other knives and make them very effective as well.

So, now that you have a clear idea of pocket knives. Let us debate further on their usability and usefulness. The following points very clearly demonstrate the benefits of carrying pocket knives with us all the time.

1- Utility Purpose

The first and foremost benefit of pocket knives is their use in performing utility tasks., We discussed a few such tasks above, among which the most common one performed by people with a pocket knife is cutting. Being small, a pocket knife may not be that efficient in cutting big things but this depends on the cutting skills of the user as well. 

However, if you want to cut small vegetables and fruits with it, then it will provide you awesome results in no time. Other than cutting, there are still dozens of other utility tasks that you can perform easily with a pocket knife.

2- Convenient to Use

Pocket knives are quite convenient to use. In fact, there is no other type of knife which is as convenient and easy to use as a pocket knife. Want to know why? This is because pocket knives are small and very easy to use as well. With just a simple flick, you get to have a sharp blade which you can use to perform a variety of tasks.

3- Useful in Emergency Situations

Pocket knives prove to be quite useful in emergency situations as well. Life is unpredictable and we never know what is going to happen to us next. One moment we are leaving out home totally safe and sound and the next moment we are stuck in a car accident or an airplane crash or stuck in a closed space. 

So, isn’t it better to be equipped with a good tool to help us out in such emergency situations? Being small, you can carry a pocket knife with you at all times. A pocket knife can help you cut your seat belt if you are stuck in a bad car accident. It can also serve as a glass breaker if it is durable enough. It can also serve as a tool to pick a lock if you are stuck in a closed room. However, you will need a little practice for pulling this off successfully.

So, we can say that pocket knives can also serve as survival tools, helping us out in emergency situations and proving to be our best companions there. 

The uses of this knife in an emergency situation are endless and it totally depends on your imagination how you use this efficient multi-purpose tool. Did it come to your mind that it can also be used in first aid? Yes, you can use it to dress wounds by cutting the fabric from it and it can also be used to deal with splinters. However, don’t forget to sanitize it first by heating the blade or by applying sanitizer on it.

4- Self-Defense

We mostly see hidden knives as utility tools but it is also a known fact that they can be used as weapons as well. In fact, knife fighting is still quite popular in many shady areas and people use them extensively in street fights along with brass knuckles and stuff. Guns, rifles, and shotguns may be the weapons of today’s era but street fighters still prefer knives over them. They train themselves on the art of knife fighting and watching such fights raises goosebumps on your skin and gives you tingles all along your spine. Pocket knives can be carried around easily and this is why they can be used for self-defense.

With an extreme rise in crimes, we are always in danger and we never know when are we going to be victimized. Murders, robbery, theft, abduction, etc are so common nowadays that it is crucial to be prepared for such a situation. The first and foremost step that a person can take is carrying a self-defense weapon and what could be better than pocket knives here? Easy to carry, small, convenient to use, compact and most importantly sharp-bladed, they prove to be excellent self-defense weapons. However, you will just have to learn a few tricks of fighting with a knife and you will be good to go then.

5- Easy to Carry

Pocket knives, no doubt, are very easy to carry. By now, you must have a very good idea that why is that so. However, let’s go through it again. They are small in size which means that you can carry them around easily and it is easy to hide them as well. 

Most of the people tuck them inside their belts, under the socks, under sleeves for immediate use and inside bags and backpacks as well. These knives are folding knives which means that their blades are folded inside the handles. This mechanism makes them compact and easy to carry as well.

Easily Available Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are widely available in stores nowadays. They are quite easy to find and are available in almost all stores. The best thing about them is that good quality pocket knives can be bought at very affordable rates. Their rates are very cheap as compared to other knives and the variety is simply endless. This gives you lots and lots of options to choose from. Let us have a look at the different types of pocket knives available in stores nowadays.

    • Military Pocket Knives

Military Pocket Knives are also known as tactical knives and they are carried and used mostly by the military. These knives are constructed for tactical purposes and this is why if you want to have a pocket knife to use it as a weapon or as a self-defense tool, then no other knife would as efficient as a military pocket knife.

    • Fantasy Pocket Knives

This is another type of pocket knives and they look pretty cool as well. These knives are differentiated from other knives in terms of their design. Fantasy knives have fictional designs on them i.e. fire, dragons, skulls, etc. These knives are carried and preferred by the lovers of the mythical and fictional world.

    • Brass Knuckles Pocket Knives

Have you ever heard of brass knuckles? They are pieces of metals that are worn around the knuckles of a hand and increase the power of a punch. They are used to inflict the maximum amount of injuries on the victim and this is why they are used frequently in street fights. However, what if these knuckles are attached to a very useful knife? 

A brass knuckle pocket knife has brass knuckles attached to its handle which further increases its usability and acts as a two in one weapon. They are used by people as self-defense tools and as weapons very often. Brass knuckles pocket knives are available in stores at very affordable rates and come in huge varieties as well.

    • Karambit Pocket Knife

A karambit knife is said to be originated from Indonesia and it was used in the beginning as a agricultural tool. However, later on, it gained popularity as a street weapon because of its sharp blade and exotic design. A karambit knife is quite popular for its curved blade which takes the shape of the alphabet “C”. This design makes it very useful for slashing and a very bad option for stabbing. A karambit pocket knife is just like a karambit fixed blade knife but the only difference is that the pocket knife version can be folded and is therefore compact.