Why Does MF Doom Wear a Mask?
Cosplay is a type of performance art where participants wear costumes and role play a character from any source such as comics, video games, or movies. There are also an abundance of commercial cosplay manufacturers in Japan, which usually create high quality masks for cosplayers to purchase. 

These masks can range from exceedingly simple to extremely detailed pieces that take an artist's eye-to-hand and hand-to-eye coordination. Perhaps one of the most iconic and well-known masks of all time is the MF Doom Mask. Created by American-born rapper and producer, MF DOOM. 

This mask not only represents his stage name but also acts as a character in some of his albums such as on 2004's Madvillainy with fellow artist Madlib (a collaboration album). Not to mention the mask has made an appearance in many different video games such as Playstation All Stars Battle Royale or Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty.

What is MF Doom Mask?

M.F. Doom’s iconic metal face mask was originally created by KMD member Erick Sermon, and became part of M.F. Doom’s costume in the late 1990s after he took on the moniker of MF DOOM, as well as his own persona. It has become a mainstay of his image and stage show ever since.

A MF Doom Mask is a mask that can be worn by people who identify as black in order to support the culture of hip-hop which they feel is being taken away from them and destroy any racist stereotypes made about young black children. 

The creators of the mask believe it will help affirm individuality, identity, and creativity while continuing the push against growing racial inequality in America. This mask was usually worn by an actor that is made to resemble the face of rapper MF Doom. 

The masks were originally created for a skit on an episode of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block called "Drawn Together". In the skit, one of the show's characters, Toot Braunstein, becomes smitten with MF Doom after seeing him perform at a rap concert.

MF Doom Mask

Qualities of Doom Mask

MF Doom Mask is a high-quality, professional grade mask. It was made to be durable and last for years of usage. The life expectancy of this mask is pretty wide, as it's likely to last up to 15 years in normal conditions. 

The mask has also been designed to be comfortable, so even if you're wearing it for long periods of time your sinuses won't feel like they're collapsing into your nose cavity and the back of your throat will still be able to take in air without trouble.

  • Flexibility and Comfort

Nobody likes a stiff mask. The Doom Mask has been made to accommodate a variety of facial types thanks to its natural rubber construction, which is one of the reasons it's so comfortable. Thankfully, the black rubber material has been designed to be flexible and fluff-like, so it may well have the ability to stretch in a way that normal masks don't.

This means that the mask can't be damaged by making contact with any material you hit it against, as well as offering the wearer great comfort no matter how they move their head around. If you're going to be wearing a cosplay mask for an extended period of time, then you don't want to have something that's going to cause your face and head extra pain when you wear it for long periods.

  • Good Quality Material

There are also some other materials that have been used on this mask, which means you won't get any unsightly cuts from sharp edges or frictional forces between your ears and the straps. The fabric and rubber work well together to give an overall great fit for most people.

  • The Face Hugging Silicone Headband

This mask comes with a pretty simple headband that it rests against when you put it on your face, but there's also a silicone headband available for those who want to make their Mf Doom Mask even more comfortable. The silicone headband is very comfy to wear, and most people prefer it to wearing the mask with a regular cloth or leather headband.

The silicone headband fits well against most people's heads, and unlike some other masks that are made with this material it doesn't stick to the skin or cause red marks when worn for long periods. If you're worried about putting on a mask that might cause you some discomfort then this silicone option is a great way to make things easier on your skin.

  • The Black Mask Packaging

It has been designed for people who want something modern, minimalist and cool looking when wearing a designer mask. It's a timeless design and is guaranteed to turn heads and get compliments. The mask has been made with a hard plastic backing and a soft silicone rubber inner that sits against your face, plus all of the hardware is stainless steel so it will never rust or tarnish.

  • Double Elastic Straps for Tight Fit

The elastic straps that come with this mask are long and durable, which means they won't break when you're wearing them. The adjustable strap adjuster is also made from stainless steel, so even if it's raining outside or the temperature changes suddenly your mask won't suddenly slip off your head. Your Doom Mask is going to stay on your head no matter what.

  • Other Cool Accessories

The MF Doom Mask comes with a lot of accessories too, including 2 eye covers for those who wear contact lenses, a spare silicone headband for added comfort when wearing your mask for long periods of time, 2 elastic straps and an elastic strap adjuster.

MF Doom Mask

Why Does MF Doom Wear a Mask?

Since 1999, masked rapper MF Doom has been making music as a great rapper. But here he not only sings but also wears the mask. MF Doom, also known as Daniel Dumile, is a legendary rapper and a pioneer of the hip-hop genre. The rapper is renowned for his bass-heavy sound, frenetic flow, and prolific output. 

If you're a fan of Doom, you'll no doubt be interested in why he wears a mask. Most hip-hop artists use some props or visuals to enhance the music they create, but the mask MF Doom wears is a bit different. What does his mask represent? Is it scary or shocking? 

The gruff and grating voice of MF Doom, the rapper with arguably the most monstrous MC persona in all of music, is often shrouded behind face-covering masks that feature his trademark face paint. To a certain extent, this is intentional on his part: he wants people to fill in their own picture in their head when listening to him speak, which allows for more personification of the voice.

Famous in Hip-Hop Culture

A little history on the MF Doom mask. The mask is a metal face-plate with three holes in it and an attached chain. It is inspired by the popular children's toy, Scooby Doo. The masks have been used by celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Johnny Depp since they were popularized by MF DOOM back in 2003. 

In 2002, the mask was first used by DOOM on his album "Operation: Doomsday" in the title track. The mask is designed after the Scooby-Doo character of the same name. It has been seen in many videos including in his video for "Clones" and on his tour of "Operation: Doomsday". 

The mask is often used to signify DOOM's affiliation with other groups or affiliates such as Madlib, Busta Rhymes, or Kurious as well as a symbol for different factions within hip-hop culture. The mask has become very famous in hip-hop culture and among collectors. And from a clothing perspective it’s easy to see why that might be.

MF Doom Mask for Cosplay!

In the past few years, cosplay has seen a significant rise in popularity. In that time, one of the most recognizable masks of all time has been frequently used by cosplayers. Why use MF Doom Mask?

It is strikingly similar to the design of MF Doom's face mask
It is not quite as expensive as some other more detailed masks
It was originally created for Halloween and still keeps it's goofy theme when worn in costume

It makes for a great starting point for those looking to create their own mask. It has been altered a bit and comes with two props already attached to it. This great mask is truly versatile and can be used for anything from Horror or Ghost related costumes, to bad examples of cosplay as you'll see below. It's fairly easy to alter the mask a bit if you don't like one of its features.