Do you often wonder why do people choose a pocket knife for self defense? To be honest, there is nothing weird about this choice. Any sharp weapon that comes in a compact size can effectively serve this purpose.

Fortunately, a pocket knife very well fits in this particular criteria. Thus, people are compelled to invest in this weapon without any reluctance or hesitation. There are several other reasons behind this decision. Some prominent ones are listed below in detail.

1. Multiple Uses:

This is certainly the most important reason behind purchasing a pocket knife as a self defense weapon. Investing in this knife can actually relieve you of several other worries.

If you still want to know more about their utility, read through the following details.

  • What if you wake up and find yourself locked in a strange room? What if you can’t find your way out of it? Are you having a pocket knife in your jacket? Then, what are you waiting for? Strike this knife to break the glass window and escape out of the kidnapper's trap.

  • This knife is equally good for serving your day-to-day cutting and slicing needs. Use it once and you will soon declare it as your best kitchen buddy. If you don’t believe it, try it yourself and you will fall in love with its super sharp blade.

  • Are you looking for a scissor around? Is it nowhere near? Don't worry, use a pocket knife to open the package that is resting right in front of you. Hold your horses and calm your nerves. This knife will open the layered packaging of the parcel in no time.

  • A pocket knife is also an ideal choice for carving. High-quality knives of this kind can even serve as incredible tools for carving wood and other hard materials.

If I continue to write about its utilities in your life, the list will never really end. Isn't it amazing? Can you find all these features in any other knife? I am sure, the answer to this question is a big No.

2. Durability:

Everyone wants to make no compromise over the durability of such a useful tool. Generally, the durability of a weapon speaks of the manufacturer's readiness to value your money. And then, everyone wants to spend on things that will last a lifetime.

Most of these knives are crafted out of the best raw material currently available in the worldwide market. Their quality further convinces the buyer to grab them without any second thought.

Yes, durability matters, even more, when you are buying a knife for self defense purposes.

3. Availability:

The availability of a weapon certainly counts the most. This makes it possible for you to buy the same weapon again if in case you lose it. Apart from that, rare weapons are not generally used on a daily basis.

A pocket knife is extensively and easily available in almost all parts of the world. Thus, people love investing in this defensive blade.

4. Modern-day Variants:

Variety always captures the buyer's eye. This is what makes it irresistible for the buyer to say no to a worthy product. At the same time, it makes it difficult for him to make a choice.

However, there the buyer's personal choice and preference interfere the most. This knife also offers its buyers with this feature. There are numerous variants of this tool that are currently ruling over the worldwide weapon market.

  • Pen Knife:

If you ever get a chance to tour a weapon market, you will be surprised to find a lot of pens there. Well, to be honest, those are not just ordinary ball pens.

Grab one and you will get to know that this pen hides a blade in it. This is one of the most purchased forms of a pocket knife.

  • Lipstick Knife:

Women can never really travel without having lipstick in their bags. Many of you will strongly agree with this statement. Therefore, if you are an independent woman, this concealed blade is an ideal buy for you.

How can you even turn a blind eye to such a useful tool? Have you ever imagined facing a threatening situation? Are you prepared to defend yourself? If not, buy one such knife on an urgent basis.

Women often prefer this knife as a defensive weapon that they can easily carry every day.

  • Scissor Knife:

Have you ever heard of finding a knife inside a scissor? I know it sounds strange but it's true. These days knives that look like scissors do exist.

If you have never seen such a knife, you really need to go to a weapon market once. You will be amazed to find realistic scissors that hide a knife in them.

Isn't it an amazing tool to purchase? Well, it actually is. People actually love spending on such a unique and powerful weapon.
Are you someone who is always very conscious of his hairstyle? Do you keep a Comb with you all the time?

If that's true, you must opt for this exceptional tool. It will be your two-in-one comb. It means that now you can comb your hair and protect yourself with a single tool.

Moreover, it will even save you the additional cost of buying these two things separately.

  • Rifle Bullet Knife:

Weapon lovers are immensely fond of keeping objects that resemble bullets. They generally find it fascinating to own weapons that are able to amaze others.

This variant of a pocket knife effectively serves this purpose. At the same time, it provides them with a great tool for self defense purpose.

This is also one of the core reasons behind the popularity of this variant. Would you also like to buy such an amazing tool?

5. Easy-To-Carry:

Buyers immensely hate the hassle of carrying a self defense tool with them all the time. They are always in search of something that exhibits a compact size and is not too heavy to carry.

A pocket knife effortlessly provides these two most important features. This further makes the buyer interested in this blade for defensive purposes.

Can you resist investing in something that satisfies your requirements? I am sure you can never.

6. Affordable:

Affordability and quality never go hand in hand. Everyone is eager to find products that don't weigh too heavy on their pocket. To your surprise, this knife offers a great deal of affordability without making you compromise on the quality of the weapon.

Precisely, it is a desirable combo of quality, affordability, and utility. How can a buyer say no to such a product?

7. Reliable:

Reliability is one of the most needed features of a self defense weapon. An unreliable weapon is absolutely useless and is thus, just a waste of your hard-earned money.

A pocket knife never betrays you in time of need. It always protects you against the opponent's attack and keeps you safe and sound in all life-threatening emergency situations.

This truly adds to the worth of this knife as a popular defensive tool. Obviously, no one wants to invest in something that offers no reliability.

Let us have a look at the best types of pocket knives

8. Effective:

Effectiveness is another most important feature of a protective weapon. Without this, a weapon is unable to serve the purpose of its creation.

Almost every other object has the potential to protect you. But the extent of its effectiveness is what creates a major difference. A weapon that can possibly don’t harm your opponent is something that you must never buy.

If you value your hard-earned money, you will never make such a silly choice.

9. Attractive Appearance:

Keeping the buyer's demand in view, manufacturers have now introduced a number of stylish and colorful models of this knife. These models are created with an intention to urge people to buy this multi-purpose tool.

In other words, these models are crafted to leave no excuse for the buyer to say no to these knives.

10. Easy to Use:

In a self defense situation, a pocket knife is the easiest to use. It is quick and simple to use against the attackers. 

All you need to do is pull it out of your pocket, deploy the blade and start using it. 

A pocket knife may have a small blade but that blade is quite sturdy and can cause severe damage. You just need to stab the attacker to cause severe injuries and survive.


After getting to know all these details, you must be intrigued to invest in a pocket knife. If you are actually interested, you must not forget to browse through our huge collection of these splendid self defense knives.

There, you will surely find something that is in line with your price, appearance, style, color and size requirements. Otherwise, you will miss out on availing the numerous advantages of this flawless blade.

So, go and grab this blade as soon as possible.