Why are prop guns used in filmmaking

The prop guns shoot regular, everyday objects. Like a typical handgun, they can fire bullets or darts while looking like something very different. Also called blank guns, these guns are often created to add visual and thematic flair to a scene, something that is perfect for the shooting genre. They can be used in films and TV shows as well as theater sets and parades. 

The prop makers in the Gun Store employ a number of different techniques to create their art. The realism of a prop can only be captured with the right combination of materials, and these guns can only be made with those specific materials. A lot of the time is spent first on getting the right look. 

The process usually starts with choosing which type of gun will be carried over into a prop. For example, if it will either be an Android or an iPhone then it must look like that, otherwise it needs to look like a real gun to catch an audience's attention. Next, they create a mold in order to get that 3D authentic model that looks exactly like what they are trying to do.

Invention of Prop Guns

It's no surprise that Hollywood didn't invent the idea of prop guns. In modern times, this accessory is a staple for any film set and can be seen in many different blockbusters like Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and Mission Impossible. 

In fact, props are so prevalent that it is easy to forget the time when they were used more practically by real-life actors. Here we took a look at the history of gun props in action films from the silent era to today, but also discussed how realistic it is for movie heroes to use black powder weapons like flintlocks. 

There's something about firearms being involved in action movies that makes the firearm seem like a tool for evil rather than good, even though that is not always the case.

Prop guns

Prop Guns for Movie and Film Making

The way these prop guns or blank guns were designed for film-making is open to debate but the main idea is that it looks more realistic than a real gun that would be fired. The barrel, grips and mock trigger all appear to be metal and are designed with the technicalities of filmmaking in mind. 

  • Create Stunning Effects

Despite being a fictional firearm, the prop probably fires blanks which creates an audible effect in film production so as not to cause any problems with sound recording. Actors can easily prepare for their scenes by carrying fake guns but they need to remember not to act like they are holding a real one or they could get into serious trouble. 

  • Convenient to Use for Actors

Actors are not allowed to carry fake blank guns unless they have a license but even then, they may not be able to use them in film production. Using this prop weapon is more convenient for the actors as it does not require any special licenses and can be used as it is for filming.

  • Realistic Looks

The silver handle has some words engraved into it so that it looks more realistic. Also, the grip on the trigger is perpendicular to the gun body, which makes it look similar to a real gun. The trigger button looks like metal but it could also be a sturdy plastic material with a metallic surface.

Blank gun

  • Don't Shoot Anything

The empty gun body is also put together very carefully to make it look like a real gun. The trick is that they made the surfaces smooth and shiny so that it would not be seen if the model were to be held. The prop can only be used in film production by permission of the police, who will take a photo of anyone who has one. 

  • Good Construction

Firearms are prohibited on film sets unless a license has been obtained. This gun has not been licensed as it is fictional and its design was thought so that it wouldn't attract any attention from the police or other people. This prop is made of plastic, but there are also models which can fire real bullets as well as blanks. 

The gun is made of a light plastic or aluminum alloy which is very strong so that it is able to handle the force of the bullet. There are various types of prop guns available, including pistols, machine guns and sniper rifles. They all look like real firearms but only fire blanks or plastic bullets. 

Other Uses of Blank Guns

Although they are designed to look realistic, they cannot actually be used for any illegal purposes as they do not contain bullets. These models are not used on film sets but in other cases such as hunting and target practice. This prop can be found in many films such as "Die Hard", "The Lord of the Rings" and "Star Wars".

Key Advantages of Prop Guns in Filmmaking

Prop guns have a number of advantages over their real-world counterparts. One of the major advantages is that they are both safer and easier to use. These weapons are designed with safety in mind and require two hands instead of just one. 

  • Large props used for combat purposes might take up enough room for someone to get hit, or provide somebody with a free hand in order to grab something off the ground or reach for their sidearm, but these big props are not used nearly as often as smaller props which may be hidden away in purses or backpacks
  • The main advantage that prop guns have over those that exist in reality is safety. The real world (and Hollywood) have killed many props in the past, but they are a much safer option to the real weapons because they are not made of wood and most of them are not loaded.
  • Not only are these weapons safer, their construction is also much easier. Although constructing a prop may require more skill in order for it to come out looking accurate, it is much easier and faster than making a real-world gun that does not have any safety features. 
  • Props can be made from less expensive materials such as PVC pipe and PVC fittings, whereas something that would be harder to make from those materials such as an M60 machine gun might require lots of more expensive metals.

Blank prop gun

Prop Guns: Cleaning and Maintenance

A well-maintained firearm is a safe firearm. If a gun owner doesn't keep his or her equipment in proper working order and fails to do necessary maintenance when needed, it's not only more likely the weapon will fail but also more likely they'll be injured while using it. 

For example, a jammed rifle might be cleared by slamming it onto the ground. Slamming a gun to clear any blockage is dangerous and shouldn't be done because of the chance that parts could break or fall off and cause injury.

Proper cleaning and maintenance will help reduce wear and tear on a weapon's inner components, including the firing pin, and prevent corrosion from damaging the bore; this will also extend its working life. When cleaning, always use caution to ensure no part of your body or any other object comes into contact with the barrel while it’s still hot. 

Typically, most prop guns should not be cleaned immediately after use due to heat sensitivity. Instead, wait until the firearm has cooled. Components are designed to be very rigid and durable. However, all components have a limited amount of flexibility and tolerance for force. 

The reason for this is two-fold: first, to ensure that solid parts don't break and second, to ensure that moving parts like triggers or slides move smoothly without being obstructed by other parts of the gun. While too much pressure on these parts will not cause them to break or deform permanently, it can result in an early failure with potentially tragic consequences.

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Gun’s Safety is Important

Gun safety is not just about the weapon you carry. It's actually a process that starts long before you ever leave the house with your gun. A good example of this would be a prop — they are similar in size, weight and make to real guns, but have no bullet or metal components. 

These guns require great care during purchase and legal registration, including a detailed understanding of how it’s designed to work in order for it to be safe. The goal of gun safety is never to eliminate all risk or to make your gun indestructible. No one can ever know with 100% certainty that the gun will not fire if dropped, shot at or exposed to other extreme circumstances. 

However, following strict safety procedures can help minimize risks. Gun safety is adding an extra layer of protection between you and tragedy.