Soft is the term used for the thing which does not leave a hard impact, whose blow does not cause any harm. We all are well aware of the terms, air and guns. Guns as toys or the real ones, attracts everybody, especially boys. Airsoft guns, combined together is a term used for the original guns like toy guns. These toys are not baby toys. In fact they are not toys. They are almost the original guns. it might sound confusing, let’s clear it. Airsoft guns are the first copy of originals guns. Replica, is what we call these guns.

These guns are special designed as A grade copies, made in a way that there exists no prominent difference between them. They are not dangerous at all as they are used for playing purpose. Airsoft games are played with them. Airsoft is a sporting industry where the gun fighting games are played. It is gaining popularity day by day. The fighting games played here are mostly in teams, where both the teams are provided with the airsoft guns. With the help of these guns, they target one another.

The bullets used in them are not metallic ones rather they are soft balls type. These bullets or the name mostly used for them, BBs are different shaped, depending on the type of airsoft gun in which they are being used. These bullets do not have harmful consequences when they are fired on someone. The sole reason behind the invention of airsoft guns were airsoft games, though later it was extended to some other uses as well.

There are many different types of airsoft guns used in this zone of gaming. One of the main reason they got famous is video games. Trending video games are war based, and for this reason the airsoft guns are known by everyone. These guns have different categories and all are exact duplicates of original guns. The most common types depending upon their working mechanism are:

Spring Powered Airsoft Guns:

The oldest type of airsoft guns used are spring airsoft guns. They include a spring in them and with this spring is responsible for pushing the bullet up. Mostly this spring can push one bullet at a time. Hence, most of the spring powered airsoft guns need to be reloaded after every shot. For every next shot, the spring will load a single bullet. So turn by turn a bullet will be loaded and fired. As they are considered the first among all types, at time of start their range (projectile) was not this much good as they are today. They can easily target a far distance with a great precision. The new spring powered airsoft guns are capable of loading more than one bullet at a time. So now they have overcome this single shot issue too.

Battery Powered Airsoft Guns:

A battery is being used in everything, from starting the cars to battery powered cars, a battery has made us a dependent on it since they are a part of every other appliance. This battery has shown some same effects on the airsoft industry. Battery powered airsoft guns are being used. Battery can be changed. They do not require spring to load them, once loaded they can fire the whole magazine. They can be further classified depending on the type of battery used in them. From low powered battery to medium powered battery to high powered battery, there exists a vast variety of them. All are equally good. Depending on the nature of use or more than that nature of game, one can choose them. The low powered ones are comparatively available at low price.

Gas Powered Airsoft Guns:

It is the most powerful among all top types of airsoft guns. It uses gas for the firing mechanism. The only drawback about gas airsoft guns is that they are costly compared to other types. The gas of these guns is stored in magazine from where it pops up the bullet.

Airsoft guns include versatile range of guns. On the basis of the guns, they can be classified as:

1. Airsoft Pistols:

The pistols are smaller in size so it becomes easy to keep them. They are also called handguns. They can be easily operated and carried, for this reason pistols are the most purchased gun. Recognizing the fame of pistols, the airsoft guns introduced airsoft pistols. Glocks are the most common type of pistol usually used. Most of the airsoft pistols exactly resembles original glocks. Under the category of airsoft pistols, the automatic airsoft pistols are famous. They are electric guns. Their performance in terms of speed, reliability and accuracy is way too perfect. More than that, they are available at lowest rates among all airsoft pistols. Within seconds, all bullets in magazine can be fired. Gas powered airsoft pistols are in use too. Gas in the form of liquid is stored in them. A continuous operation of cooling and heating, back to back are required in order to keep the working of these airsoft pistols going normal.

So it has some temperature hazards and that is the reason behind its high price that to provide efficient working, more of the system has to be maintained. Spring assisted airsoft pistols also have significance in market as they are cheapest among all. Metallic and non-metallic, the airsoft pistols are available in both bodies. Apart from glocks, other pistols replicas are used too. Among them, M1911 replica silver finish airsoft pistol is preferred. It falls under the category of spring assisted airsoft gun. The user can easily operate these airsoft pistols. Among all airsoft guns, the airsoft pistols can be most easily operated. The airsoft pistols have two types of magazines called as single stack and double stack. They both can store different number of bullets, the double stack magazine can store more bullets than the single stack.

2. Airsoft Rifles:

If one is really interested in causing more damage, there is nothing better than rifle. Rifle is the ultimate queen of damage. Due to its large magazine size and speedy firing mechanism, rifles can kill hundreds in no time. In military and in police, rifles are used more. The wars are fought with help of rifles. Airsoft rifles are ditto copy of the original rifles. Their working, size, shape, magazine ability to hold bullets, and weight all are exactly same. Airsoft rifles include a variety of special military guns. Spring powered airsoft rifles were the first used among all airsoft rifles.

Later with time, the modified versions were made even better. Now like machine guns, the airsoft rifles can fire the whole magazine in a glimpse. Such proactive airsoft rifles are either battery powered or gas powered. Their magazine can hold up to 800 bullets. Similarly, have different shape, same as of the original one. Sniper guns are included in airsoft rifles. There is a huge craze of sniper guns in gaming industry. Airsoft rifles may have long or short barrels. The airsoft rifles are well known for their accuracy. All the extra equipment of original ones are available for the airsoft rifles as well. This includes equipment such as cylinders, barrels and sights.

Uses of Airsoft Guns

The airsoft guns were developed with the concept of gaming. With time, people developed more and more interest in these almost real looking games. The players feel like, they are actually in state of war, especially when having airsoft guns which are same as if having the real one. The sound gives an impact one is about to killed and all the scene of game look like an ongoing event. Airsoft rifles are more likely to be used by the people when playing any war based game.

Apart from the use of these guns in sports, they are being used by police and military for training purpose. Task based practices are usually carried with the help of airsoft pistols whereas war based practices by airsoft rifles. Airsoft rifles are also used to improve the accuracy of target. The airsoft guns have the same precision as of the original ones. Reducing the total cost, military uses airsoft guns while training new soldiers. In some cases the shot received by the airsoft gun may leave a mark on the body of victim, but it is only when high powered airsoft guns are used. Else they do not cause any serious injury, their blow is negligible.