Brass knuckles or knuckle duster has been extremely popular around the world. Specifically in the American continent, people love to use them. There are several uses and benefits of this weapon. It is used as a self defense weapon and street fighting. 

Sometimes, it is just worn around the knuckles as a fashion accessory. Also, it has been serving as a cosplay item. So, that many uses have emphasized people to buy brass knuckles. 

But where to buy the best knuckle duster is a question everyone seeking an answer of. Well, the answer is very straight. Wholesale Blades is the platform where you can buy the cheapest and best brass knuckles. We know what your next question is. Definitely, why brass knuckles? 

Wholesale Blades - A Trusted Wholesale Brand

To start with, it is worth mentioning that Wholesale Blades is a trusted brand that has been serving the community for more than 13 years. We are based in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. We have won the trust of our customers by providing them with the highest quality items, charging lowest prices, and fulfilling their needs. 

Since 13 years, we have been providing top rated wholesale products. We provide brass knuckles, airsoft guns, knives, swords, cosplay weapons and much more. But, we guarantee 90% lower than market prices. 

The provision of premium quality items and cheapest prices has made us leader of the market. Now, we take pride in our business. We allow you to buy our brass knuckles in bulk and make unbelievable profits. Also, we let you avail our discounts and dropshipping business opportunities. So, these are the reasons why we have earned the trust and respect of our customers throughout the US. 

The Stock Enriched with a Splendid Range of Brass Knuckles

At Wholesale Blades, our inventory is enriched with a collection of fabulous brass knuckles. Nowhere else you would find such a massive range of knucks. You can take your time to explore our collection and find your favorite ones in our stock. 

There is no lack of designs, colors and styles of knuckle duster at Wholesale Blades. Our wholesale store always displays the most desirable items among consumers. We make sure to provide you what the customers are looking for. 

In other words, we stay updated with the market trends and hence, we come up with the products people are searching for. Does not matter what design and shape you are looking for, we guarantee that we stock all of them. 

Benefits of Buying Brass Knuckles from Wholesale Blades

So, we come to our main concern in this article. We all know you are curious to figure out why we are emphasizing your to buy brass knuckles from Wholesale Blades. Well, there are plenty of reasons, but the following are the key reasons that should encourage you to buy from us:

- Premium Quality Knucks

Being a renowned wholesale brand, we never compromise on quality. It is the quality of our products that have led us to the top. We offer ultra durable and highest quality brass knuckles. One thing we assure is quality and we never settle for anything less than the best. In the stock, you would find the best and premium quality knucks. 

One reason for buying from Wholesale Blades is because you would get the best quality items. You may have other stores in option, but we guarantee no other wholesale store guarantees 100% satisfaction on quality.

- Cheapest Prices

Secondly, our lowest wholesale prices are enough to encourage you. At Wholesale Blades, you will identify that the prices are cheaper as compared to market prices. Wait, you can learn about our reduced prices pretty easily. 

Check prices of our brass knuckles and then start searching for similar ones in other stores. Compare our prices with the prices charged by other stores. Make sure to compare the prices with at least 10 stores. You would come to a conclusion that we charge the most affordable and coolest brass knuckle under $10

If you compare our prices with retail prices, you would find an unbelievably huge difference. Our prices are 90% lower than retail prices. 

- Further Discounts

Now, what do you expect more once you pay 90% reduced than retail prices for brass knuckles. But, Wholesale Blades goes beyond your expectation. After utilizing the lowest prices, you are welcome to utilize the discounts. 

There is a discount policy that allows you to get a maximum discount of 20%. If you buy six or more similar knuckle dusters, you can avail a discount of 20%. But, make sure you order six or more pieces of similar items. 

A discount of 20% is a massive one, considering already reduced prices. We bet you can’t achieve such a massive discount anywhere else.  

- Enlarged Profit

Wholesale Blades aims to assist small businesses as they wish to enlarge their businesses and profits. If you are running a small business and want to make mammoth profits, make sure to buy brass knuckles from Wholesale Blades. 

How can you make excessive amounts of profit? Well, first of all, just buying knucks at 90% less than retail prices is a profitable purchase. You can sell them to the customers at retail prices. Therefore, there is a great profit margin with each item. 

To further amplify your profit, you must avail discount. If you purchase six or more similar pieces of knuckle duster, you are given a massive 20% discount which adds to your overall profit. So, is there anything else you expect? 

-Free Drop shipping Opportunity 

Wholesale Blades provides a great drop shipping opportunity for businesses as well. We let you use our platform to initiate your businesses. Let us explain! 

If you become our drop shipper, you can display our products at your store. Since we are wholesale drop shipping suppliers for years, we allow you to add our items in your offerings. Basically, you don’t have to buy our brass knuckles, rather just display them in your store. 

Then start marketing the products and pretend as if you are the provider. However, when you receive any order, all you need to do is just pass that order to us, We shall ship the items to the specified address on your behalf. Yes, it’s that simple. 

Wholesale Blades does not charge any drop shipping fee. Our drop shipping facility can be availed for free. Also, there is no membership fee either! 

- 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Another reason to buy from Wholesale Blades is our excellent 30 days money back guarantee. Customers are allowed to return brass knuckles within 30 days of purchase. However, those knucks must be new, within the box and never opened. 

It is important to go through the details of our money back guarantee before you actually avail this facility. You would only be charged a 15% restocking fee along with shipping fees. 

In case you want to return the brass knuckles you ordered, you need to call or submit a Support Ticket to let us know of the return. Also, make sure to get a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Otherwise, there would be no refunds. 

Once you return the item, refund will be credited to you within 7 days of receipt of the returned item. In other stores, a refund or money back is not a possibility, but we guarantee it. 

Don’t Miss Some of Our Masterpieces! 

So, we hope you have made your mind to buy brass knuckles from Wholesale Blades. Following are the most fabulous and splendid ones that you must try: 

- Bullet Real Brass Knuckle Buckle

This Bullet knuckle duster has a bullet design. It is made of genuine brass with greater finger holes so that they fit any size of hand. It looks absolutely gorgeous as a paperweight in your office. Also, it can be used for defense against the attackers. So wear it around your knuckles or pin it to the buckle of your belt. 

- Genuine Brass Knuckle Buckle With Leather Support

This is a real brass knuckles with a leather support. This makes it comfortable to be worn around your knuckles. Again, a lovely looking piece. Made of brass and supported by leather for additional comfort. It also features a pin which allows you to attach it to your belt for easily carrying it. 

- Gold AK-47 Rifle Paperweight AK47 Gun Knuckle

Who loves AK47. Well, who doesn’t? This AK-47 brass knuckles has a design like AK-47. It looks like a perfect thing to have as a paperweight and a decor item at your home. It is made of zinc alloy and has a brass finish. 

- Black Hate Belt Buckle Knuckles

This is one of the brass knuckles specifically made to be attached with the belt buckle. Generally, black in color, but “Hate” lettered on it with golden. One of the loveliest knucks for cosplay and paperweight.