pepper spray

A pepper spray is no doubt the most effective self defense weapon ever. It usually comes in tiny bottles as it is the most common form of pepper spray. Nowadays, several varieties are available in this spray and among those varieties, a spray gun is the most famous one.

It just looks like a usual toy gun but shoots OC instead of BBs. You can give your attacker a surprise by spraying him with your spray. This sounds cool. And, this is just not about being cool, it is 100% effective if sprayed in the right angle. The angle in which you sprayed is necessary as it is a huge enemy of the wind and can end up hurting you instead of your attacker. 

There are numerous sprays available at Wholesale Blades (one of the most trusted wholesale distributors), ranging from high prices to low prices according to different types. Some of them are listed below:

1. Blue Personal Defense Pepper Spray OC-18 1/2 oz - Leather Case

The 1/2 ounce spray in 18% OC is used with the highest rank formula. It is laboratory tested for no-leak and finest efficiency. It comes with a beautiful holster with a keychain. The easy twist-top makes it rapidly accessible when needed. You just have to twist and shoot! It is small and compact to get in your purse, pocket and on your keychain.

personal defense pepper spray


  • Leather cover with keyring
  • Twist-top for quick open and prevents accidental ejection
  • Contains 7-9 one-second bursts
  • Firing range up to 12 feet
  • UV identifying dye
  • 3 1/2" tall, 1 diameter
  • Laboratory tested for immediate action

Active Ingredients & Their Functions:

  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper) 
  • Use: The chief ingredient which creates the "burn" factor from the spray
  • Invisible UV Dye
After spraying, this causes an invisible dye on the attackers which makes it easier for law enforcement to successfully identify the victim in case if the victim tries to wash off the substance.

2. Red Hard Case Personal Defense Pepper Spray Keychain With Belt Clip

This 1/2 ounce hard case spray makes safety and protection convenient, safe, effectual and attractive. The powerful 18% OC (red pepper) ingredient is concentrated to quickly halt an attacker.

It prevents a violent attack from up to 12 feet away. The hard case keychain design permits for direct use from the housing with a quick, twist-top actuator, and safety slide to prevent accidental ejection. It is a laboratory tested, anti-leak formula for finest assurance.

red hard case personal defense pepper spray keychains with belt clip


  • Hard casing with built-in key ring and belt clip   
  • Twist-top for quick open and prevents accidental ejection   
  • Contains 7-9 one-second bursts   
  • Firing range up to 12 feet   
  • UV identifying dye

After spraying, this causes an invisible dye on the attackers which makes it easier for law enforcement to successfully identify the victim in the case the victim tries to wash off the substance.

  • 3 1/2" tall, 1" diameter   
  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper) - The chief ingredient which creates the burn factor from the spray
  • No leak Patent Design

3. Purple Keychain Personal Defense Pepper Spray OC-18 1/2 oz With Case

It includes a purple leather case with a keychain. This spray device is most effective when it makes contact with the attacker's eyes, nose, and mouth. Wind and other conditions such as rain may affect the range of the sprays.

Don’t spray into the wind if possible, to avoid getting hurt by the spray in your own eyes. Avoid contact with eyes and skin as it can cause severe irritation. Immediately flush your eyes and skin with cold water and consult a doctor if irritation persists.

Basic Features:

  • Weight: 0.32 lbs
  • Length: 7.25"
  • Width: 4.75"
  • Height: 1.63"

purple keychain personal defense pepper spray with case


  • The most effective, non-lethal weapon with proven stopping power 
  • Quick and simple to operate 
  • Causes no long-term effects or permanent damage 
  • Contains identifying dye 
  • Nontoxic & nonflammable 
  • Red cayenne spray - 18% OC 
  • Made In USA

4. Bling It On Key Ring Self Defense Pepper Spray

It comes with a 1/2 oz. canister of pepper spray in a pink jeweled cover with a key ring. This spray is made of a 2 million SHU spray & 18% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) that has an invisible UV marking dye in it for attacker identification. Additionally, it ranges up to 16 feet. It also glows in the dark to avoid any accidental ejections.

Bling it on key ring self defense pepper spray


  • 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units)
  • 18% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum)
  • Holds a 1/2 oz. of spray
  • Fires up to 16 feet away
  • A red jeweled case has a built-in key ring
  • Glow-in-the-dark locking safety actuator prevents accidental discharges
  • Laboratory tested
  • 36-month shelf life
  • Weight: 0.7 oz

5. InstaFire Personal Defense Pepper Spray 1/2 oz With Activewear Hand Sleeve

It is ideal for walkers, runners, joggers, and anyone wanting quick and instant defense. InstaFire is a lightweight, non-abrasive cover that quickly glides into the hand palm.  The activewear material stretches comfortably to any hand size, placing the spray in your palm for instant use, without feeling bulky.

The 18% spray can be used within a fraction of a second with the twist of your naturally poised thumb. It makes sure the spray does not fall or break loose, regardless of the movement and position.

InstaFire Personal Defense Pepper Spray with Activewear Hand Sleeve

It delivers a sizzling stream up to 12 feet, with reduced wind blowback. This unit involves the same ingredients used by police and military worldwide.


  • Ideal for joggers, runners, and walkers
  • Convenient and nonabrasive feel
  • Includes the hottest spray on the market
  • Fires up to 12 feet
  • Laboratory tested
  • One size fits all
  • Right or left-handed capabilities
  • Offered in black, blue, pink and red
  • Premium Guard Dog packaging

Active Ingredients & Their Purpose:

  • 18% Oleoresin Capsicum (Red Pepper) 
  • Use: The chief ingredient which creates the “burn” factor from the spray
  • Invisible UV Dye


No doubt, pepper spray is an efficient self defense weapon. It helps you to defend yourself in any dangerous situation. You can wisely choose according to your budget and needs. Don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned spray products for buying. For more variety, you can browse our particular section of this defensive weapon.