When it comes to the various global competitions; such as the competition for the "Best Knife of The Year", numerous knife manufacturers from around the world gather on one platform to present the best blades of their amazing knife collection. 

The below-given list comprises some of the most significant winners of this worldwide competition.

1. The Best Knife SURU

This blade rightfully deserved the awards for the best knife of the year due to its frame-lock which comprises carbon fiber. This knife has been made via the collaboration of "Fox Knives" and the designer of the blade "Jesper Voxnaes". 

Despite the fact that this pocket knife is extremely lightweight with its 2.04-ounces; yet, it is said to be a sturdy knife. The strongly-built blade of the SURU pocket knife is at least 2.32-inches long; whereas, the rest of the knife's hardware is made of good-quality titanium.

2. The American Made Chris Reeve Knife of the Year: Impinda

When people talk about the most-renowned knife manufacturers of the world; they tend to mention the term "Chris Reeve" more often than anyone else. In fact, the "Sebenza" folding-blade pocket knife by Chris Reeve is considered to be the standard pocket knife against which many of the other knives are judged by contrast and comparing of the blades. 

This ‘Impinda' pocket knife comprises a unique slip-joint design with regards to the knife deployment mechanism. Chris Reeve, the knife manufacturers collaborated with the knife designer (William) W. Harsey for coming out with the unique yet sturdy design of this knife (Impinda). 

The designer, as well as knife manufacturers, included the art of "differential" pressures of the spring-mechanism in order to smoothen out the opening; closing, and "safe" actions of the Impinda pocket knife. 

This knife of the year includes a stainless steel blade made of high-quality (CPM S35VN); whereas, the length of the blade is approximate of 3.12-inches. This knife weighs only 3.38-ounces; whereas, the material of its handle is of titanium.

3. The Spyderco Imported Blade of the Year: The Paysan

If you know about the discontinued design of the "Nirvana" blades, then you would have no difficulty in grasping the idea behind this version of the worldwide famous Spyderco knives. In fact, the ‘Paysan' is an evolutionary blade which has rightfully made its place among the list of the best knife of the year. 

This pocket knife comprises an inbuilt design of the "frame-lock"; whereas, the "Paysan" pocket knife includes the thumb hole (circular) which is one of the most iconic and classic features of the Spyderco pocket knives. 

The "Wharncliffe" blade of this knife is made of good-quality (S90V); whereas, the length of the blade is no more than 4-inches long. In fact, the blade of this knife is slightly less than 4-inches long. 

The handle of this knife is made of good material titanium as well which enables the wielder of this knife to exhibit a comfortable grip while performing the toughest and most demanding tasks. With respect to the weight of this all-time iconic Spyderco knife, it weighs only 4.4-ounces.

4. The CRKT Pocket Knife (Caligo)

With respect to getting hold and ownership of the best blade, the CRKT Caligo is the best knife to buy this year. Regarding this, it has rightfully made its place in the list of the best knife of the year. In case you are wondering why we choose this blade; wait till you go through all of the inbuilt features of this amazing pocket knife. 

With regards to the opening mechanism of this pocket knife, it comprises a "flipper tab" along with a special pivot system which includes a ball-bearing mechanism. The flipper tab along with the ball-bearing pivot of this CRKT pocket knife enables the wielder of this knife to a rapid and quick knife deployment. 

The framework of this blade is beautifully matched with the fast knife deployment with its plain-edged blade; the blue accent; the oxide finish which also happens to be black, and the stealthy yet subtle overall look of the knife makes it a must-have item for any of the knife enthusiast living around the globe.

This version of the CRKT pocket knife includes an awesome blade which is made of high quality; whereas, the length of the blade is only of 3.19-inches. Not to mention the fact that the Caligo pocket knife weighs only 3.4-ounces which is the perfect weigh for any of the best knives of the year. 

You might be surprised to know that this badass must-have-item is available at the best possible price. In fact, it costs less than $50.

Maintenance Matters…

Now, that we have gone through the list of the best used pocket knife of the year, let's talk a little about the knife care and maintenance which is essential for the fact that the blades keep working as smooth as possible. 

If you want the knife to have a long life and serve you for a greater time period, then you ought to know how to keep the blades of your knife collection sharp as well as rust-free. Not to mention the fact that the blades require to be cleaned and lubricated after regular intervals as well. 

All of this is not rocket science; if you want to clean your collection of knives, all you need is the following:

  • Warm Water
  • Compressed Air
  • Mild Soap
  • Chemical-free Lubricants
  • Paper Towel
  • An Old Toothbrush
  • Cotton Swabs

Firstly, dip the knife in a container/bucket of warm water; use a mild soap and an old toothbrush to clean the blades. The old toothbrush will assist you in reaching the places which cannot be reached by hand, such as the pivots and folding of your folding-blade pocket knives. 

However, if there are no such stains on your blades and handles of the collection of your pocket knives, you can simply use compressed air to get rid of the dust and dirt.

Assuming that your EDC knife is quite dirty, you will require to wash them thoroughly though. An important aspect to note is that if you have a spring assisted pocket knife then you ought to refrain from having it disassembled. 

If you still somehow feel the need to have the blade disassembled, then it is suggested to contact your knife manufacturer for further assistance. Apart from this, after having the knife thoroughly scrubbed, rinse the blade and the handle. 

Use the paper towel to dry off the excess water from the blade and the handle. You can use cotton swabs and compressed air in order to clean the "unreachable" areas of your folding-blade pocket knives, such as the pivots and the folding.

Last but not least, your knife collection requires to be lubricated as well. Make sure to apply the lubricants on the blades at least after half an hour has passed since you have washed them and dried them off. A few drops would suffice. 

The lubrication process prevents the buildup of rust and corrosion along with keeping the blades in a tip-top condition. Don't forget to wipe off all of the excessive lubrication with the help of a paper towel. A dull blade is dangerous; if you don't possess the right kind of equipment for sharpening the blades of the best knife you own, make sure to get professional help for this purpose.