hidden blade knives

Just like every other weapon, hidden blade knives must also receive the same kind of treatment. These are generally advised for people who are afraid to use guns in times of need.

It certainly means that you must keep these knives at a place where you are most likely to keep a gun or any other weapon. The right place differs for every individual.

There are no hard and fast rules to determine the exact location where you must place a hidden blade knife. This further greatly depends on an individual's preferences and circumstances.

This article is thus compiled to give you a thorough idea of almost all the possibilities. In this way, you will be better able to find a suitable place for your hidden blade knife. So, let's begin.

Important Things to Consider:

When planning to select the right place for keeping such knives, you must first define your fears. The right place certainly has a strong connection with what sort of situations scare you the most.

Similarly, another important thing that you must take into consideration is the utility of that particular weapon. For instance, your daily use kitchen tools are always placed somewhere near or in the kitchen.

Therefore, this is one of the core factors that you must keep in mind while making this decision. Last but not least, I believe that a person's imagination has a lot to do with this selection.

A person who is afraid often creates an imaginary situation of facing a sudden attack. He even daydreams of experiencing an emergency situation that haunts him. Thus, to relieve yourself of this stress, you must place the hidden blade boot knife accordingly.

Now, we will let you go through several different options that you may consider under carrying circumstances and situations.

A Thorough Situational and Circumstantial Analysis:

To be honest, there is no ideal place to keep a hidden blade. Obviously, you can never be so sure about the occurrence of an attack. But all that you may do is to stay prepared.

Preparation will not also prove advantageous in times of need, but it will also keep you miles away from fear and stress. Therefore, even if you think that the probability of an attack in uncertain, I will still suggest you prepare yourself at least.

It will, in turn, save you from the regret of not taking your security seriously. So, let us share with you some examples from the lives of individuals belonging to different professions and experiencing different circumstances.

  • Car Attack:

Ella had lost her parents while her family was on a road trip to Netherland. That incident still disturbs her and thus, she is always afraid of going through that miserable situation again.

Her husband has sensibly dealt with all her fears. He has even tried to assure her that nothing of such sort will ever happen to them. But unfortunately, she has completely denied fighting against her imagination.

As a solution to this problem, her husband has kept hidden blade knives in their car at different places. The details are listed below.
    1. He has placed a comb knife in their car's dashboard.
    2. A lipstick knife rests in Ella's handbag all the time.
    3. He has even kept such knives under their car's front seats.
    4. Her husband's belt also conceals a blade.
    5. In addition to that, all the family members never dare to skip wearing their favorite hidden knife necklaces.

  • Harassment Or Threats By A Colleague:

A working woman is often afraid of landing in a bad situation. She is even threatened by her colleagues sometimes. All this actually demotivates her to work and earn too fulfill the needs of her family.

Under such circumstances, a woman must not fall prey to her fears. She must instead equip herself to face any such situation with a greater deal of wisdom and bravery. I know, it is nearly impossible to tame your nerves against fear. But with preparation, you can considerably relieve your nerves.

On a friend's recommendation, she invested in concealed blades and kept them at the following places.
    1. She put a lipstick knife in her bag. It provided her with a travel-friendly feature.
    2. She also wore a concealed blade necklace to have something to fight if in case someone snatches her handbag first.
    3. She also hid a comb knife in her car.
    4. To stay safe at home, she placed a penknife on her study table that is placed closer to the main door.
    5. She has further made herself confident by keeping one of these knives under her pillow at night.

  • Law Enforcement Official:

Roger is a famous police officer. He is exceptionally honest about his profession. His honesty often makes him a target of dangerous criminals. All this, in turn, puts his life at stake.

He is a man of courage and principles but since he is the only earning hand of his family, his wife stays worried all the time. She worries up to the extent that she stays sleepless the whole night when Roger is at home.

Roger and his wife have now spent several concealed blade knives. They have also placed them as per their fears and imagination.
    1. Both of them wear hidden blade necklaces.
    2. His wife keeps a bomb knife under her pillow.
    3. Roger wears a belt knife every time.
    4. He has even placed a pen knife in their kid's study area.
    5. Another pen knife rests on Roger's working desk in his office.
    6. He also carries a comb knife in his official vehicle or in his shirt's front pocket.
    7. His wife also keeps a necklace knife on her dressing table.

Strange, as it may seem, but they have just prepared themselves for possible unfortunate circumstances. This is exactly how one must deal with all his fears.

  • A Minister's Child:

Politicians are often provided with protocol and security, but it is someone's not enough to save them from the threat of an attack. They are, in fact, at a greater risk of facing a life-threatening attack.

Their children are also targeted sometimes and obviously, no one in this world can bear the loss of his child. In order to ensure his son's security, the politician has carefully equipped his child with several hidden blade knives.

Do you want to know where he has placed them? Let's have a look at that.

    1. His son goes to school while wearing a concealed blade necklace of his choice.
    2. A penknife is always there in his pencil case.
    3. He has even placed a comb knife in the front pocket of his school bag.
    4. His driver also wears a necklace knife.
    5. He has even hidden a hidden blade neck knife under his son's car seat.
    6. His son sometimes prefers to wear a knuckle knife, especially when he goes shopping or to attend a family event.

In this way, the minister has kept these hidden blade knives in reach of his beloved son. This is to keep him prepared to face an attacker's sudden attack with confidence.

Key Things to Remember:

There are a few things that you must keep in mind if you intend to battle against your fears.
  1. Even if you have successfully placed a hidden blade at the right place, you must also be able to use it. People are often not comfortable with holding and using a weapon on their own. Under such circumstances, it is advisable for you to get comfortable with the weapon first. Otherwise, there is no point in keeping any such thing.
  2. You must not simply rely on these weapons for your protection. In certain situations, and circumstances, you are unable to take help from these as well. If you ever land in such a helpless situation, try finding a way to escape. You may even try other tricks such as calling the cops or screaming and asking for help from your surroundings.
  3. As a responsible individual, you are also responsible for your own well-being. So, you must invest in durable hidden blade knives. In fact, this must also be a part of your next shopping list. 


By keeping these in view, you will be better able to protect yourself under all circumstances and situations. However, you must also place the hidden blade knives appropriately so that you can have an option to consider in time of need.