If you've got a Rambo-style knife in your house, but are not quite sure what to do with it, you're not alone. There is a lot of confusion about what these knives are used for. You might think you know, but "it depends." It largely depends on what type of knife it is and who's making the purchase.

A Rambo knife is a style of combat knife with a fixed blade that looks like it was taken straight out of the movies. They are named for Sylvester Stallone. The term "Rambo" isn't his name, but rather the character he portrayed in the movies. The name was first trademarked by Stallone and later sold to a knife manufacturer, Cold Steel. It's also sometimes called a street fighter.

While some consider them to be purely intended for self defense, they have become popular among hunters as well as other outdoor enthusiasts who admire their appearance and utility in combat scenarios. Since the large majority of Rambo knives are owned and used by Americans, most knife enthusiasts and collectors call them "American Rambo knives" to differentiate between the knives used overseas.

History of the Rambo Knife

The history of this style of knife does not take place in Vietnam, but it doesn't take place in America either. It begins with Paul Carson's survival school around 1981, where he designed a combat knife that would later become the inspiration for all Rambo-style knives today. However, it was not until 1985 that the first blade came out that could be considered a true Rambo knife. That year, Cold Steel started making a Rambo-style knife that was very similar to the style of blade Carson designed at his survival school. 

His style was inspired by the military and he used what he learned there to develop an effective design for a combat knife. The result was a small fixed-blade knife with a sharpened bowie-style blade and a clip-point tip made with a high standard of finish and quality. The clip point is ideal for use as either a fixed or folding knife by simply clipping it on, or removing it to reveal the bowie tip. Until 1985, these cool knives were only available through Paul Carson himself.

In 1985, Cold Steel made their first real Rambo knives. Since then, the majority of all Rambo-style knives have followed the original design. That design has been carried over throughout the years and variations on it still appear today. At present, a vast majority of the knives on the market are actually designed and made in America, but a few are produced overseas to different specifications by different manufacturers than those that primarily design and sell them.

Types of a Rambo Knife

These knives are used for so many things nowadays that it's hard to keep track of them all. Some people use them for cooking, some just like to carry around one, and others will even use knives in the name of sport. No matter what you're looking for, there are countless types of Rambo knife variations that you can buy and use in the wild or just around the house. Here are five cool types of these knives:

1. Zombie Rainbow Knife 

Here is the blade of a particularly sharp rambo knife fashioned from the bones of a zombie. The blade is inscribed with "Zombie Slayer," and the handle is designed to look like a zombie skull. From head to toe, there are veins running all over the handle and back, giving this knife its "redneck" look. Other colors are also available that make it look even more realistic!

2. Viking Rambo Knife 

Like many other types of knives, this one is made out of steel and has an overall black color scheme but also has two reddish-colored rivets for good measure. It says on the blade that it was "Feared in battle. Respected in the Halls." Is this something that Vikings would really say about themselves? We're not really sure, but at least you know that it's a pretty cool-looking knife.

3. Rambo Hunting Knife 

Here's a Rambo hunting knife, complete with hunting bullet designs on the blade and a traditional wooden handle. The only difference between this one and a regular hunting knife is the fact that it has more of an orange tint to it and says "Rambo" right below the handle.

4. Rambo Boot Knife 

This is a small, simple, yet effective boot knife that you can use if you want to carry a knife around but don't want to look like a thug. It's designed specifically for boots, with the help of velcro straps on the back that you can use to affix it to your boot. The best part about this knife is that it's somewhat discreet and not too flashy!

5. Survival Rambo Knife 

A lot of people think that these knives are just for show and don't necessarily believe they can actually do anything, but this survival knife could change their minds. It has a 4-inch blade made from 154-CM steel that is impressive in its own right. It has a belt clip that you can lock to your pocket for protection, and there is even a small survival kit built into the handle.

Pros of a Rambo Knife

  • A good quality knife is an indispensable tool in our kitchen. A sharp, quality blade can make food prep quick and simple. But every person has their own preference and each of us will have certain types of knives we prefer to use for certain tasks. Which one is right for you? Below, we’ll review the benefits of using a Rambo knife in your kitchen:  
  • The design of this type of knife makes it very easy to maintain a clean edge. These knives are made with the best materials available which makes them a durable investment that should last for years to come.  
  • This type of knife is ergonomically designed to be easy on the hand and easy to control.  It’s lightweight which makes it very portable, and very safe to use in your kitchen. Included with the knife are a screwdriver and a blade guard that you can use to protect your hands while using it.
  • Whatever you choose, if you don’t own one, make sure that you consider what the advantages of owning one are before making up your mind. And when it comes to the best - make sure that you choose the American-made knife, Rambo. \
  • You can use it for a variety of kitchen tasks. It’s made with quality materials and it’s carefully crafted in the USA with care. It comes complete with a sheath, screwdriver, and blade guard so you can easily carry it anywhere and store it safely after use. 
  • And because these knives are made of the highest quality steel, they will hold their edge for years to come. Whether you are looking for a steak knife or versatility in your kitchen knife set, you should consider using the American-made Rambo Knife.

Cons of a Rambo Knife

  • The disadvantages of this knife are the same as the disadvantages for most knives and that is they do not have an effective blade. The first disadvantage is the time it takes to get used to this type of knife as opposed to a regular knife. Also, the weight and size make it hard to work with without making sure you have a big pocket or belt on your waist so you can carry them around easily. 
  • Another disadvantage is their price range because they can be expensive compared to other knives when buying through stores. Another disadvantage of a Rambo knife may be that it is too heavy and bulky for everyday use, which would not be a problem for someone who is skilled with it or uses it in the military. The other disadvantage is that while they are good because they have so many emergency features, they are too expensive to afford as an everyday carry knife. 
  • Another disadvantage is when using this type of knife there is inherent danger due to its size and weight. Also, the design of this knife was originally developed for military use. Its simple, reliable design and features make it a good choice for everyday carry, but if used on someone else there is a high possibility of serious injury to that person. When looking at a rambo knife it must be noted that while they are designed for extreme situations, they are not the best choice for everyday carry as they are heavy and bulky.