What makes a cell phone stun gun perfect for self defense

There are two different types of stun guns on the market today. One is a contact gun, which has a metal probe that shoots out and then retracts. The second type is an electronic or electroshock gun, which has a probe attached to the end of the device's handle that emits a high-voltage electrical shock when pressed against an attacker's skin.

  • A contact gun has a metal probe that shoots out and then retracts, allowing it to be used as both an offensive and defensive weapon. Contact guns are usually powered by rechargeable or disposable batteries, with each charge lasting up to 1 hour or more.
  • An electroshock  gun is similar to a contact gun in that they both have metal probes that shoot out and then retract. However, with an electrical shock, the result is very different.

Categories of Stun Guns

Stun guns have various amazing types. These include lipstick stun gun, flashlight stun gun, and many more. But the most popular is a cell phone stun gun. This type of stun gun is used for self-defense. This type of gun is popular because it can be controlled by a call and last longer. To use this stun gun, you simply dial a number to the owner’s own handset. They then answer the call, press the dial to deliver an electric shock to the attacker and hang up. 

This stun gun that is designed for this purpose is powered by a standard watch battery. It is also available in different voltages to meet the needs of users. The most important thing about this type of stun gun is if there's an unauthorized use, the number dialed will not work. For example, if you dial the wrong number, then you can receive a call from your own phone to be shocked by strangers. 

This type of stun gun with no power or connection needed to be connected to the phone network when it's called and then shock the attacker. For those who want a more powerful and cost-effective way of self defense, they can buy hand-held cell phone stun guns that are powered by batteries.

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Cell phone stun gun

Qualities of Cell Phone Stun Guns

In a time where there have been over 300,000 reported attacks on the subway in New York City alone, we should be more aware of our surroundings and what could possibly happen during an unknown time. There are many different characteristics that make up a type of cell phone stun gun, such as: size, design quality, voltage output.

  • Size of Cell Phone Stun Gun

Many people believe that these handy cell phone stun guns are just too weak to knock someone off their feet, but they can easily cause some serious pain and temporary discomfort—especially if the thief has received any kind of electric shock in the past. 

Most models can give a full 2,000-volt shock, with some able to deliver up to 4,000 volts. These are strong enough to disable an attacker. The biggest problem with these gadgets is often the size of them. 

People tend not to want to carry around a bulky phone case, which is why many come in the form of small accessories that easily stay attached to your phone without sticking out too much. It's important then that you choose just the right model for you.

  • Design Quality

A cell phone gun utilizes the wireless radio signals of a mobile phone to deliver electric shocks to an assailant. They are ideal self defense weapons when faced with firearm-wielding criminals. The weapon can also be used in public places and at home, where the individual may feel unsafe. These devices have been in use since 2009 and should be available at most hardware stores. 

This tool is designed specifically for individuals who are not necessarily skilled in using a regular stun gun or Taser and needs to keep it as close as possible for easy access, but even experienced users might find this new device helpful because of its simplicity, ease of use, low cost and effective design. 

The cell phone stun guns use a specially built mobile phone, with a special mobile phone application that performs the functions of the device. The smartphone is mounted inside a plastic enclosure and connected to the internal electronics using, for example, Bluetooth. The device is connected to a standard 9V battery by means of an extension cable.
It has two parts: 

The external part of the weapon is held in place on a belt using Velcro fasteners and nylon straps. Using a finger and thumb, one can adjust the position of the weapon's grip and site while ensuring that it is secured. The size of this device makes it very easy to hold and operate. 

  • Voltage Output

Electricity can be produced in many ways, but one method is by using a flow of electrons flowing from one point in space to another. This creates electrical current. In cell phone stun guns, this current flows when the trigger is pulled. 

One such example would be a typical 9 volt battery; squeezing it sends out a charge to an object (such as your fingertip) that allows you to give someone an electric shock with any metal object that conducts electricity such as copper pipes, wires and chains.

The amount of voltage provided by these weapons varies depending on what type they are and how they are used. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the shock. Tasers deliver two million volts. Shooting someone with a taser will cause them to writhe on the ground for about thirty seconds before losing consciousness, which is extremely painful for most people. 

  • Effectiveness of Cell Phone Stun Guns

There is a lot of debate and disagreement as to the effectiveness of using stun guns.  However, a fair number of studies have been done over the years, and they seem to show that cell phone stun guns are very effective in incapacitating a person.

What they do: These stun guns produce an electrical charge that interrupts the body's normal functioning which is why people get stunned at first. When you deal with someone who might be violent or who is resisting arrest, this can be quite helpful for law enforcement officers because it can help them control a person better and stop him from harming bystanders.

Cell phone stun gun

  • Ease of Use

These stun guns are a must have for any home or business. These powerful weapons can be an alternative to dangerous firearms, pepper spray, or other less effective means of defense. You don't need to be a professional fighter, UFC champion, martial artist or even military trained - the stun gun is the way to go when it comes to self-defense. 

Cell phone stun guns are easy to use, legal in most states and come with two different types of protection against misuse. This is an electrical device that emits electrical impulses in order to disrupt muscle contractions in people and animals. The actual attacks can be one of three kinds: contact, electronic and air-directional. 

The two types of electrical discharge are mild and are categorized as contact or electronic. A stun gun works best for those who prefer to use it on small animals or large people that lack the willpower required to deal with a firearm. 

These types of stun guns are not always safe - they can malfunction or even explode if you apply too much voltage too quickly. Wearing thick gloves is also a good idea when using one around unsuspecting people as they might not feel the distress coming from your device until later.

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The Do's and Don'ts

Stun guns are a type of Taser that has many benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of them:

  • The voltage output from a stun gun is the same as that of a regular Taser, but the amperage may be different. 
  • It's important to contact your local law enforcement department about any laws regarding cell phone stun guns in your state or country. 
  • You are advised not to use these weapons if you have an uncontrolled heart condition, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or other medical conditions.
  • You should not aim a stun gun at someone's head or neck.
  • You should not stun someone more than 3 times with a stun gun in a period of 24 hours.
  • Stun guns are not designed to kill, but they can cause death.
  • The effectiveness of this type of weapon depends on the voltage output you purchase as well as how strong your aim is. 
  • This weapon can be used as a way to keep an attacker at a distance without injuring them.
  • If you try to use the stun gun on someone and the weapon does not work, you should contact your local law enforcement agency about repairing or replacing the device.