What is a butterfly knife good for

Butterfly knives have been around for more than 50 years and are considered the most versatile type of folding knife. They come in various types and sizes that can be used for multiple purposes, making them one of the most popular types of knives today.

These knives are also called balisong knives, and are extremely popular because aside from being a multipurpose tool, they also look attractive and stylish. In order to make a butterfly knife fold up like an umbrella or telescope into its handle, blade, or sheath, there‚Äôs an intricate series of mechanisms involved. 

In this guide I provide a detailed overview on what these amazing knives are as well as how to use different parts of it when in use.

Functional Capabilities of Butterfly Knife

This is a folding knife with two handles and a blade that opens from the handle in opposite directions, like the wings of a butterfly. Butterfly knife is typically made out of stainless steel or carbon fiber which gives it its signature look. 

The balisong knife is used for cutting rope, branches, shrubs, bushes, vines, small trees etc., as well as being capable of penetrating soft surfaces such as fabrics or flesh etc. They are generally considered to be harder to use and can be dangerous. They are often used as cutting weapons, however they have recently been marketed as defensive weapons.

This knife where both the handles open outwards at 90 degrees, allowing it to open from one side or from both sides by flipping the handles inwards simultaneously. 

It can also be opened from the bottom with a flick of the wrist releasing the catch on the blade or by pulling out one of the blades. The amount of pressure required for each type of opening varies, but is always done very quickly.

Butterfly Knives: Release Mechanism

Butterfly knives are an example of a variety of folding pocket knives with a blade that can be opened by pressing the thumb stud on the spine of the handle and rotating one handle relative to the other, typically 90 degrees or 180 degrees, depending on what is more convenient in a particular case. 

The release mechanism is typically either a small push button or a lever located at the end of the handle. There are two main types of these knives; Liner-lock knives and Slip-joint knives.  

Liner-lock knives have internal locking mechanisms that are activated by a small lever located on the inside spine of the knife, while Slip-joint knives have no internal locking mechanism and rely on friction to hold the blade in place.

Balisong Knife Handles

There are two types of handles for butterfly knives, the fixed and the folding handle.

A fixed handle is made up of a single piece, this type of handle can be easily distinguished by its ridge at the middle. Fixed handles have no moving parts and are considered to be more durable than folding handles. Folding balisong knife handles have components that move when bending and usually lock in place when using a balisong knife.

Butterfly knife

Butterfly Blades (or Knives)

The blade is called a "knife" because it is used to cut whatever material you're trying to cut, whether it's wood, paper or anything else. These knife blades have many different types of edges and grinds as well as different steel types to suit any need. These include serrated, straight, double edged and other types of edges.

This knife blade is the blade that allows for a quick opening and closing of a folding pocket knife. While these blades are short, around 3 inches to 4 inches, they are sharp like any other knife and can be lethal if used in an attack. They are perfect for anything. 

Butterfly Knives Sheaths

The sheath is where you store your balisong knife when it's not in use. Some of these knives come with a belt clip while others are designed to fit in your pocket or even on a keychain. 

If an owner has a number of balisong knives, it may be wise for them to invest in a custom leather sheath that would enable them to easily carry their favorite knives on their person at all times. The handle is made up of two pieces: the bottom handle and the top handle.

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Buying a Balisong: Important Factors

Butterfly knives have been prohibited from importation into the United States since 1958 because of their association with violence; however, this hasn't stopped people from making them themselves or buying them overseas. 

As a result of how easy it is to acquire these knives illegally and how dangerous they can be, it's important to know more about the dangers that come with owning one so you can make informed decisions before purchasing one or lending your possession over to another person.

  • Liability Purposes

There are many factors to consider when buying this knife, but there are some common factors that make the knife an attractive purchase. For example, if you're looking to buy one of these knives as an investment or collector's item, you'll need to consider how the manufacturer treats their knives and whether the folder is fully functional. 

Also keep in mind that for liability purposes and for peace of mind, butterfly knives might not be practical for everyday carry. Any knife is a potential weapon. And even though butterfly knives are generally intended solely for self defense purposes, using this knife as a weapon can be equally dangerous. 

  • Self Defense Abilities

If you need to use it in self defense, the best possible thing you can do is to make a pretense that it's not actually your knife, and try to put it away when you're done. Then for anything extra, such as utility or self defense needs, you'd want to rely on one of your other knives as the primary knife instead.

When carrying a folding butterfly knife for self defense purposes, along with other optional items such as a flashlight, pepper spray or stun gun, it's also important that you're wearing clothes with pockets big enough to accommodate your new gear.

  • Public Restrictions

A lot of people don't know that they're allowed to carry knives in Tennessee unless they have received a permit. (A list of state laws regarding illegal carrying and vehicle blades can be seen here. ) 

But if you have the right permit and carry the knife, you need to make some preparations. For example, it's important that the knife is always removed when you're in public, and always lock it in your car. That way you can be sure nobody else can get into your car to steal from you during any criminal act.

Modern Versions of Butterfly Knives

Balisongs were originally used as simple farm tools but due to their difficulty they became collectable items. Collecting balisongs can be quite addictive and many people find it difficult to stop once they start. Many models are made with varying degrees of quality and materials but this doesn't stop them from being collected by collector's worldwide. 

Recently some new models have emerged which incorporate modern materials and designs in an attempt to make it more appealing for collectors and buyers alike. The following is a list of models of balisongs that are made with various materials, their origins, and how they are viewed by collectors.

Butterfly knives are very easy to make and require no skill whatsoever. You can make one with only a few tools and simple hand tools. The first step to making your own is to acquire the materials used for these knives.  

Making your own butterfly knives not only qualifies you to be a maker but also lets you stand out from everyone else at the next knife show or blade show. If you have extra money from what you make then you might consider buying one from one of the collectors themselves.

Butterfly Knives are Entertaining Tools!

In the work of a magician, it is best to have many tools available. Different problems require different solutions. Many people find that these knives are an entertaining tool to have on hand. 

The knife is great for a close up where the magician's hands are concealed by their body. The weight of the knife and grip gives the effect that they're grabbing something solid. Plus, it looks cool as hell to whip out your own butterfly knife! This setup can be used to act illusions like any other common prop.

Some magic professionals use them for playing butterfly knife tricks, but magic knives have many other uses in both street magic and professional circles. The blade has an interesting profile with a slight curve on one side, which lends itself well to some difficult sleights. 

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