self defense weapons

Self defense weapons play a vital role in keeping us safe all the time. These weapons have now become even more worthy in view of the recent increase in criminal activities. Working women and those who live alone particularly keep these weapons with them to ensure their safety and protection.

Let us have a look at the most common type of self defense weapons that women generally prefer.

Hidden Blades:

Hidden blades serve as best self defense weapons. This gives reason to why these weapons are so popular among masses.

The best part about these weapons is that they perfectly deceive the attacker and make him feel as if you have nothing to defend yourself. These blades come in varying shapes and forms.

Let us share with you some of the most common forms of hidden blades.

1. Comb Hidden Blade:

The appearance of this weapon is more like a comb. In fact, you may even define it as a two-in-one tool because it can serve as a comb as well as a knife. When you open this comb, you will be amazed to see a knife inside.

The blade of this knife is sharp enough to harm the attacker and thus, this weapon serves as an effective self defense tool.

2. Pen Hidden Blade:

Are you someone who is fond of collecting unique stationery items? If yes, you will find this as one of the best self defense weapons. Undoubtedly, it is a unique tool and can effectively serve as a pen as well.

Grab one for yourself and haunt the attacker with the power of the pen. You are surely going to love a pen knife.

3. Lipstick Hidden Blade:

A woman can never step out of her home without keeping lipstick in her purse. Therefore, this hidden blade is thoughtfully designed to look like a real lipstick.

In this way, the attacker will never get to know that you are holding a tool to defend yourself against his attack.

It is an amazing tool to keep and people generally keep it for it is capable of surprising the other people around.

4. Belt Buckle Knife:

This form of a hidden knife provides the user with easy access. It is, therefore, preferred by people who live under the threat of an emergency attack.

belt buckle knife

Simply wear it like any other belt and you are absolutely ready to face and fight against the enemy’s attack. Who would mind keeping such a useful tool with him all the time?

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Pepper Sprays:

Pepper spray is one of the most purchased self defense weapons the world over. Women admire it because it instantly impacts the attacker and makes him unable to attack any further.

Another major reason behind the popularity of this tool is that it does not cause any long term damage to the attacker and he stays safe and sound as well.

pepper spray

These sprays are also available in varying forms and shapes as discussed below.

1. Spray Bottle:

This variant of a pepper spray looks like a body spray or a pesticide and can be used likewise to attack the attacker.

It instantly makes him unable to see and thus, makes him unable to attack any further. It is one of the most used self defense weapons and is immensely popular among women.

2. Keychain:

Modern-day pepper sprays also look similar to the keychain holders. This serves really well because the attacker hardly thinks of it as a self defense tool.

It is also equally popular and is extensively available at Wholesale Blades.

Stun Guns:

Stun guns are also known as the best defensive weapon for their ability to make the attacker unable to move.

Its impact stays for just a few seconds but it is so intense that the attacker loses his courage to attack any further. Yes, it makes use of electric current but the current is not strong enough to harm or kill someone.

stun gun

This weapon also comes in a number of interesting shapes and forms. Their details are comprehensively mentioned below.

1. Flashlight Stun Gun:

This is one of the most known forms of a stun gun. It is also a two-in-one tool that can serve as a flashlight and a stun gun at the same time.

So, if someone is threatening you to attack someday, you don’t need to lose confidence anymore. Simply invest in this tool and wander freely.

2. Mobile Stun Gun:

Have you ever heard of a self-defense tool that looks like a mobile? Are you still unable to believe me? Well, just have a look at the mobile stun gun. It will surely leave you in a state of surprise.

Yes, it looks like a mobile, but is able to provide you with the functionality of a stun gun. If you still can’t believe, give it a buy and experience that charm of holding such a unique self defense weapon.

Brass Knuckles:

These are historic weapons that are appreciated for their splendid self defense abilities. The best part about this weapon is that it is really easy to carry.

You don’t have to bear the hassle of carrying this weapon in a purse or a pouch as you can simply wear it around your knuckles.

brass knuckle

Brass knuckles are currently available in varying forms that possess attractive colors and shapes. Some of the most common ones are listed below.

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1. Skull Knuckles:

These knuckles look like a skull and are incredibly able to multiply your punching power. These are ideal for women who find it hard to use a knife or a gun.

These truly help and support you in time of need and makes the attacker unable to attack anymore.

2. Cat Knuckles:

These are one of the cutest self defense weapons that you will ever find. These look like a cat, but are as strong as other knuckles.

Wear them around your knuckles and punch the opponent in the face. These will satisfy your thirst for keeping cute weapons and will also be useful in times of need.


If you are fond of keeping traditional weapons, the nunchaku is a reliable weapon to consider. Buy it and relieve yourself of the stress of facing an attack anytime. It will surely give you the confidence to move carelessly.


Hence, the only issue with this weapon is that you must first know the techniques of using it. Otherwise, there is no utility of holding this weapon. Click here to know 6 reasons why training with nunchucks is useful!


Kubotan is considered among the most powerful self defense weapons the world over. Keep a kubotan with you and say goodbye to all your worries about facing an emergency attack.

The sharp striking end of this weapon will serve as a valuable addition and will let you strike the opponent like never before. Invest in this tool and stay safe and tension-free all the time.


People generally consider baton as a tool useful only for law enforcement officials. However, this tool is of immense importance as a valuable defensive weapon.

self defense baton

In fact, a huge variety of such lightweight self defense weapons is easily available at Wholesale Blades.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a baton for yourself and face the enemy with a greater level of bravery and courage.

Rubber Gun:

You may also refer to this as a toy gun. It is constructed out of rubber but it looks as realistic as an actual gun. Therefore, it can effectively haunt the attacker and he might run away out of fear.

The only issue with this weapon is that you cannot afford to make any mistakes. You must not let the opponent know that you are holding a fake rubber gun.

Else, the situation will go out of your control. Be wise and stay composed while using this weapon.

Leather Slapper:

Yes, you can surely slap the opponent with your hand but it will not leave a lasting effect. On the other hand, if you will use a leather slapper, it will cause immense pain to the other person instantly. He will be shocked at what has just happened to him.

black jack slapper

Under such circumstances, he will be unable to attack any more. Other than that, the loudness of the sound produced by slapping with this tool will embarrass the attacker and he will leave right away.

The Final Words:

Precisely, these self defense weapons are thoughtfully idealized to serve as valuable tools for your protection and security.

You can undoubtedly rely on these weapons as they are known for the effectiveness of their roles. Grab one and stay stress-free while going outside!