If you are reading this article, then you are looking for the best slingshot for sale. In this article, we will cover all from what one ought to look for while getting the best slingshot. 

You might be surprised to know that there is a huge variety of slingshots available in the markets and online stores; typically, for beginners, and for those who aren't familiar with the efficacy of the slingshot as a survival tool, this weapon is associated with being nothing more than a toy for kids to play with. In fact, this weapon/toy was much popular among the youngsters of the 1950s.

Nonetheless, long before the slingshot was used as a tool of entertainment; it was effectively used as a hunting tool. Not to mention the fact that it was equally popular in the form of being one of the best survival tools. 

Many people associate the slingshot with broken windows; less do they know that these were effectively used to fight off the enemy tribes. Moreover, the best part about using the slingshot as a fighting tool was that one could never run out of ammunition while using it as an effective self defense weapon. 

Referring to the modernized version of the slingshots; these have been upgraded in a certain way that these are capable enough to keep you alive for days with a pocketful of stones.

Why Purchase a Slingshot?

It is no rocket science to make the perfect slingshot; in fact, it is as easy as to purchase one. All you need includes a strong twig along with a strong elastic band and you can initiate your survival games. The only problem one might fact is when they will have to attach the pouch as well as the tying of tubes. 

Not to mention the fact that you will have to conduct in-depth research with respect to what type of wood will be the strongest for making this awesome hunting and defense tool. In other words, you will have to spend loads of time on preparing this weapon which can also prove unsuccessful in case this is your first time making this tool. 

In this regards, it is recommended to look up the internet for the best slingshots in your town. Trust me, there is a huge variety of the best slingshots available in the markets and online stores; variety is all we need to get someone's interest into a particular item or tool. Let's proceed to our list of the 5 best slingshots of all times.

The Five Best Slingshots of All Times…

1. The Trumark Slingshot FS-1

You might be surprised to learn the factor that the part of "tubing" is essential of making the slingshot the best item that you own. If you are opting for this model of the survival weapon, then you might want to upgrade the tubes of it to something which contains more strength and elasticity. 

In other words, the tubes of the slingshot must be able to pull the most of the weight. Right out of the store, the Trumark FS-1 looks like the perfect tool for beginners including children. The wrist and the arm guard of this slingshot are made of aircraft aluminum which also happens to be weather resistant. 

The gap measured between the forks is slightly more than 4-inches. Attached with the plastic handle (contoured) is a rig where one can store ammunition (1/2-inches) with ease and comfort.

The handle of this FS1 slingshot is rather straight which can be slightly uncomfortable to the users. Nonetheless, the handle of this slingshot gives the wielder good shooting leverage. You can fold up the wrist and arm guards with ease and store it in your backpack without taking up much of the space. 

We recommend the Trumark slingshot for beginners who want to get comfortable with the survival weapon before moving on to the upgraded form. Also, if you are looking for a good slingshot for the practice of target shooting, then the Trumark slingshot is your weapon to go with.

2. The Hathcock Slingshot Target Sniper (Pocket Predator)

The best aspect about getting a slingshot from the "Pocket Predator" is that you can have your survival weapon customized for yourself. Therefore, we recommend getting one of these in case you haven't made a slingshot for yourself already. 

The "Pocket Predators" know their business very well and are well-acquainted with manufacturing custom-made designs including compact, easily portable, and highly effective slingshots which include the perspective of the side shooters. 

In case, you aren't aware of the meaning of side-shooters, it is recommended to get familiar with this style before proceeding to get one of the slingshots made by the "Pocket Predator".

The ergonomic handle of this survival tool will ensure that the wrist of the user maintains its natural position. The neutral stance of the wrist ensures that the pressure is passed on without putting undue stress on the fingers and bending the joints of the wrist. 

A subtle yet strong feel is generated with the steel base which is engulfed by the ballistic resin; subsequently, no feature of the slingshot will make you feel as if it is digging into your flesh. The universal ends of the fork enable the wielders of the PP slingshots to make customized additions of tubes as well as flat bands. 

Moreover, the can also decide whether to taper the ends or to square them as per their requirements and needs. In this regards, the best advantage of getting a "Hathcock" slingshot is that you can have it customized along with obtaining a slingshot with a universal fork. On the other hand, the only downside some users might find is the rather small and compact size of the slingshot.

3. The Dankung Slingshot Air Sniper

As you might have noticed by the terminology of this survival tool, it is definitely lethal and aggressive. Nonetheless, the impressive framework of this survival tool makes it a perfect addition for your survival backpack. Simply put, this slingshot is perfectly made for the top survivalists who are looking for exciting ways to level up their game. 

With regard to the design as well as the function, this tool is a thorough beauty inside out. Referring to the material of this tool, it is constructed with aircraft aluminum. The body of this tool includes a pistol-grip which ensures that you can maintain a strong and sturdy grip on the blade while maneuvering it. 

The pistol-grip framework also includes lanyard holes which enable the wielder to attach other survival gear, such as the survival knife to it as well.

Most interestingly, each end of the fork is able to rotate and get accommodated with whatever grip one wants to maintain while using the slingshot. In addition, this survival tool weighs no more than one pound which enables you to carry it through the wilderness and camping site without the feel of being weighed down. 

However, apart from the impressive design of this slingshot, it is the level of accuracy which made the tool rise to its present fame and worldwide popularity. With the right distance, you might be able to hit the bulls' eye with great accuracy; for this reason, the "Dankung" Air sniper makes a perfect weapon of self defense as well. 

With a little training beforehand, you might be able to injure the eye of a potential attacker before he even knows what hit him. If you are looking for a quality slingshot for sports and the practice of target shooting on an advanced scale, then this sniper slingshot is perfectly designed for you. 

The perfection of this survival and hunting tool has been delivered with the assistance of the manufacturing process involving the CNC (machining) that can only be delivered with the help of a computer. If you have a good budget and not looking for the cheapest versions of the slingshot, then this tool is perfectly made for you.

4. The Archer Slingshot (Survival)

A mere look at this slingshot which has been effectively designed for the survival purpose will tell you that it contains loads of storage; you will never run out of ammunition while taking this tool with you on the survival missions. You can do quite a lot of tasks with this slingshot, such as hunting, shooting at targets, sports, and recon missions. 

The manufacturing material of the Archer includes stainless steel along with aerospace aluminum (grade); in addition, the framework allows you to upgrade it as per your desire with heavier bands and tubes.

If you love to go and explore the wilderness at night, then the flashlight (LED 1-inch) will come in handy. Some users complain that they don't find it much useful for the bigger hunting games; the truth is that if you are looking for nothing bigger than birds, squirrels, mice, and bunnies, then the "Archer" slingshot is the perfect tool for you. 

In case, you get attacked, you know how to hit the attacker with your secret weapon of defense. It is recommended to get sufficient training before taking this survival tool outside to explore the streets and the wilderness.

5. The GloveShot

We have saved the best item for the last; you might be surprised to know that some states have started to ban the use of the slingshots which include a wrist guard due to the fact that it allows the wielder of the tool to go for the heavier weight and make a lethal use of the slingshot. 

This is why Joerg Sprave came up with an awesome idea and developed the all-time iconic GloveShot. This slingshot has been effectively designed to come close to an awesome slingshot with a wrist guard without actually incorporating a wrist guard in its framework. 

The draw of this slingshot is of 16 lbs. which works perfectly well for the lefties as well as the right-handed wielders of this tool. In other words, it doesn't matter whether you are right-handed or a lefties, you will be able to projectile a steel ball (3/8-inches) with the speed as high as 100 FPS. 

This version of the slingshot includes a hand-brace which runs around your hand while gripping the GloveShot; this aspect gives you the same feel of a wrist guard with the only difference that you will not have to worry about the legality of your survival tool. 

The only downside of this survival tool is that it will require some effort and time with regards to the adjustments since the user/ survivalist will be using it more like a crossbow instead of the typical slingshot. However, with consistency and regular training sessions, you will be able to adjust your maneuverability accordingly and make accurate and effective use of this slingshot.

The handle of the GloveShot includes a paracord which has been tested by the users to be at above 500 lbs. The advantage of the GloveShot is that the nuts allow for a quick disassembling of the tool so you can perfectly conceal it in your pocket or backpack.