best stiletto knife

The stiletto knife, typically, resembles a dagger; the typical shape and form of the stiletto knife include a rather narrow yet razor-sharp blade. The blade has a pointy tip which resembles a needle. 

The narrow blade of the stiletto knife enables the wielder of the blade to pierce through the opponent's flesh with ease. Despite the fact that the blade length of this knife is short; yet, it can puncture the vital organs and cause lethal internal bleeding. 

More interestingly, the size and weight of the stiletto knife allow it to be carried in a concealed manner. From the historical perspective, this blade has been originally designed as an effective stabbing weapon due to the unique design of this blade which doesn't allow it to be used as a cutting or slashing weapon.

This knife was immensely popular during the medieval ages; particularly among the knights who carried this dagger-like knife as a secondary weapon apart from their primary swords. 

One peculiar reason for this was the effectiveness of this blade whenever and wherever the swords failed to perform their jobs. The narrow and needle-point blade of the stiletto knife allowed to knights to aim at their opponents through the gaps of the armors and puncture the vital organs of the enemy. 

Apart from the middle ages, this blade was equally popular among the gangsters and mafia members during the 1930s and 1940s.

It was during this time that the mass production of the Italian switchblades stiletto knives took place. This famous knife is still collected by many knife enthusiasts; in addition, it is also used for self defense. 

There is a huge variety of these amazing blades available on the internet and local markets; if you are looking for the best version of the stiletto blades yourself, then the below-given list will definitely assist you in making the right decision.

Before we plunge into the list, you ought to know the legality of the automatic as well as switchblades; the rules of which differ from state to state.  These automatic blades are perfect for stabbing, thrusting and puncturing purposes; in other words, if you are looking for the best blades for self defense, you might get yourself a stiletto knife.

1. The Ti-Lite Stiletto Knife (Cold Steel)

The design of this amazing blade is, in fact, a memory of the sleek and iconic switchblades which were popular in the 1950s. However, nowadays, one might find it very difficult to carry a legal switchblade; these have been banned in the majority of the states as well as in the world. 

However, the good news is that it is perfectly legal to carry and own the Ti-Lite blade in California. The blade which is at least of 6-inches in length is made of high-quality material. If you are living outside of California, you might want to check in with the local laws with respect to the ownership of this blade.

Referring to the blade material of this stiletto knife, it is made of high-quality Japanese stainless steel; whereas, the edges of the blade along with the needlepoint are highly refined. 

The handle of this blade is milled and aluminum-forged; in addition, the handle is coated with an electricity-repellent coating. The spring locks of this knife have been made of stainless steel and tested to withhold pressure. 

With regards to knife deployment, the blade of this knife has a smooth and quick opening; all you ought to do is pulling the blade out from your pocket and pressing the thumb-stud; the spring-lock mechanism will do the rest. 

If you are looking for something awesome and smooth, then this is the blade to go with.

2. The Boker Plus Stiletto Knife V-42 (Devil's Brigade)

You might be surprised to know about this unique version of the famous stiletto blade which comes with a fixed-blade. The blade is carbon steel; whereas, it is a double-edged blade which also happens to be black-coated. 

The handle material is made of high-quality compressed discs of leather which has been specifically designed to handle pressure and abuse. 

Originally, the genuine version of the Devil's Brigade was at first manufactured somewhere in the 1940s; during that time, this blade was referred to as the "V-42" stiletto knife which was, in fact, a combat knife.

This combat knife was a true stiletto at its core; however, in order to meet the various combat needs of the military soldiers of the U.S army, the blade was upgraded and modified.

stiletto knife

Nonetheless, with regards to the efficacy, durability, and reliability of this blade, it became a sensation amongst the forces. The length of its strong and sturdy blade is 7-inches which undoubtedly is slightly longer for a typical stiletto knife. 

However, the full weight of this combat knife is perfect for it is neither too heavy nor too light; in fact, it weighs less than half of a pound. If you want to have this knife, you will get an amazing sheath for free; remember, it is important to keep the fixed-blade knives within a sheath while you are not using them.

3. The Ti-Lite ZYTEL Stiletto Knife (Cold Steel)

This version of the Ti-Lite blade is smaller than the previously mentioned Ti-Lite stiletto knife. However, this version of the amazing blades resembles the form and shape of the famous switchblades of the 1950s. 

Most importantly, it is perfectly legal to own and carry this version of the stiletto blades anywhere within the United States. Nonetheless, the length of this blade is small; in fact, it is a mere 4-inch in length. 

Both of the Ti-Lite stiletto knives are made of a similar handle material of Zytel (glass-filled); whereas, the attached pocket clip of the knife makes it easy to carry as well as conceal-carry if required. 

Moreover, with respect to knife-deployment, the blade emerges from the handle as smoothly and as quickly as possible; all you ought to do is pressing the thumb stud on the knife handle and the blade is readily available at your service.

4. The Tac Force Stiletto Knife (Folding)

If you are looking for an extremely reliable and durable version of the stiletto knife, then the Tac Force blade is perfect for you. There is a huge variety of the Tac Force stiletto blades available in the markets which come in different finishes; the one we are reviewing here comprises a black finish. 

When it comes to durability as well as stability, the blade of this Tac Force knife has it all; in addition, it is a surgically graded blade of the best quality. In its open position, the length of this knife is approximately 8-inches; whereas, the length of the blade is less than 4-inches.

The blade and handle of this knife are resistant to the buildup of rust and corrosion.

The opening mechanism of this blade is "assisted-opening"; therefore, you ought to get in touch with your local laws before buying this stiletto knife. With respect to knife deployment, the blade shoots out of the handle smooth, quick, and quite in a hurry. 

The blade of this tac Force knife has a sturdy and tight feel to it; one must watch out for his/her fingers during the deployment of the blade. Not to mention the fact that this bade has been specifically designed to withstand pressure and abuse. 

If you are looking for a good-quality stiletto blade which comes at the best price, then this is the go-to knife for you.