The market of 2020 is enriched with plenty of traditional and modern weapons. One of those weapons is the swords. Swords are one of the oldest weapons that warriors used for fighting their opponents. Even today, those who express themselves as the real warriors tend to prefer swords over firearms.

Swords were used as the primary fighting weapons during wars, but it was long ago when the most expensive samurai swords were used by Samurais. More than a hundred years ago, swords started to lose their worth. Since, we have stepped into the modern world, we have more focused on advancement in the technology which led us to replacement of swords with firearms.

As of now, we don’t talk about wars because if a war has to happen, there would definitely be some nuclear explosions. So, we have moved our focus back to traditional weapons like swords. Even today, swords have not lost their popularity in any part of the world. Talking of real warriors, they would still be equipped with these bladed weapons rather than rifles.

So, even today, swords have a place in our hearts. And why not, they are awesome and spectacular weapons to have. However, there are different types of swords available today. The best thing about the industry is that we have both ancient and modern swords available in the market.

In this article, we have brought some extraordinary traditional and modern swords that are available in the market. There is a fantastic mix of ancient and advanced swords. Also, there are some stylish swords that will blow your mind.

Following is our list of those stylish swords:

1. Fantasy Swords

Fantasy swords, also known as fictional swords at times, are one of the modernized swords. When we talk about modernization, we consider out of the box additions. In other words, we consider adding uniqueness to simple things. These swords are the ones displayed in some fictional and fantasy series.

Some fictional characters used these swords in an imaginary world. These swords take you to that imaginary world. There are often unique shapes and designs of these swords, such as there will be skulls, dragons or other fantasy designs on handles or blades.

fantasy swords

Because these swords belong to an unreal world, they have gained a place in the hearts of fans. Fantasy key sword is perhaps the most popular and widely recognized fantasy sword.

2. Handmade Swords

Handmade swords are sometimes called hand forged swords. As the name suggests, these swords are created by hands. There is a lot of hardsword and effort put in by the manufacturer to create these swords. Some specialized smiths and metal workers develop these swords and often they use high quality steel.

These swords are special. If you head to the market today, you would see people eager to buy these swords at any cost. They tribute these specific smiths who hand forged these swords. There is a massive variety of such quality swords in the market.

3. Medieval Swords

Medieval swords refer to the swords used during the medieval times. Medieval era was a duration of time that can be considered as the era of swords. It was a part of the history that Europeans will never forget. It lasted till the 15th century. During this period, the construction of swords was revolutionized.


The manufacturers tried different materials and different construction methods to establish swords. Also, different shapes and designs of swords and blades were produced by them. The swords of that era are still available in the market. There are accurate replicas. If you want to have some swords that made a name in history, explore these medieval swords.

4. Samurai Swords

Samurai swords are one of the older swords that are still popular. In fact, they never lost their popularity among the enthusiasts. These swords are one of the all time greats. As Samurais were great warriors, so were their swords. They gave their name to these swords because they felt proud over them.

One of the iconic swords included the katana. Katana is still available in the market and every swordsman loves to have this superb sword. Samurais were the elite warriors who used katana as their primary fighting weapon. Katana served both the samurais and ninjas.

samurai swords

It has a fabulous design with a slight curve at the bottom of the blade. People rate it as the greatest sword of all time. So, whenever you explore samurai swords in the market, you would definitely stick to your attention to the magnificent “katana”.

5. Sword Cane

Sword cane is the most popular among the modern swords available today. It is a real example of advancement in the technology. As we prefer things that offer multiple benefits, it is certainly a multipurpose sword. In fact, it is a cane that has a concealed sword.

The blade is hidden inside the cane and can be revealed by taking it out of the cane. There would often be a push button or a flipper to remove the cover and extract the blade. The cane can be used for walking and as a weapon as well.

And when you need to fight someone, you can take the blade out and launch an attack on your opponent. This sword is mainly used for self defense nowadays.

Sword Cane

As self defense has become an important necessity due to attackers being active to launch random attacks, users are looking for smarter weapons that ensure their protection. A sword cane does provide the advantage of self defense. Also, it fulfills other needs of the users.

For instance, a user wants its weapon to be concealed. Also, he wants it to be easy to carry. Because the blade of a cane sword is concealable, it becomes easy to carry. In addition, it can be used secretly against the attackers to ensure your safety against them.

6. Anime Swords

Like fantasy characters, anime characters also belong to an imaginary world. These characters are loved by the people. They are displayed in some TV series, fictional film series and video games etc. However, these are some superhero characters who are looking to save the world.

anime swords

Anime swords refer to swords used by these special characters. For example, Dragon Ball Z and Sword Art Online are popular anime series with different characters who use swords to defeat their opponents. Many replica swords from these popular series are available in the market today.

7. Movie Swords

Movie swords are another popular type of swords today. These swords are the ones displayed in the movies. If you are a fan of a movie, you would love to replicate that movie and one way of doing that is by having the weapons used in that particular movie.

For example, The Last Samurai is a popular movie starring Tom Cruise. In this movie, there is a great presentation of swordship. To express your love for the movie, you can get a sword from this movie. The best thing about the modern market is that you can almost buy every movie sword you are looking for.

Movie Swords

The most famous movie sword is the Connor Macleod’s Sword from Highlander movie.

8. Video Game Swords

Like movie swords, video game swords are also popular among the fans. These are replica swords of those displayed in the video games. You can find a great variety of these swords in the market. Most of the video games today include the use of weapons.

There are firearms, knives and swords for fighting the opponents. But, swords often catch the attention of gamers because they can find similar in the market for themselves. So, if you have a favorite video game character, you can express your love for him by purchasing his video game sword.

video game swords

Energy Sword from Halo 2, Rebellion from Devil May Cry and Dragon Sword from Ninja Gaiden are widely popular video game swords.

9. Military Swords

Military swords, as the name suggests, are the swords designed to be used by the armed forces. But, these are not necessarily the modern swords. There are ancient swords used by the military and some new ones available in the market.

The most prominent feature of these swords include the strength of the blade and quality of materials used for its construction. These swords would often include several famous ones that created a history. A few popular ones include 1850’s US Civil War Sword, CSA Shelby Officer’s Sword, and German SS Officer’s sword etc.

military swords

Which is Your Favorite Sword?

Since we have such a massive choice, it is interesting to know which type of sword you like the most. It is indeed difficult to stick to one of them. The above list contains spectacular modern and ancient swords. The enthusiasts love to maintain a good collection of both traditional and modern swords.

Medieval swords and samurai swords are for those who are interested in historical weapons. However, modern enthusiasts would always prefer anime swords, movie swords and sword cane because they are more stylish and unique. Anyhow, the market today offers several masterpieces, and above mentioned swords are a few of them!

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