Tactical Knives

You must have landed on this page to know more about Tactical Knives. However, I am sure that most of you don’t know anything about this blade except for its name.

If that's true in your case, you are in the right place. This article is thoughtfully compiled to help you out. Keep reading and you will definitely find answers to almost all the important questions about this knife.

To begin, let us first share with you the basic details about this amazing tool.


These were first crafted with an intention to serve as a purposeful tool for mankind. Gradually, they came into the limelight as a valuable weapon.

The modern-day forms of these knives are exceptionally good at serving these distinct utilities. They can thus serve as an ideal choice in both cases and attract a huge number of buyers.

Nevertheless, most people are not sure if they can consider all pocket knives as tactical knives. The next section of this article throws light on this important issue.

Are Tactical Knives and Pocket Knives the Same?

Generally, it is perceived that all pocket knives are tactical knives. Under the influence of this perception, people often carry pocket knives to satisfy their needs related to tactical knives.

Ironic, as it may seem. Here, the first thing that a buyer must grasp is these two types of pocket knives are entirely different from one another.

Each one of them was created to serve a different purpose in your life. Precisely, it can be concluded that not all pocket knives are tactical knives.

Thus, when buying these knives, you must first consult an experienced person. Another good idea is to seek assistance from the salesman at the weapon market.

Variety, Types, and Related Ambiguities:

Just like every other knife, tactical knives are also available in a number of shapes, sizes, and forms.

Some prominent ones are listed below.

  • Folding Knife:

This can be an ordinary pocket knife that you can easily find anywhere near you. There again, choosing the right one can give you a tough time.

Nevertheless, the effort is worth it. It is because investing time in searching for the right weapon is not a waste of time.

It is rather an act of consuming your time for the right purpose. So, the next time you go for buying a folding knife, take your time.

  • Fixed Blade Knife:

These are segregated based on the length of their blade. They are longer than the folding knives and their blades are considerably thicker.

They are suitable for tasks that require much effort and time when done with folding knives.

Fixed blades are further classified into a number of distinct categories. The most commonly used ones are listed below in detail.

1.  Skinner:

These knives are short blade knives. Their blades are incredibly sharp and strong. These two features make them offer a great deal of reliability and durability, respectively.

These are thus, highly effective for removing the skin of animals.

2.  Hunting and Camping Knife:

Are you in search of a weapon that can accompany you on all your adventures? To your surprise, these knives can even ease all your hunting and camping needs.

Whether it is about protecting yourself from a ferocious wild animal or about clearing the campsite, a hunting knife is an ideal buy.

So, what are you waiting for? Have you ever thought of finding such a useful weapon?

3.  Hook Knife:

These feature a hook in addition to their razor-sharp blade. Their blade length ranges from 3-4 inches only and they are thus also referred to as short blade knives.

People love these for they are exceptionally good at opening the body cavity of an animal. Butchers sometimes use it to perform their job effectively and efficiently.

How to Make A Right Choice?

Variety is always a blessing in disguise. It sometimes serves as a curse too. In this case, it is definitely a curse.

The huge variety of these tactical knives makes it difficult for the buyer to make the right choice. Experts are already familiar with the secrets of choosing the right one.

However, if you are a beginner then you must not know much about it. You just don’t need to worry at all.

We are here with a list of the things that you must consider when buying tactical knives.

  • Comfort:

Your comfort is something that you must never compromise. It becomes even more important when you are investing in a sharp weapon.

Obviously, if you are not easy at using a certain weapon, you will never be able to utilize the best of its abilities. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is absolutely true.

Thus, don’t fall prey to the size of the blade or the style of the weapon, prefer your comfort over these things. You will never regret choosing a weapon that you can comfortably use.

  • Size:

The size of these knives, in turn, is directly proportional to your distinct needs. In other words, you will need a different sized knife to cater to a different purpose. This is logically as well as technically correct.

It is because you can’t use a hunting knife for clearing the campsite. Similarly, you cannot use a folding knife for butchering.

Therefore, you are requested to make an appropriate choice in all cases.

  • Material:

A pro tip is to never settle for anything less. If a poor quality knife is available to you at half the price of a good quality knife, never opt for it. Low-quality knives are generally crafted out of materials that are not durable at all.

Therefore, those who say that a knife's material has no connection with its durability or price, are absolutely wrong.

How can you expect that a glass tray will not break when you hit it with a wall in front of you? But you can surely expect a melamine wooden tray to bear this.

This itself gives reason to why one must consider the material of these survival knives. Material, in turn, has segregations. They are given below.

1.  Blade Material:

Knives are crafted out of different blade materials. Each one of them has its own distinct strengths and weaknesses. Damascus steel is one of the finest blade materials that you will ever find anywhere.

The strength and durability of this material contributed the most in making it a costly choice. Hence, most manufacturers do not really dare to craft blades out of it. The second best option that is extensively used is carbon steel material.

The blades made out of this material are strong and offer a great deal of durability. However, titanium blades are not much strong. These are rather flexible.

2.  Handle Material:

The material of a knife's handle is what gives it its ergonomic grip. A knife that is not equipped with an ideal handle makes a compromise on your ease and comfort.

Generally, the following materials are used for crafting the handles of various knives.
      • Wood
      • Horn
      • ABS
      • Paracord
      • Bone
Out of all these materials, wood is the most commonly used one. It is because it offers a great grip and is a relatively cost-friendly choice. Paracord handle knife is not easily available.

Only some full tang skeletonized knives feature this type of handle. Similarly, bones and thorns were primarily used but now their high costs restrict the manufacturers from using them.

Moreover, ABS accounts for the second most used blade material.

Blade Design, Shape, And Thickness:

Another fact that must never be ignored is the design of the knife's blade. It goes without saying that each design and shape has a different purpose behind its creation.

For instance, a spear-shaped blade can never do what a drop point blade can. Likewise, plane edges blades are sometimes preferred over serrated blades for they are more appropriate for that specific job. This aspect is also based on the utility of the best EDC pocket knife in your life.

The thickness of the blade is equally important here. You can’t choose a thin blade if you are buying a knife prick or poke a strong object. 

Generally, tactical knives with partially serrated blades are more popular among masses.


In light of the discussions made, it is evident, that defining a knife's utility is a must. Without this prerequisite, you will never be able to grab the best tactical knives.

So, go ahead and invest in this powerful tool.