Life is not all about work. Yes, you do need to work to earn a living, but that does not mean that you should not be doing anything else. Life does give you an opportunity to enjoy it. And the best way to enjoy life is by doing some activities that refresh you. If you have outdoor gear, you can definitely enjoy your life by getting engaged in several thrilling activities.

We are not talking about doing these activities the whole week. You can focus on work five days a week and then take a break at the weekend. You can head to the field on Saturday or Sunday and have some memorable experience of doing different outdoor activities.

The most enjoyable and thrilling outdoor activities include hunting, airsoft and throwing games. If you’re an American, you must be familiar with all these activities. Almost every other American loves small game hunting, and why not, it is an activity that will let you collect some moments to remember for lifetime.

Since you are a fan of hunting and sports, we have come up with some outdoor gear ideas to let you engage in these activities. We have the right equipment suggestions for you. Following is a list of top 7 outdoor gear for getting involved in the most enjoyable outdoor activities:

1. Airsoft Guns

Being in America, this is the first suggestion anyone would give if you are looking for outdoor gear. Airsoft guns have become pretty popular in the US due to number of activities that can be done using them. These are the replica guns that look like the original ones, but are safe enough to be used by you. They have one difference than real firearms and that is the use of bullets. They don’t fire real bullets, rather, they fire plastic BBs that don’t cause any injury. So, this can be an ideal thing to have if you want a realistic firing experience.

If you have to buy airsoft guns, you have plenty of options. To start with, you can involve a few of your friends or colleagues to play airsoft games. Airsoft gaming is the most popular activity to do in America when you are free from work. There are plenty of airsoft games with each having a different scenario. Also, the rules are different for each game. The most popular games include Sniper, Zombie, Capture the Flag and President. You can try each of these games and enjoy every split of a second. However, you will need to buy some safety equipment as well to play these games. Also, you need an appropriate field for this purpose as well.

Other than airsoft gaming, you can try playing target practice. Here again, you can include your friends. Build a wooden target and start hitting the target from some distance away with your airsoft gun. The one who hits the target more often would win the competition. It is always nice to get back to work being a champion for the week after winning the competition. Both the airsoft games and target practice would benefit your health. They would improve your mental health and prevent you from getting too hectic at work. In addition, they would build your stamina and improve the physical fitness. So, airsoft guns are a top outdoor gear for engaging in the best outdoor activities.

2. Tomahawk Axe

Tomahawk axe or throwing axe is another fine outdoor gear to play a throwing sport. Since throwing sports have become popular worldwide, more and more equipment has been manufactured to play this unorthodox sport. All the throwing sports are almost identical in terms of rules and regulations. There would always be a wooden target in which your throwing object has to stick. You would be throwing the object from a reasonable distance. The two most common throwing objects include knife and tomahawk axe.

Tomahawk axe is a special outdoor gear that is designed for this entertaining activity. It is different from ordinary axe. It offers accuracy and speed, and has the ability to stick into the target. What about playing this lovely sport at the weekend along your colleagues? It certainly promises thrill and pleasure. Such an activity would be advantageous for many reasons. First, you can initiate a throwing competition. Secondly, you can involve your mates and family members. Thirdly, you can improve your wellbeing which is necessary for the workers who spend the whole week under a tough working schedule. So, get a tomahawk axe to play this magnificent outdoor game.

3. Pellet Guns

One of the best outdoor activities include hunting. This is perhaps an activity everyone loves to do at the end of the week. After all, hunting offers adventure as well as enjoyment. To be honest, no other activity matches the craze enthusiasts have for hunting. One of the best outdoor gears to do hunting is pellet guns. Pellet gun is a small sized gun, mainly used for small game hunting. It uses steel BBs which are capable of taking down small game like rabbits, squirrels and ducks etc.

So, a perfect hunting experience is guaranteed with pellet guns. Since we all do hunting, we know how important it is to have the right hunting weapon. In 2019, we need to be smart and hence, we should have a smart weapon for hunting. Because pellet guns are smaller among all the hunting weapons, people prefer them for hunting. Also, they have a good firing speed so that your hunting becomes easier. After a long and tiring week in the office, you can do small game hunting to freshen your mind and bodies. But, for this purpose, you need to have outdoor gear, such as pellet guns.

4. Crossbows

Speaking of hunting weapons, here is another fantastic weapon that also allows large game hunting. Crossbows or compound bows are modernized hunting weapons that have eased hunting to a great extent. Generally, you know that hunting is a tough activity and you need a weapon that eases the task. Crossbow is an effective outdoor gear that can make hunting easier as well as enjoyable. Once you find it easy to hunt small game, you start enjoying it. Of course, when it becomes harder to hunt, you feel disrupted and lose the fun you are having.

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To enjoy hunting to the greatest extent, crossbow is the weapon to use. This modernized weapon includes compound rifles that can fire like real rifles. They offer accuracy and shooting pace that can even knock down a large game like deer. The only concern with this weapon is that it is heavy and large. At times, people prefer other weapons because it is difficult to carry a compound bow. But, if you do want to make hunting more comfortable and easier for you, there is no better choice than this. Go, get a crossbow.

5. Blow Guns

As hunting is one of our favorite outdoor activities, let’s reveal another fantastic outdoor gear designed specifically for small game hunting. As it sounds, you need to blow the blow guns to shoot the darts. This is a ranged weapon with a narrow tube, and sometimes known as blow tube or blow pipe. It can be extremely efficient for hunting. Also, it would be a different thing to use. This may take slightly more effort from you to take down the small game. You need to blow as hard as you can to shoot the dart at the highest speed. With your friends or colleagues, this type of hunting would be fun!

6. Blank Guns

Blank guns are used in plenty of activities, not necessarily for games or hunting. These are one of the realistic guns that provide the best firing experience. They don’t just look like real firearms, they also sound like them. They are perhaps the closest replica guns of original firearms. Shooting with them seems absolutely realistic unless you search for the bullets. As their name suggests, these guns are blank which means no bullets can be fired. They only feature gub powder that actually assists in producing the real firing sounds.

What you can do with these guns is experience some realistic firing. Of course, everyone has a dream to do the firing, but one can’t own real guns for this purpose. So, you can use these safe guns for realistic firing. But, wait, there is another outdoor activity you can do with this outdoor gear. Let’s do something interesting and unorthodox this week. Train your dog with blank firing guns. This is actually the purpose for which these guns are used. Your dog can become used to the sound of firearms. This is how law enforcement personnel train their dogs.

7. Slingshots

Since there is an immense variety of outdoor gear in the market, we assure you that we have come up with the best of them. Slingshot is another small projectile weapon that can be used for small game hunting. It is something we often used during childhood. However, this one is more powerful as it has been manufactured by renowned manufacturers.

This classic weapon consists of a Y-shaped frame held in the non-dominant hand. There are a couple of rubber strips attached to the uprights as well. Another end of the strip which includes a pocket which actually holds the projectile. With the dominant hand, you can grasp the pocket and draw it to an extent so that it gains some power. As you leave the pocket, it throws the object at an immense speed. This object can be anything, but it has to be strong enough for small game hunting. It is perhaps the cheapest outdoor gear you can use for hunting.

What’s Your Plan for this Weekend?

What outdoor gear you have planned to purchase? Since most of these things are ideal for hunting and other field games, you can try all of them. You can make every weekend special for yourself by trying different tools and weapons. For example, try small game hunting with slingshots, blow guns, pellet guns and crossbows and figure out which serves you the best.

Similarly, try different airsoft guns to find out the best for playing games. Also, you can try knives instead of throwing axe to have a different throwing sport experience. Anything you get from the list above, you are guaranteed a memorable weekend. But, which outdoor gear sounds the best to you? Let us know with your comment in the comments section below.