Top 7 Airsoft Guns Under$50
A gun that operates via compressed gas or a pneumatic system to propel projectiles, rather than by firing fixed rounds. Scopes can also be mounted on airsoft guns as opposed to firearms. These guns are made of lightweight plastic and use cheap ammunition and unregulated cylindrical magazines with caps on both ends. 

The action of an airsoft firearm is not nearly as loud or powerful as a firearm, but the sound can still be quite startling when it makes contact with something solid such as wood or metal.
About 30% of American households own at least one airsoft firearm for recreational purposes and most people play without any protective gear (like eye protection).

There are three main types of airsoft BBs or pellets: 6mm, 8mm, and .12g. The larger the size of the BB, the heavier weight it has. Larger pellets tend to travel farther and faster but are also more likely to be affected by wind. Currently licensed guns must have muzzle energy no greater than 1.5 joules (0.7 watts). 

These guns use metal BBs which can hurt people if shot at close range with higher powered guns. The plastic pellets are also light enough to be considered a hazard. These guns are similar to BB guns in that they do not use any form of propellant and just like BB guns, they use compressed gas in the form of CO2 or HFC-134a only these can fire at up to 500 fps and can be fully automatic.

Best Airsoft Guns Under $50

In the world of airsoft, everything starts with a gun. The most important question to ask before buying a gun is: what defines airsoft? There are some significant factors that can determine the quality and performance of any given airsoft firearm. 

Evaluate your personal needs when deciding on the perfect weapon for you — because if you're not satisfied with your purchase, then what's the point of buying one in the first place?

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There are many airsoft guns for sale on the market. Some will be more expensive than others but don't expect the best quality at a lesser price. The most expensive models do not necessarily mean they are the best quality and vice versa.

If you intend to get a gun, one of the first things you should consider is your budget. You can start by checking out some websites that offer reviews of guns and recommendations on which ones to buy. Do your research and compare what's available in terms of price tag as well as performance, especially if you are going to use your gun in battle situations.

1. Heavyweight Airsoft M292 Spring Pistol with Lanyard Loop

M292 Spring Airsoft Pistol

A double eagle heavyweight airsoft m292 spring airsoft pistol with a lanyard loop is a powerful and reliable weapon that weighs 25.2 ounces. It is a small, light, and easy-to-carry pistol that has a built-in magazine of 12 BBs which fires at 200 FPS (feet per second). This gun can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

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2. P2302 Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun with Mock Laser Scope

The P2302 pump action airsoft shotgun with mock laser scope is a great on-the-go weapon. This replica of a real firearm comes with an overall length of 23-inch and is capable of firing 6 to 8 rounds per second using 0.20g BBs. The gun is constructed with ABS plastic which makes them the most durable weapons. 

P2302 Airsoft Pump Action

The fully automatic mode of this shotgun has burst fire capabilities and is powered by two AA batteries, which are included in the package. However, it’s worth mentioning that the battery life can be greatly reduced when it’s being used for long periods of time or in cold environments due to limitations in power generation. 

3. Well D93 Airsoft Uzi Style Auto Electric Pistol

Anyone who has a fascination with firearms knows that they can be quite expensive, especially if you're looking for something like an airsoft firearm. But the good news is that there are some affordable options available for those who are interested in buying one on a budget, such as the Well D93 Airsoft Uzi Style Auto Electric Pistol. 

Airsoft Uzi D93

These airsoft guns are made from high-quality materials and are powerful enough to take down targets 100-120 feet away. You will get many hours of fun out of it and won't have to worry about being in danger because it shoots BBs at the speed of 200 fps. The battery life is long-lasting and reaches up to 400 shots before you need to recharge it again.

4. Spring Airsoft LMG with Scope Laser & Drum Magazine

In the world of airsoft, a Spring Airsoft LMG with Scope Laser & Drum Magazine is a standard issue rifle that every player should own. This gun is an essential piece for every close-quarters game and a must-have for anyone who seeks to dominate this increasingly popular field. 

Spring Airsoft LMG Rifle

This airsoft rifle can be identified by its ergonomic wooden stock and stylized barrel, which allows the user to quickly hop up for quick reloading. This Spring Airsoft LMG with Scope Laser & Drum Magazine is also equipped with a tactical light and integrated laser sight, which provides emerging players with additional visibility in murky situations.

5. Tactical Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle With Scope and Bipod

"Tactical spring airsoft sniper rifle with scope and bipod" are weapons that are made to imitate certain aspects of real firearms. These particular airsoft guns have been designed with a muzzle velocity of 245 FPS, allowing you to shoot pellets at long distances and hit targets effectively. 

P2628 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

But don't let the power fool you; these lighter-than-real weapons can still inflict serious damage. This sniper rifle is not for the faint-hearted; you need to be experienced with guns and weapons every step of the way. You will need to know how to load, cock, and fire it. 

The gun itself weighs approximately 3.2 lbs, but it's quite easy to handle due to its ergonomic design. You can either use a bipod or mount the gun on a gun rest and use both hands when shooting. The body of this weapon is made using a mixture of metal, plastic, and steel alloy. This allows the construction of the weapon to be durable yet lightweight at the same time.

6. Silver and Black Dual Spring Powered Airsoft Pistols

The spring-powered Airsoft pistol is an easy-to-use, low-cost firearm that has been in use for quite some time. The Dual spring Pistol with a red dot sight on top and a flashlight at the bottom. It comes with two magazine clips. These magazines are attached to the sides and back of the gun using Velcro straps so they can be quickly changed without having to take apart anything majorly complex.

Dual Soring Airsoft Pistols

The top side of the pistol has the red dot sight and slide action, functioning similarly to an actual pistol in which you press the back and quickly push forward for each shot. The bottom of the gun has a flashlight, also using a slide action, which works in a similar fashion to that on an actual pistol; again, press back and push forward.

The pistol is powered by two CO2 cartridges that are inserted underneath and into the magazine clips. The cartridges do not come with these Co2 Airsoft Guns, they must be purchased separately. Each cartridge powers shots depending on your shooting style; it could be more or less depending on your grip in certain situations.

7. Airsoft M180B2 Tactical Shotgun with Flashlight 

If you're looking for an Airsoft shotgun for your next airsoft game, one of the best options on the market is a pump action shotgun with a laser range finder and CO2 or green gas cartridge. It provides a high level of realism, which makes it popular among serious players. 

Airsoft Tactical Shotgun

The shoot can be automatic so that you can unleash real fire at any moment. The shotgun is the best choice if you want a piece that can be used to mow down multiple opponents quickly. The model is also great for defense purposes and it comes in handy when you need to protect your playing area from intruders.

The best part about this model is that it has a pump action that allows you to speed up the process of firing. It also makes it more realistic, since it is designed for actual combat operations. The weapon has a number of impressive features, including firing modes, range finder, and ease of use.

Enjoy Recreational Airsoft Games!

Should I buy an airsoft firearm? This is a question many people ask themselves. There are many good reasons to buy one. For some people, the answer is that airsoft guns are no fun and not worth it. But for other people, it's the opposite! They realize that these guns allow them to play with their friends in a safe and fun way. 

There are plenty of benefits associated with buying one and also many reasons why you would want to get one. People who enjoy recreational airsoft games don't want to spend money on real guns. If you like to play with others in a safe way, then these guns are a perfect choice. 

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You can play any game you want with your friends and be safe at the same time. This is because a good airsoft firearm shoots non-metallic plastic pellets which are non-lethal. The pellets make a little noise, but not enough to bother anyone. They have little impact when they hit something, so you can shoot someone without hurting them or anything around them.