Are you outdoors man and prefer to spend more time outdoors than indoors? If yes, then you must understand the need for a fine outdoor gear. If you want to have a great outdoor experience, then you must make use of great outdoor gear. It does not matter that you live in the city or in some rural area, having the right type of outdoor gear is necessary for you as you may find the need of it at any time of your life. All of us need some break from our regular busy lives and decide to go on vacations from time to time.

These vacations may include a trip to the beach, a trip to the wildlife park or some hunting or hiking in the woods. Now the choice is yours. These trips provide us with a break from our usual tedious routine and make us fresh and back to the game once again. There are many different types of outdoor gear that you can get for yourself. Each one facilitates a different outdoor experience and each one is exciting in its own way.

Being in an outdoor environment feels awesome yet being too away from civilization is dangerous too. Therefore, you must carry the proper outdoor gear with you to be your source of entertainment as well as safety weapon. So, now that we know why do we need outdoor gear, let us discuss a few top-rated outdoor gears.

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are by far the most popular and widely used outdoor gear. Are you wondering why do they fall under the category of outdoor gear? Well, that’s because airsoft guns are used mainly in an outdoor sport known as Airsoft. Are you familiar with airsoft? Airsoft is simulated mock combat that was originated in Japan in 1860. Airsoft guns were made when the government of Japan banned real guns due to a rise in crimes. Gun enthusiasts then designed airsoft guns which looked just like real guns except that they shoot plastic BBs instead of real guns. Airsoft guns are generally of the following three types:

1- Electric Powered Airsoft Guns

Electric powered airsoft guns are those which operate on batteries. They are by far the most popular type of airsoft guns.

2- Gas Powered Airsoft Guns

Gas powered airsoft guns are those which operate via the gas mechanism. The gas used is either green gas, red gas also known as CO2 or black gas. The gas provides momentum to the BB to pass through the barrel of the gun.

3- Spring Powered Airsoft Guns

Spring powered airsoft guns are the least realistic among all. Why? Because you have to cook them each time you want to shoot from them. However, they are easier to maintain.

Spring P1137 Rifle Airsoft Pistol Combo Pack RIS Laser, Light, and Scope

The Spring P1137 Airsoft rifle is a very awesome rifle and works via a spring mechanism. It has a velocity of 280 FPS with 0.12 gram BB and a range of 80-120 ft which is pretty awesome. The overall length of this rifle is 28.25 inches which allows you to have some battle fun. As it is a spring powered rifle, therefore, it is easy to use and maintain. It also comes with a P 618 handgun and 100rd Magazine. The tactical flashlight of this rifle allows you to use this rifle at night and in tunnels as well. The RIS laser and the mock scope prove to be quite useful as well.

Airsoft Sniper Rifle L96 Gun MK13 MOD L96A1 Scope Bipod Bolt Action

The L96 MK13 MOD L96A1 airsoft sniper rifle is the perfect rifle for all snipers. It is a replica of the MK13 MOD and is originally designed by Arctic warfare and is one of the most renowned bolt action snipers in the world. It has a long barrel and a barrel extension as well which helps greatly when you are aiming for a target at a long distance. It features a realistic detachable magazine and a folding bipod. It is spring powered and has a scope with a built-in laser. It is fully constructed of ABS and polymer which makes it quite durable and strong. The overall length of this sniper is 37.75 to 43.5 inches. It has an FPS of 300 which is superb and a magazine capacity of 26 rounds. This sniper rifle comes with additional batteries for laser and a bag of BBs as well.

Blank Firing Guns

Have you ever heard of blank firing guns? They look exactly like real guns and work like them too. However, we can say that similarity is all about looking and not about action. Blank firing guns are void of bullets although they have gunpowder. This means that the bullets used in blank firing guns do not have projectiles. That is why, whenever you fire from a blank gun, it makes a loud bang like a real gun, however, no projectile is fired from it.

It even recoils like a real gun but is quite safe because it does not fire anything. Now, you would be wondering, how is it useful then. Well, a blank firing gun is used as a signaling device. It is also used in gun training, dog training and some people also buy it to keep it in their collections. Blank firing guns are used in celebrations and in movies as well as a safe alternative to real guns.

Blow Guns

Are you familiar with the ancient hunting weapons used by tribal people? Those weapons were simple yet quite fascinating and people still keep them as a historical artifact. This weapon is known as a blowgun which was widely used by tribal people. It looks like a trumpet as it is a long tube in which you place a dart at one end and then blow it so that it fires off from the other end. So, yes the mechanism is simply basic that the harder you blow, the further your dart goes. Native people used it for hunting so many years ago and it was quite effective, however, to some extent. It could easily kill a bird but was not meant for large scale hunting.

Pellet Guns

Pellet Guns, also known as airguns are those which shoot metallic pellets instead of real bullets. They are similar to airsoft guns in a manner that both are the replica of real guns, however, the former shoots plastic BBs and the latter shoots metallic pellets. Due to the use of metallic pellets, they are not as safe as airsoft guns. A pellet gun is capable of inflicting damage to a person especially when shot on sensitive areas of the body i.e. face, mouth and eyes.

A pellet gun is not and should never be used for fun and entertainment purposes. It is used for target practice. Pellet gun can also be used for hunting, small scale and large scale both; it depends on the FPS of the gun you are using. You can easily kill sparrows, squirrels and even deer with a good FPS gun. Also, pellet guns are used in local fairs where they are used in shooting competitions. Also, apart from their use in various sports competitions, they are used by military and other law enforcement bodies to make non-complying people yield to their orders.


A crossbow is a best and most appropriate equipment to be used for hunting. Crossbows are the modern and upgraded versions of the traditional bow and arrow structure which our ancestors used for hunting. Crossbows were originated somewhere around 5th - 7th century BC. Even though with technological advancements, people have started to use firearms for hunting yet the true essence of hunting lies in crossbows. Nowadays, there are many types of crossbows that are available in the market and among them, a few are stated below:

1- Recurve Crossbows

Recurve crossbows are the widely used crossbows among all. They are named recurve crossbows because of the curve they have at their both ends. The best feature of a recurve bow is that they have a long draw length which helps you to shoot at long range. However, due to their big size, they are hard to carry around.

2- Compound Crossbows

Compound bows are those which come with extensive pulley systems attached to them. The limbs of a compound bow are hard and therefore a lot of effort is required to use them. Lots of maintenance is required to use a compound bow and it is very heavy as well.

3- Repeating Crossbows

Repeating crossbows are quite famous for their one single feature. And that distinguishing feature is that it allows you to shoot with this bow in just one movement. This particular feature allows you to shoot with crossbow fastly and efficiently. However, the disadvantage of this bow is that it’s mostly automatic rather than mechanical which takes most of the fun out of hunting with a crossbow.

4- Rifle Crossbows

A rifle crossbow is something from today’s times and is very different from the conventional bow and arrow structure. A rifle crossbow is the perfect fusion of a rifle and a crossbow. Therefore, this crossbow is quite effective for long range shooting and its velocity is simply unmatchable. This crossbow hits its target with amazing precision and accuracy and features a foot-pull to allow drawing weight easier and convenient for the user. However, it requires a lot of draw weight to function properly and is one of the advanced types of crossbows.

The above-mentioned outdoor gear types are the most popular and widely used by people. You can browse online about them and you will be amazed to see the fascinating variety of these outdoor gears out there. So, which one are you planning to get yourself for your next outdoor excursion?