10 Deadliest Knives in the World
Knives are such a huge part of our everyday lives, so it's only natural that we want to know how they evolved and where they are going. These tools have actually been used for millennia, but their history actually begins many centuries before the first knives were made. 

In fact, archaeologists have found evidence of the use of cool knives dating back to 2.3 million years ago. It would be another 1.5 million years before knives were actually made, but the knife that would eventually come to be known as a “knife”, the one that we know today, started with the flint blade.

Deadliest Knives for Combat and Fighting

Knives are a lethal weapon, usually not well known or thought about outside of groups like our military, SWAT, and law enforcement. But as more people have gotten interested in self-protection and the latest trends in combat sports have become popularized for civilians over the past few decades, various knives have become more accessible to the average person. 

Now it's not uncommon to see a blade strapped to someone's waist on their way into work or school, with little idea that they're carrying a lethal weapon. There are many different kinds of deadliest knives and many different uses for them, but one of the most obvious uses is the knife for combat. 

Knives may be EDC tools and deadliest weapons. These are used for both according to needs and situations. Here, we are talking about the top 10 deadliest knives in the world. These include the following knives: 

1. Machete

The deadliest one in the world is called a machete knife. These fearsome weapons make up a vast range of knives that can be used for harvesting and cutting. The blades vary in shape between long, heavy blades with large holes for chopping wood and thick ones for force-feeding smaller plants like cabbages. 

Machete knife

Machetes vary from being single-edged to double-edged, which also affects their use. They are usually about 35 inches long with an average weight of 2 pounds. The origins of the machete come from Spain and are found in many different types of countries. The use of the machete is not limited to killing animals. In fact, people were killed by machetes in many countries.

2. Trench Knife

Trench knife

Trench knife, also called "brass knuckle knife" or "knuckle knife" was basically a large dagger used by soldiers during WWI. It was very similar to trench clubs that were often used by British soldiers in WWII. These deadliest knives were mainly  used for combat and fighting.  

3. Stiletto Knife

This is a pocket knife with the blade closed inside itself creating a point on each end of the handle and one inch from either side at the bottom of this surface. It is not meant for punching or striking as it does not have any substantial power behind it, but for creating pressure between two surfaces. 

Stiletto knife

Stiletto knives are often used by brides to cut wedding ribbon or cake decorations, or as a tool that can also be attached to key rings or handlebars.

4. Push Dagger

Push Dagger

The Push Dagger is a lethal weapon that is also non-lethal and should be used with caution. The Push Dagger will only kill if the user pushes the blade all the way through their victim from behind. It is considered a "third generation knife" by knife experts because it has been designed to have many other functions beyond killing.

5. Karambit Knife

The Karambit knife has been a popular smaller knife for personal protection and self-defense. The knife is a creation of the Indonesian people, specifically Melanesian people. The name comes from the word "karabitan", which means a curved blade in either Malay, Tagalog or Javanese languages.

Karambit knife

It has since spread to other cultural groups around the world and it is now used by many military personnel that carry out their duties worldwide on dangerous missions. It's not just as simple as saying it's a small dagger with three fingers that goes through your hand like an eel when you try to use force against them.

6. Bowie Knife

A Bowie Knife is a type of knife that was designed by James Black, for James Black. The knife became more popular after Bowie famously used it to kill a charging Indian. Since then many have copied the design and use it for hunting, but the original remains popular.

Bowie knife

These deadliest knives combine elements of design from cultures all over the world, including North American Indian, European and African. In fact, one well-known knife collector from Africa claims that the design dates back to early Egypt.

7. Gut Hook Skinning Knife

A gut hook skinning knife is a type of single- or double-edged skinning knife with a thin, wide blade and a "hook" at the end. The blade is typically made of steel, but has been known to be made out of other materials like stainless steel or titanium. 

Skinning knife gut hook blade

These deadliest knives have become popular in recent years because they're quick and efficient for processing meat as well as small game such as raccoon, deer, rabbits and more. The "gut hook" serves multiple functions. It allows the user to cut the paunch in order to remove the entrails. 

The hook also makes it easy to skin animals by cutting through arteries, tendons and bone. The blade is thin, which makes it easy to make cuts without tearing out any of the meat.

You can find a gut hook skinning knife in a variety of sizes. Generally, they fall into two categories: large or small. Larger knives are up to 12 inches in length and have a gut hook that can be 3 inches long or higher. Smaller knives have blades that are between 5 and 10 inches long with a small gut hook (1 inch or less).

8. Butterfly Knife

This is a knife that was inspired by a butterfly. The handle of the butterfly knife is very unique and it looks different when seen from every angle. The design reflects the shape of the wings of a butterfly in order to make this particular design practical but also interesting to look at.

Butterfly knife

This knife is made from steel, nickel silver, and aluminum which makes it durable and light enough for easy use. All these materials are used to create this beautiful blade that can be folded into the handle for compact storage with no worry about getting damaged or lost.

9. Full Tang Knives

Full tang knives are the best type of knife for any individual seeking to maximize utility and performance. They represent an evolution in composite blade design that has allowed for drastic changes in blade geometry, blade shape and blade composition. 

Full tang knives

Traditional wooden handles have given way to ergonomically designed rubber grips which allow the user's hand to slide into a proper grip while remaining safe from slips. The popularity of full tang deadliest knives has increased significantly over the last few decades due to their utility as tools on farms, ranches and homesteads as well as their usefulness in emergency medical situations."

10. Fillet Knife

Fillet knives are designed for gutting and cleaning fish. Its thin, flexible blade makes it easy to remove the bones from a fish easily, and its flat end can be used for cutting slices of cooked meat. The fillet knife is also ideal for slicing loafs of bread or portions of meat.

Fillet knife

There are many different types of fillet knives available, but most have a partially serrated edge to allow quick cuts through fish skin and sinew. A handle that's comfortable in your hand provides an additional convenience when handling this type of knife.

Self Defense with Knives!

"In actuality, there are several distinct knife styles that you should be familiar with if you are going to use self defense knives. These deadliest knives can inflict deadly wounds on a human being. In reality, it is difficult to inflict life-threatening injuries with any weapon other than edged weapons like scissors or knives. 

However, when you run out of alternatives for self defense if someone tries to attack you with whatever they have at their disposal then it's important that such a basic tool in your arsenal is appropriately used by understanding the techniques involved.